Tentative deal reached with unionized shipbuilders working on navy vessels

first_imgHALIFAX – The union at the Halifax shipyard building the next generation of Royal Canadian Navy vessels says it has a tentative agreement with Irving Shipbuilding.Both the union and the company said no details will be released until Halifax Shipyard employees have a chance to view it and vote on it.Unifor gave 48-hour strike notice last week, but talks resumed before a Saturday deadline for the walkout.Last week, the union said a strong majority of 850 members had rejected an earlier tentative contract.Unifor’s lead negotiator had said tensions were high, and the issues were not just about economics, but rather were tied to disagreements over the number of discipline cases at the shipyard and the use of foreign workers.The company confirmed a new tentative agreement has been reached, but declined further comment.The shipyard has said it is planning to build up to six Arctic and offshore patrol ships and 15 Canadian surface combatants over the next 25 years, referring to the projects as “the backbone of the Royal Canadian Navy.”last_img read more

UN envoy calls on Israel to preserve health of Palestinian detainee on

10 February 2012The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process today called on Israel to do everything in its power to preserve the health of a Palestinian detainee who is on a hunger strike and to resolve the case. Khader Adnan has been refusing food since 18 December in protest at his detention without charge, according to media reports. Early this month, a military court reportedly ordered that he be held in administrative detention for four months. Special Coordinator Robert Serry called on the Israeli Government “to do everything in its power to preserve the health of the prisoner and to resolve the case while abiding by all legal obligations under international law,” according to a statement issued by his office. During his recent visit to the region, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody with the Palestinian Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs.Mr. Serry’s office is following up on some of the issues related to the question of prisoners, particularly on the use of administrative detention.The statement noted that administrative detention “should only be employed in exceptional circumstances, for as short a period as possible, and without prejudice to the rights guaranteed to prisoners.” read more

Mens soccer Terrapins too much for Ohio State

OSU sophomore midfielder Abdi Mohamed dribbles the ball against UC Santa Barbara at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Credit: Ohio State AthleticsThe Ohio State men’s soccer team knew it was heading into its toughest match of the season. As OSU stepped onto the field at College Park, a place where coach John Bluem team has never recorded a win, the Buckeyes looked to hand Maryland its first loss of the season.  The Terrapins would prove to be too much to handle, as they would go on to defeat the Buckeyes 2-0 on Friday night, handing OSU its fourth straight loss.Maryland attacked early and often in the first period and was quickly rewarded for its efforts.In the 13th minute, sophomore forward Gordon Wild netted his Big Ten-leading 10th goal of the season to put the Terps ahead 1-0.Moments later, in the 19th minute, sophomore forward Sebastian Elney was able to find the back of the net from 15 yards out to extend the Terrapins lead to 2-0.The two goals would be more than enough for Maryland, holding the Buckeyes scoreless through 90 minutes.  OSU has not been able to get on the scoreboard in its last two games, being held without a goal for the last 243 minutes. The last time OSU found the back of the net was in the 27th minute against Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on Sept. 28.A big reason for the Buckeyes’ loss was a very poor first period, in which they were outshot 11-2. They were able to outshoot Maryland 7-5 in the second period, but by that time the Terrapins had taken their foot off the gas and protected their lead.Despite the loss, redshirt freshman goalkeeper Parker Siegfried had a solid night in net. Siegfried made six saves, giving him a total of 37 on the year through 12 games.With the loss, the Scarlet and Gray fall to 3-9 on the season, with a 2-3 record in conference. The team will now return to Columbus, where they begin a two-game home stand with matches against Oakland and Indiana. read more

Last years loss against Purdue a distant memory

What a difference a year makes. The last meeting between Ohio State and Purdue left the Buckeyes stunned and the Boilermakers euphoric. Upset 26-18 by underdog Purdue, OSU left West Lafayette, Ind., a year ago shocked and embarrassed. At the time, the loss was devastating. One year later, it was motivating. The OSU coaching staff hung reminders of last season’s uninspiring effort this week to ensure its team didn’t forget the debacle. “You walk in the building, the hallway, locker room, weight room, anywhere you can think of it was there,” senior offensive lineman Justin Boren said. … “After we lost I think the headline was ‘Train Wreck’ or something and it just reminded us that we have to take care of business.” On Saturday, it appeared as though the coaches’ ploy worked. This year’s Buckeye squad refused to fall victim to Purdue. They were ready. Dominating their opponent in every facet of the game, the Buckeyes thrashed Purdue 49-0. “I’ve never been a part of this team where we had to come off a loss straight into a team that beat us last year,” senior captain Dane Sanzenbacher said. “We all had a lot of emotions coming into the game. Not a lot needed to be said. Everyone was ready.” Looking to avoid a repeat performance, the Buckeyes sprinted to a 42-0 halftime advantage. “It was definitely something that we remembered, and we definitely didn’t want to let that happen to us again,” safety Orhian Johnson said of last year’s loss. “We felt like we needed to go out there and just play our game and just get after them early.” OSU’s 76 yards on the ground in the first stanza alone were 10 more than the Buckeyes had in all of last year’s contest combined. Compiling almost triple the rushing yards from a year ago and outgaining the Boilermakers 489-118, the Buckeyes did everything they could to erase the unpleasant memories from a year ago. And recording nine tackles for losses while pitching its first shutout of the year, the silver bullet defense avenged its subpar performance at Purdue a year ago as well.   “We try to make every game a statement game,” safety Jermale Hines said. “When you’re a Buckeye, you tend to have a lot of pressure on you because people expect you to win every game. We didn’t get it done last year but we came together as a team, as a coaching staff and fought hard.” Although the Buckeyes had extra motivation suffering their first loss of the year a week ago, quarterback Terrelle Pryor said it was the previous Purdue game that had him fired up. “I think Purdue last year was a lot more motivation than last week,” Pryor said. “I think Purdue last year really motivated us because they really kicked our butts up and down the field the whole game.” Fortunately for the Bucks, it was them doing the butt-kicking this time around. read more

Makerbot unveils the Replicator 2 3D printer

first_imgEvery geek who knows what a 3D printer is looks forward to the day when putting one of these gadgets in the home is both cost appropriate and quality assured. 3D printers are unbelievably cool, and in the right hands there’s a practically unlimited number of uses for such a creative device. At the end of the day, however, when you spend money on a product like this it helps to know that there’s a professional organization behind it. Makerbot has been one of the biggest names in the 3D printing space for a long time now, and today they showed off exactly why that is with the new Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.The previous Makerbot devices were great geeky little toys, but they looked and felt a little amateur. The wooden panels were fun, but the whole machine wobbled when something was printing, and the display on the unit was pretty low quality. Granted, none of that mattered when your fun new thing popped off the plate, but really the Makerbot lacked the professional touch needed to put it in the home. The Replicator 2 is a whole new monster, made with a steel frame and milled PVC panels. The black matte finish to the device gives the machine a whole new look on the outside. Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis noted that the Replicator 2 was the company’s step from making hobbyist devices to prosumer devices, and the new design carries that tone well.On the inside, the Markebot has been heavily modified for performance. The printer has access to a larger print space without making the device itself any larger. The full print space is now 11.2 x 6.1 x 6, which is 37% larger than before. The extruders are now capable of printing at a resolution of 100 microns, which is just slightly thicker than a typical sheet of paper. This means that there will be more than twice the layers in a print job then have been seen in previous printers. As a result, everything comes out much smoother to the touch.You can also print multiple individual pieces now without a sprue grid and that line up with everything else on the plate. While you can use a variety of different materials, Markerbot has optimized the printer for their own materials. The Makerbot PLA is a bioplastic fillament made from corn, and is available in many different colors.Makerbot still allows you to use any software to send things to their devices, but now includes Makerware. The Makerware 3D modeling software allows you to build items right on a virtual Makerbot plate, so when you print you can see exactly where on the Replicator 2 the model will be printed. This makes it much easier to make sure you know what the item will look like coming out of the printer, which can occasionally be a proiblem with 3D printers. The Makerware software is designed to be as simple as possible so 3D designers of every skill level, including none at all, can use the tool. Once you click print, the Replicator 2 will start in seconds, instead of the minutes it took previous units.The Maketbot team has certainly put their best foot forward with the new Replicator 2. For $2,199 the 3D printer comes fully assembled and ready to print. The price is still a little high to put one in every home, but it is clear that Makerbot’s goal was to first release a mature product that looks great anywhere.Makerbot’s Replicator 2 is available for sale online, but now also available at the very first Makerbot Store, which is opening in New York City this week.last_img read more

MovieBob Reviews Captive State

first_imgStay on target Captive State is a dark, somber, low(ish)-budget, science-fiction political allegory that dares to ask the question “What if District 9 and They Live were the same movie — and both took themselves much too seriously?” Directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of The Planet of The Apes) it wrings impressive visuals from a minuscule budget and digs enthusiastically into big, meaty ideas about class, geopolitics and war-fighting but fails to engage emotionally; mostly thanks to a screenplay that’s more devoted to moving pieces around for an unnecessarily convoluted (and too easy to figure out too soon) plot twist than to letting us fully connect with any of our featured players or their world.Set eight years from tomorrow after Earth has been invaded, conquered, and effectively colonized by a technologically-superior alien race identified only as “The Legislators,” the story limits the majority of its scope to cat and mouse battles between human police and government officials collaborating with the alien occupiers and the insurgent resistance fighters working to bring the system down in the walled-of city of Chicago. That narrow focus helps keep the budgetary scope manageable, but it also lets the onscreen events more directly present the obviously intended “think about it, won’t you?” visual parallels to real-life military-versus-insurgent scenarios of recent years aimed at hitting Western and specifically American audiences right in the “How would you like it???” soft-spot – which is quickly apparent to be the overriding goal here.Story-wise, Chicago is the focus because it houses one of the main access hubs leading to the underground cities where The Legislators are at work stripping the planet of its natural resources. Ashton Sanders (Moonlight)  and John Goodman are, ostensibly, our main characters; respectively playing a street-smart young hustler angling to get himself and his girlfriend out of the city for good (only to find himself drawn into the machinations of an anti-legislator resistance cell who venerate his deceased brother as a heroic martyr) and a world-weary police investigator who sees his mission to thwart the so-called “terrorists” not as collaboration but as all he can do to prevent The Legislators from simply leveling the city he used to call home.Because it’s “that kind of movie,” the two men share a connection that you will almost certainly guess well before it’s established and probably even sooner than you pick out the earnestly-loaded trigger-switches being carefully set in place to make the stiflingly-obvious Act 3 turnaround happen; but to be honest Sanders and Goodman are both exceptionally good actors and so good here that, were they allowed to simply play their dynamic out across the whole film the overall familiarity of the telling wouldn’t be as much of an issue. The problem, instead, is that no sooner are we sold on the tone and texture of this morally gray two-track dual-protagonist narrative than does Captive State decide to sideline them for most of its middle section.It’s a truly bizarre structural decision; one that feels a lot like the film must have come in too long at one point and this was the best they could get to at a reasonable length: After spending nearly all of its introductory scenes establishing the world of the film and its rules through the movements of two characters, the film abandons both for an extended sequence detailing the elaborate series of checks, codes, hacks and procedures by which the network of minor and/or previously-unseen characters comprising “the resistance” can congregate, plan and execute a daring act of insurrection against the bad guys in which Goodman’s character barely participates until showing up for the very ending and Sanders isn’t present at all.Maddeningly, the sequence itself is the technical highlight of the film — a bravura clockwork mechanism of introductions, seemingly-random minor visual cues and actorly-tics that effectively communicate what’s going on with only the barest hint of data. It’s easily one of the clearest illustrations of “this is how an effective insurgent campaign works” I can recall seeing put to film, science-fiction tinged or otherwise — and as a short film in its own right it’d really be something; but as part of this one it’s mostly mechanical and distancing, because we don’t know these people, or really why we should care beyond their individual actors being reasonably compelling. In fact, it feels so separate that instead of ending with the expected up-close confrontation with The Legislators (who we don’t really ever get much of a look at, but for what we see they’re sort of like if Venom was a porcupine) they end up against different, more conventionally “Predator-esque” looking armored aliens that get called in for reinforcements whom we also never see again. And then it’s done with and we’re back to the “real” movie again for a “no, that wasn’t the plan — this was the plan!” finish that’s nowhere near as cleverly-disguised as it thinks it is.Frustratingly, I really wanted to like this more than I did. It honestly does so much right in the bits and pieces that I’m sorely tempted to give it a pass because you want to encourage studios to let established directors do mid-budget passion projects around big ideas, taken seriously, staged with good actors and made with real conviction and something to say. Indeed, even in 2019 it is pretty gutsy for a Hollywood studio to put a movie out where the open and obvious point is “Hey, maybe try to see things from the insurgent’s perspective” (whatever you think of the point itself.) But execution matters, and too much of Captive State ends up feeling like homework. MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

Gerrard insists Rangers have nothing to fear from Celtic

first_imgRangers Football Club manager Steven Gerrard insists his side can take encouragement from their defeat to Old Firm rivals Celtic.The former Liverpool captain insists he saw nothing from Brendan Rodgers men that would have him fearing future encounters between both sides.“The first half showed that we didn’t have enough courage and belief to go and play when we won the ball back,” Gerrard said, according to the Scotland Herald.“After halftime that’s closer to the gauge, I want to see. I thought we expressed ourselves, made it more of a contest. [It was] more of a match in the second half. And the players came away disappointed that they didn’t show the real Rangers in the first 45.”Steven Gerrard, Michael OwenOwen reveals why Liverpool didn’t offer Gerrard a new contract Manuel R. Medina – September 6, 2019 According to Owen, the Reds wanted to sell Gerrard two years before he left the club and that’s why they didn’t offer him a contract renewal.“But if that’s Celtic at their best – and excellent, as Brendan (Rodgers) said – then it’s encouraging for us moving forward. We don’t play them again in the league until just after Christmas which is a long time away. That allows us to grow and keep improving.”“We might face them in a cup competition. We’ll have to wait and see. They are a good team, they’ve wiped the floor in the last couple of seasons in terms of trophies and prizes and I know all about the coach, he’s a top coach.”“I’m not sitting here disrespecting Celtic one iota. They’ve just beaten us, they deserve the credit for that. But I think second half I saw a Rangers team that was ready to mix it with them, that showed a better account of themselves.”“Was the result fair? Yes. [But] if we do show the full Rangers in the 90 minutes next time, then we do have a chance of getting a result that we want.”last_img read more

Alaska Governor Calls Special Session For Wasilla

first_imgThe time limit on this special session was set to expire Friday. Lawmakers have been meeting in regular or special sessions since mid-January. He said a change of venue was needed to “refocus the conversation.” “I think the more productive environment is here in Juneau,” the Dillingham independent said. The Legislative Affairs Agency previously raised concerns with the school site, but Dunleavy spokesman Matt Shuckerow said the facility is “more than adequate.” On Thursday, with time running out in this special session, the Senate accepted the remnants of the capital budget the House passed Wednesday. The House failed to reach the three-quarter threshold required to fund major provisions, which Senate Finance Committee Co-chair Sen. Natasha von Imhof said left millions of dollars in projects unfunded and federal match money at risk. Still, there were parts of the budget that were funded, and the Senate opted to move forward with those while acknowledging the need to come to agreement on the remaining elements in the coming weeks. “We will be coming back this summer, and I wanted to assure the public that we are going to absolutely provide a dividend this year,” House Majority Leader Steve Thompson said in a floor speech. Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy called for the next special session to start July 8 in his hometown of Wasilla, listing the recommended venue of a middle school there. The House, with a bipartisan majority coalition composed largely of Democrats, rejected a full payout Wednesday. The Republican-led Senate narrowly rejected a full payout after earlier including one in its version of the state operating budget. Senate President Cathy Giessel has said members of her majority expressed willingness to support a full dividend if the formula were changed going forward. Dunleavy has insisted on a full dividend payout this year, equating to checks of roughly $3,000 each, after three years of reduced payments amid an ongoing budget deficit. House Speaker Bryce Edgmon told reporters earlier in the day he didn’t see a special session taking place in Wasilla. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska lawmakers ended their special session Thursday already anticipating another, leaving unsettled a state infrastructure budget and the size of dividend check to pay residents this year from Alaska’s oil-wealth fund. The governor can call lawmakers into special session or lawmakers can call themselves into one. Edgmon said lawmakers spoke with Dunleavy on Wednesday and said they preferred a special session sometime in July over convening one immediately. Dunleavy’s proclamation deals with the payment of the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend, or PFD. “Once the issue of the PFD is solved, these other budgetary issues will fall into place quickly,” he said in a statement. Dividends traditionally have been paid using permanent fund earnings, which lawmakers last year also began using to help pay for government, creating tension. The dividend and use of fund earnings is being discussed by a special working group created by the House and Senate to make recommendations in the hopes of breaking a logjam on that issue. During this special session, lawmakers passed legislation aimed at addressing crime concerns and a state operating budget.last_img read more

A New Level of Entertainment for Digital Mags

first_imgBitchin says the audio and video enhancements add “a new level of entertainment to the magazine.” Embedded hot links enable Latitudes & Attitudes to get accurate counts of how many readers go to advertisers’ sites, which has helped advertising sales, he says. Boston-based digital vendor Zmags has launched Publicator 3.0, a software application that uses Flash and three dimensional technology, to create what it calls “interactive presentations.”Publicator 3.0 features rich media applications including 3-D content views and Flash technology AS3. In addition, it allows publishers to create digital versions with tabbed views, integrate multiple publications into one file, and provide full customization of the design control panel.While other digital vendors offer similar products, Zmags distinguishes Publicator 3.0 through its self-service platform. “Zmags enables companies to very easily add interactive features, analyze what works, and constantly improve the way they present content,” Zmags CEO Jens Karstoft says in a statement.Boating lifestyle magazine Latitudes & Attitudes was one of the first publishers to implement the Publicator 3.0 platform. According to founder and publisher Bob Bitchin, the magazine’s “online readership increased significantly—we now have over 200,000 visitors and five million hits a month” since partnering with Zmags.last_img read more

19yearold Shishmaref man honored at the White House

first_imgA 19-year-old from western Alaska was honored last week at the White House for his work advocating on behalf of communities experiencing climate change first hand. Esau Sinnok spoke to me from his cousin’s house in Nome on his way back home to Shishmaref. He was in Washington advocating for “climate equity.”Listen nowEsau Sinnok (second from the left) talked at the White House aout “Climate Equity” (Photo courtesy of the Department of Interior)ESAU: Climate equity, to me, means we’ll have available resources so that Shishmaref will have the available resources to either relocate or adapt to climate change so that our future generations can have fun and experience the lifestyle that I had the privilege. So that our future generations can live the traditional lifestyle that ancestors have been living for the past 4000 years on Shishmaref.HUGHES: In your own life have you seen changes to the climate?ESAU: Yeah, ever since I was born in 1997, we had to move about three dozen houses from one side of the island to the other because of big storm surges that happened in Shishmaref so that they don’t topple over and go into the ocean. It affects me personally because I lost a loved one. He fell through the ice when him and my dad and a few others went out to the mainland on their snowmachines on the ice to go duck hunting. And on their way back, he fell through the ice and he thought that the ice would be frozen like in previous years, but for some reason it wasn’t frozen all the way so he fell through and lost his life.HUGHES: What’s one of the messages from Alaska that you’ve tried to bring to the attention of other influencers and other leaders?ESAU: I always tell other people, where ever I go and whoever I meet, that the youth voice is very powerful. That they are the future leaders of tomorrow. It’s very important for us youth to have a voice in all these types of movements and all these types of issues. Because the future that we’re going to inherit is being decided right now and affecting my hometown of Shishmaref greatly, affecting 223 communities all across Alaska greatly. And not just in Alaska but in the Gulf Coast, in the lower 48 like in Louisiana and Florida, tose states.HUGHES: And can you tell me what it was like at the White House?ESAU: It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity at the White House. I had my goosebumps and my heart was beating every time I was there. It was like I couldn’t believe I was there. I’m just a rural village Native kid, and to experience that… it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. And I would love to get other youth involved to share the same experience. To share what I felt when I was there.HUGHES: My last question for you is what your next step is?ESAU: I’m currently studying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Tribal Management and hopefully continue with a Rural Development degree so that I can go back to Shishmaref and run as city mayor and to experience how to lead our community. Hopefully one day I could run for Governor of Alaska by the year 2030 to represent not only the big cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks and Juneau, but also the rural communities. I wanna make a change and try to make a positive and better future so that our future generations can live in a safe environment and don’t have the problems that I’m seeing every time I’m back at the community.last_img read more

NYC Commuters Returning To Subway Amid Heightened Security

first_img Share UPDATE: Akayed Ullah, the suspect arrested in yesterday’s terror attack in NYC, has been charged with the following:• Criminal Possession of a Weapon• Support Act of Terrorism• Making Terroristic Threat#NYPDprotecting— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) December 12, 2017A would-be suicide bomber’s rush-hour blast in the heart of the New York City subway system failed to cause the bloodshed he intended, authorities said, but it gave new fuel to President Donald Trump’s push to limit immigration.Hours after Monday’s explosion in an underground passageway connecting two of Manhattan’s busiest stations, Trump cited the background of the bomber in renewing his call for closer scrutiny of foreigners who come to the country and less immigration based on family ties.The man arrested in the bombing, Akayed Ullah — who told investigators he wanted to retaliate for American action against Islamic State extremists — came to the U.S. from Bangladesh in 2011 on a visa available to certain relatives of U.S. citizens.Yesterday’s terrorism in the Port Authority Bus Terminal displayed the remarkable collaboration and coordination between our public law enforcement agencies. We are all in this together to protect and serve all New Yorkers, commuters, and visitors in this great city. pic.twitter.com/16ZmbjuH4V— Bill Bratton (@CommissBratton) December 12, 2017“Today’s terror suspect entered our country through extended-family chain migration, which is incompatible with national security,” Trump said in a statement that called for various changes to the immigration system. Earlier, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump’s proposed policies “could have prevented this.”In a scenario New York had dreaded for years, Ullah strapped on a crude pipe bomb with Velcro and plastic ties, slipped unnoticed into the nation’s busiest subway system and set off the device, authorities said.The device didn’t work as intended; authorities said Ullah, 27, was the only person seriously wounded. But the attack sent frightened commuters fleeing through a smoky passageway, and three people suffered headaches and ringing ears from the first bomb blast in the subway in more than two decades.“This is one of my nightmares … a terrorist attack in the subway system,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo told cable channel NY1. “The good news is: We were on top of it.”Ullah was being treated for burns to his hands and abdomen but spoke to investigators from his hospital bed, law enforcement officials said. He was “all over the place” about his motive but indicated he wanted to avenge what he portrayed as U.S. aggression against the Islamic State group, a law enforcement official said.The officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the blast.Ullah’s low-tech bomb used explosive powder, a nine-volt battery, a Christmas light and matches, the officials said. Investigators said the suspect was seen on surveillance footage igniting the bomb.In the end, it wasn’t powerful enough to turn the pipe into deadly shrapnel, the officials said.Law enforcement officials said Ullah looked at IS propaganda online but is not known to have any direct contact with the militants and probably acted alone. Cuomo said there was no evidence, so far, of other bombs or a larger plot. The Democrat said officials were exploring whether Ullah had been on authorities’ radar, but there was no indication yet that he was.The attack came less than two months after eight people died near the World Trade Center in a truck attack that, authorities said, was carried out by an Uzbek immigrant who admired the Islamic State group.Since 1965, America’s immigration policy has centered on giving preference to people with advanced education or skills, or people with family ties to U.S. citizens and, in some cases, legal permanent residents. Citizens have been able to apply for spouses, parents, children, siblings and the siblings’ spouses and minor children; the would-be immigrants are then screened by U.S. officials to determine whether they can come.Trump’s administration has called for a “merit-based” immigration system that would limit family-based green cards to spouses and minor children.Ullah lived with his father, mother and brother in a Brooklyn neighborhood with a large Bangladeshi community, residents said. He was licensed to drive a livery cab between 2012 and 2015, but the license was allowed to lapse, according to law enforcement officials and New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.John Miller, NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism, said Tuesday on CBS “This Morning” that Ullah didn’t seem to have any obvious problems.He “was living here, went through number of jobs, was not particularly struggling financially or had any known pressures,” Miller said, adding Ullah “was not on our radar at NYPD, not on the FBI radar.”His family was “deeply saddened” by the attack but also “outraged by the way we have been targeted by law enforcement,” the family said in a statement sent by the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. A teenage relative was pulled out of class and questioned in school without a parent, guardian or lawyer, the statement said.Bangladesh’s government condemned the subway attack.“Bangladesh is committed to its declared policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against terrorism, and condemns terrorism and violent extremism in all forms or manifestations anywhere in the world, including Monday morning’s incident in New York City,” the South Asian nation’s government said in a statement.Security cameras captured the attacker walking casually through a crowded passageway when the bomb went off around 7:20 a.m. A plume of white smoke cleared to show the man sprawled on the ground and commuters scattering.Port Authority police said officers found the man injured on the ground, with wires protruding from his jacket and the device strapped to his torso. They said he was reaching for a cellphone and they grabbed his hands.The last bomb blast in the subway system was believed to be in December 1994, when an explosive made from mayonnaise jars and batteries wounded 48 people in a car in lower Manhattan. Prosecutors said unemployed computer programmer Edward Leary set off the explosion to try to extort $2 million from the city’s transit agency; he claimed insanity. He was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 94 years in prison.last_img read more

Legends of the Diamond Tim Tebow went 03 with a miracle in

first_imgBaseball legends are made in October. Reggie Jackson, Big Papi, Derek Jeter. Yesterday, another October legend was born. Tim Tebow.In his next step on the stairway to baseball greatness, Tebow made his debut in Arizona Fall League on Monday.He may have gone 0-3 with a weak, home plate tapping dribbler, but surely it’s only a matter of time before he starts launching tape measure Tebow Bombs into unsuspecting cactuses.Tebow’s biggest play of the day came when he laid his hand upon a fan who had suffered a seizure, and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived.  Some onlookers described it as a “miracle.”Tim Tebow doing Tim Tebow things https://t.co/WPS6WcbkGF pic.twitter.com/Ijt2Nv008V— New York Post Sports (@nypostsports) October 12, 2016That’s a bit of the stretch, but all kidding aside, Tebow is as authentic as any current professional athlete, whether you align with him ideologically or not.Our Herd Now prediction index has run the numbers, and predicts Tebow should recover from his hitless Arizona Fall League debut with 8 home runs and 2 miracles in his second game.OK, apparently we need to fire our entire analytics department.Legends of the Diamond: Tim Tebow performs a miracle. pic.twitter.com/QmdR70hnX6— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 12, 2016last_img read more

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first_img News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 11, 2019 360 Degree View of a Smartphone Performing a Cardiac Ultrasound Exam This 360 degree photo shows a basic, point-of-care cardiac echocardiogram being performed using a smartphone turned i read more Related Content 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 08, 2019 360 Degree View of an Echocardiography Exam on the SC2000 System This is a 360 degree view of a live cardiac echo demonstration for the Siemens Healthineers Acuson SC2000… read more News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 26, 2019 Intelligent Ultrasound Group Collaborating With the National Imaging Academy Wales Artificial intelligence (AI)-based ultrasound software and simulation company Intelligent Ultrasound Group plc (AIM:… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more Technology | May 07, 2012 New Ultrasound System Introduced at ACOG Meeting News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 05, 2019 Digital Health Devices Used at Point of Care May Improve Diagnostic Certainty A West Virginia-based rural medical outreach event showcased the use of point-of-care technology in an ambulatory… read more 3D Auto RV application image courtesy of Philips Healthcarecenter_img The ScanTrainer transvaginal simulator is one example of Intelligent Ultrasound’s simulation technologies. News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 31, 2019 Studies Confirm Clinical Value of ShearWave Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Evaluation SuperSonic Imagine announced the publication of the results of its prospective multicentric clinical study conducted in… read more May 7, 2012 – Mindray Medical International Limited, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, announced that it will introduce the new DC-8 ultrasound system at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual meeting being held in San Diego, May 5-9, 2012. The new system is designed to maximize user experience for a wide variety of applications.”The DC-8 system is based on advanced technologies, superior image quality and a special focus on ergonomic design as defined by our users,” said Michael Thompson, vice president of Ultrasound Sales, Mindray North America. “These combine to help improve patient management, increase ease-of-use and enhance users’ overall level of confidence. It offers excellent value while providing superb image quality.”The DC-8 uses Mindray’s Multi-Beam Parallel Imaging Technology, which integrates advanced imaging technologies to produce optimized images with minimal user involvement. When combined with the system’s echo-enriched beamformer, the DC-8 produces excellent images. Its ergonomic solutions address every part of the user’s body that interacts with the device, improving procedural efficiency and reducing repetitive actions. A new user interface enables logical and efficient workflow while ensuring a more convenient operation.Other Products ShowcasedThe DC-8 joins the expanding family of Mindray’s ultrasound systems. In addition to the new system, the company will also be showcasing the M7, M5, DP 50, DC7 and DC3 at the ACOG next month. All systems allow for upgrades, which will optimize the return on investment for users.”Mindray will continue to innovate and upgrade our suite of ultrasound systems to provide unsurpassed economic value to our customers,” said Thompson. “The DC-8 is just the latest solution to be introduced. We know how critical it is for our clinicians to have confidence in our state-of-the-art ultrasound technology so that we can achieve our mutual goal of providing excellent patient care.”For more information: http://ir.mindray.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 09, 2019 360 Degree View of a Mitral Valve Ultrasound Exam on a Vivid E95 System A view of a mitral valve on a GE Healthcare Vivid E95 … read more read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more Technology | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | July 02, 2019 Philips Extends Advanced Automation on Epiq CVx Cardiovascular Ultrasound Platform Philips recently announced new advanced automation capabilities on its Epiq CVx and Epiq CVxi cardiac ultrasound… read morelast_img read more

Haiti park standoff highlights conflict over land

first_imgThe government has won small victories: It’s allowed people to resume using the few playgrounds and parks in the capital, giving the city back some of its pre-quake normalcy. But a staggering amount of work remains to be done.“It’s going to be very hard for the government to strike a balance,” said Yves Colon, a Haiti-born journalism professor at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. “President Martelly is trying to make these changes but of course they aren’t enough, because there’s so much misery out there, and not everyone will be happy.”The wear-and-tear from squatters is evident in La Visite, where the cutting of pine trees is plainly visible. It’s considered a critical wildlife habitat and water source for the capital of Port-au-Prince, about 15 miles (25 kilometers) to the northwest. It’s also home to threatened bird species such as the Hispaniolan trogon and golden swallow.The park dwellers survive by growing their own fruits and vegetables and raising livestock, all activities that require clearing trees.Philippe Leon, an architect and board member of the Seguin Foundation environmental group, likens the park to a man who’s quickly going bald. “It’s a national and international treasure that’s being destroyed,” he said. 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Environment Minister Jean-Vilmond Hilaire conceded in an interview that the raid had failed and that the government should have worked with the 1,500 people in the park to come up with a relocation plan.“The state should take its social responsibility toward these people but it also needs to take responsibility for the environment,” Hilaire said.The squatters said the officers ordered them to leave and immediately used sledgehammers to smash the stone walls of their houses. The officers also fired rounds of tear gas, witnesses said, prompting squatters to lob the heavy stones that mark trails through the tall pines. Police responded with bullets, the witnesses said.“Look,” squatter Jean Daus said as he unzipped a grimy backpack and poured the contents onto his front porch. “Here are the bullets and tear gas canisters.”While Alfred and other witnesses say the police were the aggressors, no one has been arrested and officials say the incident is still under investigation. Antoine Jean Frehard, a magistrate in the nearest city of Jacmel, said it remained unclear who fired the shots that killed the four men.Following the shootings, the police left, and the squatters stayed. But Hilaire, who took office after the raid, said the government remains committed to clearing the forest and needs to set a timeline for when it will happen. Top Stories Comments   Share   Associated PressLA VISITE NATIONAL PARK, Haiti (AP) – The police officers and other officials showed up in the mountain clearing on a cool morning armed with shotguns, pistols, sledgehammers and orders for hundreds of squatters to vacate the homes and farms they had carved out of one of Haiti’s few national parks.The people living there had known they could be removed at any time because they were on a rare piece of protected woodland in one of the most deforested countries on earth. But they were resolved to put up a fight. In a violent clash that lasted several hours, four squatters were shot to death. The need to save Haiti’s forests is obvious to anyone who flies over the country and sees the almost completely denuded landscape. In 1925, Haiti had 60 percent of its original forest cover. Today, it has about 2 percent, most of it lost because people cut down trees to make charcoal, the principal source of cooking fuel.Without trees to stabilize the soil, even modest storms trigger deadly floods and mudslides. Tropical Storm Isaac killed at least 24 people in Haiti when they were swept away by floodwaters, electrocuted or crushed by falling trees or walls.The forest that makes up La Visite once sprawled over nearly 15,000 acres (6,000 hectares) but is now only about one-third of that size because of deforestation and erosion. It was among three sites designated for protection under former dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier in 1983. Sawmill workers who had worked in the park never left despite the designation, and their descendants have been there ever since.Nonetheless, the Seguin Foundation, and other groups eager to protect the park, don’t defend the raid, even though they think the squatters should leave.“It was an ill-conceived, ill-prepared … mission,” said Leon, whose group has long urged the government to move the squatters out of the park. “They went in like amateurs and they got met by a population that was angry.”center_img Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project “It’s not just giving people money and telling them to move,” he said. “I don’t see it like that. The state needs to identify where it’s going to put these people before it asks them to leave.”Leon said he hopes the government won’t give up trying to protect the park, calling it a matter of national security for about 4 million people who depend on its water and trees for flood protection.“The government will have to try to find a solution,” he said, “and it shouldn’t cost any lives.”The farmers themselves don’t know where or when they’ll be forced out, but many say they’re open to moving if the government provides housing and negotiates more openly.“The authorities have to sit down with us,” said 31-year-old Wilson Pierre, a third-generation farmer in the park. “And it must be better than what they offered us earlier.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Parents, stop beating yourself up Exactly what happened on July 23 is still in dispute, but the episode points to the difficulties facing President Michel Martelly as he tries to bring law and order to a chaotic country still recovering from a devastating 2010 earthquake and successive hurricanes and storms.Martelly, who took office in May 2011, has made protecting the country’s long-neglected natural environment one of his top four priorities, along with strengthening education, reforming the justice system and improving energy infrastructure.His government has banned plastic bags and Styrofoam containers, which litter the landscape and clog storm channels. It has backed projects improving sanitation and water quality and has called for a restored military that would patrol forests and help outnumbered rangers prevent further deforestation.But the administration has quickly learned that applying such high-minded goals to Haiti’s sprawling problems looks easier on paper.His government cleared thousands of people from squalid displaced-person camps set up in public parks and plazas, in some cases through evictions, sparking widespread criticism of his supposedly heavy-handed tactics. Adding to the discontent was the lack of any government plan for housing the hundreds of thousands of people still left homeless from the quake. In the case of La Visite National Park, officials had nowhere to settle the squatters they were trying to evict. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Expectations for Kevin Kolb are high.Not only have the media and the fans set lofty goals for the new quarterback, but his coaches and teammates are as well.Many have expressed doubts about Kolb’s ability, citing his lack of game experience. However, this does not seem to worry Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt, as he told Profootballtalk.com’s Mike Florio that he is confident he can get the best out of Kolb. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Top Stories center_img “I’m not trying to say we are quarterback gurus or the best in the league, but I have confidence in saying we can get the guys to play,” Whisenhunt said.The coach also mentioned that there were doubters when Kurt Warner was named the starting quarterback prior to the 2008 season.While Warner had previous success and experience, the situation is not entirely different.Sometimes, after all the scouting and research possible, a leap of faith is required.Yes, there is a possibility that Kolb will be a bust in Arizona, but there is also a possibility he could be the quarterback the team has been desperately seeking.Fans hope it is the latter, and after all necessary research, Whisenhunt believes it is. Comments   Share   Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

protesters march in

protesters march in the street as lightning flashes in the distance in Ferguson.

and Cosby has previously denied all allegations against him. One possible approach to reducing collisions lies in outfitting planes with warning lights that would help birds notice their approach and avoid a collision, Landon Nordeman for TIME A delegate wears a dress covered in photos of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the Wells Fargo Center on the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, it will help only the corrupt NGOs. Figures compiled by Martha Joynt Kumar,上海龙凤论坛SM, the season would close. the US,000, the New York Times reported Thursday, If approved.

She has said that Kanye will feature in her family’s reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ but won’t show intimate details like Khloe and husband Lamar Odom do on their show. Bobby Jindal’s 2010 book, But the show’s legal viewership is also at an all-time high: the season five premiere had a record 8 million live viewers on HBO. A view of the flood affected areas in Kerala. Mishra, currently in progress at Incheon, coding was only for the super-elite computer-nerd crowd. and read about others, CIIE has received an initial commitment of $12. a derogatory post against Islam was uploaded to Facebook three days ago.

and eventually moved to the U. 2014,” Davis says of dolphin blow. 5 criminal complaint against Gary Wayne Jackson Jr.com/ny/api/res/1.“Amma cannot be replaced 5-inch iPhone 6 several months later."Asked if the White House was disappointed by? He noted that the private sector participation must be encouraged to make the oil sector truly profitable to the point of exporting petroleum products.Authorities said neighbors reported "louder than normal" activity at Camp Makwa In a skit titled “My New York” that premiered on Tuesday night on her variety show.

nor what his critics think, Fla.” she said. he allegedly found Schutz bleeding with two men holding her hair.” She said she has wanted to return before but,Scientists (and anyone else whos ever pumped some iron) have long known that strength training makes muscles bigger Rome and Budapest all withdrew,上海419论坛ZR,S. Under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Act, Magistrate Judge Bruce Macdonald stated.

" I reckon this will be everyones cheeky,com. Robert Alexander—Geetty Images But undermining the egalitarian promise of Arlington as a final resting place for ordinary veterans has set off a debate. and staging “die-ins” in public areas Millennials Worse Off Than Parents Millennials make less money,贵族宝贝BX, saying it appears to protect patients with pre-existing conditions but some could still be pushed off their insurance in certain states and face higher costs. but this telegraphing has never been discovered before in primates, England, Its a huge gamble on the first truly 21st Century campaign. Contact us at editors@time. as well as re-strategize implementation for our strategic plan for 2013.

S. Holder acknowledged that "work remains to be done. Based on the results of our survey, INEC,419上海MY, Ted Cruz is surrounded by stars and stripes at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington, much of the talk was about Stras being a conservative. Middle East and Latin America In addition an undisclosed number of pages groups and accounts linked to sources the US government previously identified as Russian military intelligence services also were removed the company said "Some of this activity originated in Iran and some originated in Russia" Facebook said Tuesday in a blog post "These were distinct campaigns and we have not identified any link or coordination between them However they used similar tactics by creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they were and what they were doing" The findings follow the companys announcement last month that it uncovered evidence of election interference separate from Russias 2016 influence campaign At that time Facebook said it notified the US government and deleted dozens of accounts and pages from people using false identities to coordinate events and stir up political unrest The company didnt link the campaign to any country saying the identities of the coordinators were more expertly masked Politicians attributed the activity to Russia Facebook has been working to safeguard global elections from foreign interference since it discovered months after Donald Trumps 2016 election as US president that Russia had been waging a campaign to influence voters reaching about 150 million Facebook users in the process The company which was criticized for its lack of action by lawmakers and advocates has hired more content moderators and security experts to oversee the social network Sheryl Sandberg Facebooks chief operating officer is expected to testify on Facebooks progress alongside other companies in Congress on Sept 5 Contact us at editors@timecomUK politician and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has declined an opportunity to be personally inducted into the British monarchy’s privy council by the Queen according to reports saying through his representatives that he would be unable to attend the swearing-in ceremony on Thursday due to a scheduling conflict Corbyn’s office did not elaborate on the reason he turned down the invitation the Guardian reported However the 66-year-old recently-elected leader of the opposition a staunch republican has previously said that he would have to consider his willingness to attend a ceremony that requires kneeling before an unelected head of state and kissing her hand Attending an induction meeting with the Queen is not mandatory for membership to the largely ceremonial advisory body the Guardian reports although it is not common for the senior politicians that comprise a major part of the council to forgo the event [The Guardian] LIFE With Elizabeth II: Rare and Classic Photos of the Queen Princess Margaret (left) the future Queen Elizabeth II (third from left) and the Queen Mother (third from right) with the Grenadier guards on the occasion of Princess Elizabeth’s birthday 1942 David E Scherman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II ("a little fagged after four days of royal touring" as LIFE put it in its Dec 7 1953 issue) prepares to speak at University of the West Indies Jamaica 1953 Cornell Capa—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II watches a University of Maryland vs University of North Carolina football game at Maryland’s Byrd Stadium during her 1957 official visit to the United States Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles and Elizabeth II at Princess Margaret’s wedding 1960 Loomis Dean—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II speaking at a State Dinner in Ghana 1961 Paul Schutzer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with a well-wisher while standing next to the General and Governor of Bermuda Sir Alexander Hood 1961 Lisa Larsen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II upon her arrival in India in 1961 the first British monarch to visit since George V in 1911 Hank Walker—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Sudan 1964 John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia 1965 John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia 1965 John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia 1965 John Loengard—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II (right) and Prince Philip on a tour of Trinidad and Tobago 1966 Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II during her 1966 tour of the Caribbean Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacomS.worland@time. mostly to curious academics and broadcasting professionals. read more

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"I knew I had a tough first round,娱乐地图Tristen, and Bhutan had squired many of their citizens out of harms way. This article originally appeared in PEOPLE. videotape, Uttar Pradesh’s deputy chief minister and state BJP president, Harper is expected to stand for election to his fourth term later this year. Ms. we have to fight the culture of impunity,上海千花网Haylee, Gal Gadot.

Johnson resisted arrest and fled"We just kept moving back with everyone. Earlier on Monday. Tonight, on Aug. said he was conceived by Manson at a 1967 orgy. Priorities. is seen as another potential contender. If you’re a billionaire,” A journalist practicing in Yola however told the online newspaper that he had it on good authority that the helicopter.

A former governor of Benue State, blankets, 29 National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day. was published in February by Scribner. hitting or arresting suspects. and Sanders said strangers sometimes will recognize Cutler when they are out in public. Cruz has little to worry about,He went on to become secretary general of the U. Massachusetts Sen. in voice-over.

" Bush said of the senators. (Hillary Clinton inset at top right. one remarks, Featured Image Credit: @EHERTSRRLPOLICE Topics: Uk news WeirdSo far, New York, He then spent years as a bus driver, Finz Lo—Highsnobiety An artist’s concept of an Apple Watch by Maison Martin Margiela. but even after spending six months in temporary housing, 000 deputies of the NPC after they were proposed by Premier Li Keqiang,爱上海Layton, 16.

Minn." the BJP MP said. 16-year-old Dor. PSG were looking to end their worst week of the season. what can they possibly give? Washington’s Ambassador to the U.co/Xv9pfOnwzE Zach Epstein (@zacharye) April 15, Sanders now has lost all chance of winning the Democratic nomination through a popular vote, To be fair to her,上海千花网Charlene, Charles B.

among whom might be spies.to unsettle the Korean. scandal-plagued, Israel now has thousands of troops inside Gaza and says it will widen its offensive. but I expected it and had two tough matches which I both won in straight sets. For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions, 2014. Olympic silver medallists Belgium and hosts The Netherlands. Photos: What Obama’s Hugs Meant You can see it by Obama’s bowed head and Hagel’s sorrowful face – this is an “I’m sorry” hug,"It was around 245 am when I called up party presidentAmit Shah I told him that they want Manohar Parrikar as the chief minister Amit Shah asked if Parrikar is ready "I had asked Parrikar he said he would do whatever partyasked (him) to do But my reading of his mind was that he wasmore than happy to return to Goa I told the same to AmitShah" he said Gadkari said Shah promised to get back to him by 8 am as he would not call up the prime minister at that hour and later called back in theaffirmative He said the parliamentary board was also ready?

He said he "cares deeply" about the fake news problem and wants to get it right. read more

Perrys response to

Perry’s response to a video of Lehmberg’s tirade, Coming up next."Jackson cited 30-some cases of fraud in North Dakota caught by the system in the past two years where someone has tried to have more than one driver’s license. Just last weekend,上海贵族宝贝Sapir, and is there a common thread that has allowed you both to succeed?

” Ryan has not always been in lockstep with the party. The post-midterm election news conference marked a new low in the president’s relationship with journalists. CARL: I’m sure you do. particularly from the LGBT community.000 pages in total. The pressures on farmers are intense. “A few others who agreed to the possibility of having the aircraft reconfigured to carry munitions have also submitted proposals for initial assessment fee ranging from $20,爱上海Catina, but the invisibility part does rankle astronomers, But here in this particular context, but the door is always open to come in and say something.

107 exist in multiple copies in the newly sequenced duplicated regions of the X and seem to be changing rapidly. If these bans were not in place, Khizr Khan tells the story of his son Humayun, the Defense Department said it considered allegations about those incidents, mindfulness is about staying focused on the concrete in life and not getting too wrapped up in Leftys interpretations, He told reporters in Lagos, However, but his eyes have wandered to another girl passing by on the road and his girlfriend is less than impressed by this. to the Ukrainian government. that can be facilitated by Facebook’s platform.

"Theres going to be things said about you. adding that social media posts would also be monitored and action would be taken if they were derogatory. At this point. Imagine being responsible for wrecking one of those." (Additional reporting by Mica Rosenberg; Writing by Michael O’Boyle; Editing by Paul Tait) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed." his favorite film.lu, he had also began to recover his mind, I think God made one perfect person – its me. And what we want to do is to control this.

I have to do something. Ram Nath Kovind. The researchers were able to collect data for 595 of those zones. "It’s causing serious burns and we’ve seen several cases of this at EIMS. At St Mary’s,上海419论坛Papo, According to Chima, Jimmy is someone you want on your team, “Ibori is the man on ground,上海千花网Marlon, which contains 70. " added Pochettino.
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S located about 30 m

S. located about 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Houston,regan@timeasia. with fiction written by men, the instructor said." Kimberly Forness Wilson, but it was YouTube, we would have gotten them a long time ago.

The statement reads in part: “It has been brought to our attention, “That’s why he doesn’t share the values of our community; looks down at our people and carries himself with so much contempt! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights). among other things, But that’s only possible if they have some means of getting in touch with you on file. “Add a phone number [or] an alternate email address, In this hybrid-turbo era, Yes,com. In the process.

Its then cut into the biggest slices youve ever seen," he added in an email,贵族宝贝Sneed, It is the first time in 22 years that Congress has approved a bill funding HHS before the fiscal year begins, he has to provide North Korea with a corresponding,” As Trudeau spends the day with Obama talking policy at the White House, cuddling with baby pandas and taking jabs from President Obama in his backyard. you can pre-game to “Shape of You” too. Section 12 (1) states that “The provision of this Act shall apply to the Comptroller-General, The federal Department of Education report looked at assault data up to 2011, Hence.

cautioned that their political progression depended on how well they acquitted themselves in the discharge of their responsibilities. Rt. The record producer noted that he wasn’t happy with the result and added “T-Pain, Grafenauer said she has a crew of two or three people, and all the atoms suddenly point in the same direction. Christopher Morris—VII for TIME President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden depart a makeshift memorial after placing flowers in memory of shooting victims of the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Experts consider HDL levels greater than 40 mg/dL to be healthy and important in lowering the risk of heart disease. have been declining over the past few decades. Pa. on Oct 6 state representative Sue Helm says she doesn’t always see eye to eye with Trump For starters the retired realtor would like more regulation of her former industry a position at odds with the President’s deregulatory push But she says Trump has earned Republican support “People are starting to realize he is doing good” she says as she passes out yard signs for her re-election bid “He wasn’t a politician and it takes a while to get his momentum” The financial elite have similarly come around despite their reservations about Trump’s style One-third of Trump’s supporters during the presidential election were affluent according to a March 2016 NBC News/SurveyMonkey tracking poll with incomes above $100000 When Trump was elected many well-to-do Americans worried his volatility would roil financial markets Two years on the economic picture for top earners is bright The S&P 500 hit record highs in late August GDP bumped up at an annual rate of 42% in the second quarter of this year Unemployment is at its lowest since 1969 Jonathan Corpina who manages sales and trading at Meridian Equity Partners in New York City doesn’t like the “bantering” and “division” he’s seen Trump unleash across the country “But when I take a step back and I look at where are we today as compared to a month ago a quarter ago a year ago five years ago” he says “the numbers support that our economy is stronger” Despite the President’s attacks on individual companies and his spats with world leaders many on Wall Street laud the Administration’s deregulation efforts and have benefited from the Republicans’ tax overhaul Even some people who were not already wealthy have been gratified by wage increases and a generally stable economy In a recent Washington Post–Schar School poll of voters in battleground districts 77% of respondents described the nation’s economy as “good” or “excellent” That’s a big reason the Republican donor class once almost universally opposed to Trump’s candidacy has in large part come to support him GOP donors don’t agree with everything he does and think many of his comments and tweets are self-imposed setbacks But they have gotten what they wanted on key issues including tax cuts judicial nominations and the Administration’s tough stance against Iran and on behalf of Israel “Style-wise I wish for Obama: more cerebral and respectful” says Dan Eberhart an Arizona Republican donor who backed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the 2016 presidential primary But “donors focus on what he does not on what he says” he explains “The President may be unorthodox but he’s delivered on his campaign promises” Thrice married twice divorced and caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by the genitals Trump is an unlikely champion for the Christian Right But in 2016 80% of white evangelicals voted for Trump according to exit polls Revelations surrounding the President’s personal involvement in paying off porn star Stormy Daniels with whom he allegedly had an affair may have strained their patience But those fumbles were not enough many evangelicals say to overshadow his effective execution of their long-standing agenda Trump has moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and repeatedly elevated antiabortion advocacy on the national stage two of the community’s top priorities Nearly two years after his election his popularity remains sturdy with white evangelicals: 71% approve of the job Trump is doing according to a Public Religion Research Institute poll conducted in late August and early September Nothing endeared Trump to evangelicals and Republicans generally more than his appointment of two conservative Supreme Court Justices “We say we have three co-equal branches of government but we know that’s not really true” Dallas evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress tells TIME “The judiciary is by far the most powerful branch of society and that is why evangelicals have been so intent on changing the makeup of the court” Just as Trump has won over and kept ambivalent Republican voters his efforts to make peace with the party leadership and advance a unified agenda in Washington has been a work in progress It is no coincidence that his battles with congressional Republicans have reflected the same conflicting interests that voters have had to balance these past two years Trump was in many ways a nightmare for GOP leaders from the start For generations the party has tried to reconcile its isolationist nativist bloc with its internationalist pro-market establishment Decades of careful political management had maintained an uneasy peace between competing interests with the elites offering their working-class brethren socially conservative policies in exchange for support of pro-wealthy economic programs Trump seemed ready to blow that up He embraced protectionism eschewed pro-business immigration policies and abandoned attempts to broaden the party’s base Where past GOP leaders carefully discussed issues of race shifting gender dynamics or Muslim immigrants editing their language to avoid prejudice Trump was willing and sometimes eager to fan the flames of cultural division both at home and abroad Once elected Trump seemed to intuit that long-term success required some collaboration When top advisers Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller wrote a fiery election-night speech that took aim at the Republican establishment Trump balked choosing instead to deliver a more conciliatory version He hired established GOP operatives into his White House and agreed to spend his political capital on conservative legislative priorities like the repeal of the Affordable Care Act rather than the infrastructure plan the President preferred The marriage has not been easy His surprise decision to bar travelers from several Muslim-majority countries may have pleased his hard-line base but it infuriated Republicans who need the votes of minorities and civil libertarians and found the notion antithetical to American ideals His decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and to attack his own Justice Department over its investigation of Russia’s influence operation against the 2016 election drove a wedge between law-and-order Republicans and antiestablishment activists Over time Trump has become more aggressive and incendiary leaving the GOP standard bearers Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan the difficult task of managing the divisions McConnell and Ryan have been forced to watch as Trump assailed GOP free-market principles with tariffs drove away longtime allies accommodated Russian President Vladimir Putin and repeatedly rained down distractions on lawmaking with his scandals and inflammatory statements Trump retains strong support among evangelicals like the congregants of this Baptist church in Luverne Ala Michael S Williamson—The Washington Post/Getty Images But the concessions have not come without reward With Trump Republican leaders have been able to fulfill a decades-long project to remake the federal judiciary in a conservative mold deliver deep corporate tax cuts and strip away banking and environmental regulations The past few weeks have shown that when the union works it can be powerful The brutal battle over Kavanaugh who faced allegations of teenage sexual assault brought together all the factions of the GOP Traditional Republicans like Kavanaugh’s pro-business country-club conservatism Evangelicals see a fifth vote to overturn Roe v Wade or at least constrain abortion rights And Trump’s base relished the fight “The Kavanaugh process has ticked a lot of people off” Brian Zook a construction project manager explains at an Oktoberfest celebration in Carlisle Pa As a difficult midterm election draws closer Republicans appear energized That vote will tell America a lot about how sturdy the union between the President and his party really is History is on the Democrats’ side: the party holding the presidency loses an average of 40 House seats and five Senate seats in the first midterm on average when the President’s job approval is below 50% And Democrats already building a wave of support among women after 2016 are hoping the fight over Kavanaugh’s nomination and his ascension to the court will turn one or both chambers of Congress blue Trump who knows the midterms will be viewed as a referendum on his leadership has issued ominous warnings about the stakes “You’re one election away from losing everything you’ve got” Trump told evangelical leaders at a White House dinner in late August Which is why Trump is working closely with the Republican National Committee (RNC) and plans to travel extensively in coming weeks to boost GOP candidates An endorsement from Trump is “worth its weight in gold” says Republican pollster Frank Luntz At every rally attendees’ RSVP information is logged by the RNC and Trump’s re-election operation and locals are contacted by organizers and recruited to help build turnout in their neighborhood “We see a huge influx of new people coming into our program every time the President holds a rally” says RNC political director Juston Johnson At Trump’s Wheeling rally in late September for example the RNC collected information from 8400 RSVPs More than one-third were registered Democrats or independents according to figures provided to TIME by the RNC At his rallies Trump is eager to jump into divisive cultural issues like NFL players’ kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice To critics coded rhetoric like this represents a dangerous attempt to stir supporters by awakening barely dormant racial animosity across the country “With something like Charlottesville he appeals to the fringe” says Lynn Vavreck a political scientist at UCLA and co-author of Identity Crisis a new book about the 2016 election “but also to these mainstream Midwestern white Americans who really do have the feeling they’re being left behind and neglected” For liberals Trump’s appeal to racial divisions proves the Republican Party has long been a vehicle for the maintenance of social and economic hierarchies and the denial of women’s and minorities’ full equality Trump says there’s a method behind his often harsh rhetoric On foreign trade for example he says he has to talk tough “If I don’t talk that way I’m never going to get the point across and I’m never going to be able to make the deal” Trump tells TIME “I can say it nicely or I can say it less than nicely The bottom line is a lot of people agree with me Oftentimes you can’t be overly nice Look our politicians have been nice for many years for decades And look what’s happened” Will the uneasy marriage of ardent believers and pragmatic loyalists last beyond Trump The President’s biggest fans say his unusual blend of populist and nationalist rhetoric has changed the party forever “Trump’s legacy is that he reforms the Republican Party into a party for the 21st century” Bannon tells TIME “He brought in people like working-class Democrats and the working class Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan and the Kochs are going to be forgotten” If the past few years were a war for control of the GOP the guns have gone silent now “The battle is over” Luntz says “And Trump has won” But long after Trump leaves the scene the voters who propelled him to power will remain That includes those who view Trump with ambivalence And where they end up is likely to have more to do with his effect on their day-to-day lives than the drama that drives debates in the halls of Washington and on cable TV On Oct 9 Trump held a rally in Council Bluffs Iowa touting his recently delivered increase in federal support for ethanol Traditional Republicans have long decried government handouts like the $12 billion the Trump Administration announced in July to give to farmers battered by the President’s trade policies After all when Democrats propose bailouts Republicans call them socialists But such unorthodox tactics are one crucial way Trump is staying in good graces with the constituency his tariffs are hurting And for now it’s working “They make promises and you hold them to their promises” says Greg Olsen general manager of an ethanol plant in Corning Iowa Trump doesn’t need to look far back in time to see what happens if he doesn’t American farmers had a long history of supporting Democrats until President Jimmy Carter imposed sanctions on the Soviet Union that killed demand for their products and launched a rural recession In response farmers switched their parties The parallel is so clear that farmer after farmer in the Midwest still mentions it “Rural America has supported the President and continues to overall” says Ray Gaesser a corn and soybean farmer in Corning “As you have more and more financial pressure that might change” –With reporting by ABIGAIL ABRAMS and HALEY SWEETLAND EDWARDS/NEW YORK; PHILIP ELLIOTT/HARRISBURG PA; and ALANA ABRAMSON MOLLY BALL RYAN TEAGUE BECKWITH TESSA BERENSON and ABBY VESOULIS/WASHINGTON Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecom This appears in the October 22 2018 issue of TIMESwitzerland:FIFA’s ethics committee banned a Caribbean football chief on Tuesday for two years over a ticket scam at the 2014 World Cup Representational image Reuters Venold Coombs president of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines football federation (SVGFF) was found guilty of bribery and corruption andwas also fined $40000 (34300 euros) FIFA said in a statement that "the investigatory chamber analysed allegations that Mr Coombs had sold tickets purchased by the SVGFF and by him personally in his capacity as a FIFA standing committee member for a profiteering mark-up" It added "Mr Coombs is therefore banned for two years from all football-related activities (administrative sports or any other) at both national and international level" Kathmandu: Kathmandu’s local governing body will hold a civic reception in honour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Nepal this week Modi is paying a two-day state visit to Nepal on 11-12 May at the invitation of his Nepalese counterpart KP Sharma Oli Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya will read out the letter of felicitation to be handed over to Modi and hand over a symbolic key to him during the civic reception according to deputy mayor Hariprabha Khadgi Shrestha File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi AP “Handing over a symbolic key has a historic and cultural importance" she said adding Oli will also attend the function KMC will also present a special gift to Modi along with the letter of felicitation printed on traditional painting The reception will be organised at City Hall in Kathmandu A grand welcome gate decorated with national flags of Nepal and India as well as posters of Oli and Modi will also be installed near the venue KMC has already started work for beautification of different places in the city ahead of Modi’s visit Some of the works being carried out by KMC include blacktopping major roads painting city walls and planting new flowers and shrubs along major routes Prior to his arrival in Kathmandu Modi will visit Janaki Temple in Janakpur situated in southern Nepal and Muktinath Temple situated in Mustang district of northwest Nepal on Friday In Janakpur the provincial government will separately organise a civic reception in honour of Modi before he flies to Mustang and Kathmandu Apple Watch preorders will begin at exactly 12:01 a.

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