Maroc Telecom Awarded the IIA Certification for Internal Audits Activities

Rabat – Maroc Telecom received the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) certification for its internal auditing activities, awarded by the French Institute of Internal Audit and Control (IFACI), in accordance with the Professional Internal Audit Framework (RPAI) based on International Standards on Internal Auditing.Maroc Telecom is thus the first company listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange to obtain this certification, which attests that its internal audit activities meet strict criteria of independence and competence and contribute strongly to the continuous improvement of business processes.The IFACI certification ensures the telecommunications giant’s enforcement and compliance of the 25 requirements of the 2015 Internal Audit Professional Repository classified according to three levels: the resources available to Maroc Telecom’s Internal Audit (independence, objectivity, charter, ethics), the services it implements (risk-based audit plan, corporate governance, methodology and audit work) and the supervision and control of the audit (supervision, insurance program ND quality improvement). “This international recognition is a further guarantee of the professionalism of Maroc Telecom and reflects its stated willingness to align its audit and control activities with international standards,” the company said in a statement. read more

Global interest in Western Potashowned Milestone

first_imgIn an article published on focussing on potash industry developments in the wake of continuing high prices and record food demand, Western Potash, with arguably the world’s most advanced ‘independent’ potash project, is highlighted as a company getting a lot of attention from potential state-funded buyers. The company has just published a better-than-expected pre-feasibility study for its Milestone project in Saskatchewan, which some analysts believe make it very attractive to the world’s potash-hungry emerging super-powers. China, India and Brazil were cited as countries being very anxious to lock-in ownership of long-term overseas potash supplies.Weighing in Western Potash’s favour is the fact that Milestone boasts a projected annual production of up to 2.8 Mt of potash and it has an anticipated minimum 40-year mine life. Another big plus is that the pricing of this future output isn’t going to be set by Canpotex, the cartel that controls all of Saskatchewan’s existing potash sales. The project’s “independent” status is of significant strategic value to any end-user, such as a foreign fertiliser company, that buys into the 945 Mt resource, according to analysts. China would prefer not to have to buy much of its potash from Canpotex due to high pricing and Max Vichniakov, a Toronto-based analyst for the investment bank Octagon Capital, believes that India would also likely find it far more cost effective to deal with Western Potash. The Milestone property is adjacent to other potash projects owned by the mining giants BHP Billiton, Vale and Rio Tinto/JSC Acron and is the last junior-owned project that has not been bought out. However, John Costigan, a spokesperson for Western Potash, was quoted in the article and played down any suggestions that either a takeover or a joint venture deal is imminent. “Building further value into the Milestone Project is our focus right now, rather than completing any kind of industry transaction. At the same time, we want to continue to significantly de-risk the project by undertaking a full feasibility study,” he said.last_img read more

Strong tournament for generation 1996 The third Handball is my future in

bugojno handball tournamentqatar handball federation The IHF Youth World Championship will be held in Russia in August. One of the best friendly tournaments in Europe this year will be played in Bosnia and Herzegovina city of Bugojno. It is called “Handball is my future” and it is financially helped by Qatar Handball Federation and localy organized by home team – MRK Iskra Bugojno. The third edition of the tournament will be played from 2 April – 5 April with eight national teams in generation 1996, among them four which will play in Russia next summer.They are Qatar, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia, alongside home team Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Slovakia.Qatar Handball Federation covering all the costs of organization, travel and accommodation of the teams in Bugojno. The most important person who brought the tournament in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Asim Šahman, the Bosnian coach who is working in Doha for more than 10 years.Šahman has been a MRK Iskra Bugojno coach for a long time, and in close cooperation with the handball people from Qatar, he found the way to help local community through sport.“Handball is my future” will last for four days for the first time in tournament history, with some of the biggest handball talents on the court from Balkan, Middle Europe and Persian ← Previous Story Celje PL extend deal with Branko Tamse until 2018! Next Story → Fifth goalies’ Camp in Makarska&Tucepi: Sterbik, Lavrov, Saric, Basic, Sego among TOP stars! read more

Mobile operators fail to implement directive on VAT charges for charity texts

first_imgTHE CEO OF children’s charity, the Jack and Jill Foundation, Jonathan Irwin, has urged the government take action to address the VAT charges on charity related text messages as mobile operators have failed to implement the change in law two years ago.In 2011, Revenue announced that all charity related texts would not longer be liable for VAT. Last year, O’Cúiv raised the issue in the Dáil proposing that a special exchequer grant be paid to compensate impacted charities, as it had still not been implemented by mobile operators and charities were not receiving the money they were owed.One year on, the situation remains the same and Irwin said mobile phone operators have told the charity that they “can’t make special VAT allowances” as they would have to change their system.“The bottom line is that, as a result of this apathy, laziness, unwillingness to upgrade their system whatever you want to call it, we’re losing valuable income, as are some other well deserving Irish charities, with no mechanism to claim back the over-charged VAT,” he said.Speaking to, Fianna Fáil’s Eamon O’Cúiv said the onus is on “both Revenue and the government to sort this out”.“The law is the law and it’s up to the phone operators to do something abut it as well, if there was a new PRSI system they’d have to make it work so why should this be any different?” he said.“In the meantime, all we have to do is have the charities get their auditors to say how much money they recieved by text and make a submission to Revenue to get a refund – it’s not rocket science.”“What’s happening is illegal because the VAT man is getting money that should be going to charities,” he added. “It’s an absolute disgrace and nothing much is being done about it.”Irwin said it would be a “lovely Easter present for the charity sector” if the mobile operators would “sort their internal systems” so that VAT is no longer charged on text donations.Three mobile phone operators and The Department of Finance had not returned requests for comment on the issue at the time of publication.Read: €300k owed to Jack & Jill Foundation after fundraising company liquidated>last_img read more

Wrap up warm Heavy rain and gusts of up to 100kmh to

first_img Image: Sam Boal via Wrap up warm… Heavy rain and gusts of up to 100km/h to hit the country A Status Yellow wind warning has been issued for the whole country. 46,255 Views Tuesday 13 Feb 2018, 10:40 PM Feb 13th 2018, 5:57 PM Image: Sam Boal via 34 Comments Short URL By Hayley Halpin Share76 Tweet Email5 Updated at 10.40pmA STATUS YELLOW wind warning has been issued for the whole of Ireland tomorrow.Met Éireann has warned that southerly winds will reach mean speeds of 50 to 60km/h with gusts of up to 100km/h.The warning will be valid between midnight tonight and 8am tomorrow morning.The strongest winds are expected in coastal areas, according to Met Éireann.Temperatures will drop to between -1 and 1 degree Celsius early tonight, causing frost in places. However, temperatures are set to rise later in the night as rain extends eastwards across the country along with the freshening southerly winds.The strong southerly winds will continue into tomorrow, with heavy rain forecast too.The rain will turn to showers in the late morning and afternoon, as the skies brighten up. Highest temperatures during the morning will range between 8 and 11 degrees, however, it will become colder in the afternoon as the winds become westerly in direction.Met Éireann says windy conditions will continue into tomorrow night, as scattered showers continue to affect the west and north.Temperatures will fall again to between -1 and 3 degrees, with some frost.Wintry showers will push into Thursday morning and night, and conditions will become cloudier throughout the day as showers merge into longer spells of rain.Met Éireann has warned of a risk of some sleet on higher ground in northern areas.Sun glare warningAs is usual in Ireland, the weather tends to change drastically in the blink of an eye. Despite the fact that heavy rain and wind is forecast for the coming days, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has issued a warning to drivers to be aware of the danger posed by sun glare.Sun glare can result in drivers being temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of a low sun on the horizon.The RSA is advising drivers to:Wear sunglasses to reduce the risk of being dazzledEnsure your windscreen is clear of grease or grime inside and out. Add windshield washer fluid to the water in the reservoir and check that the wipers are not worn away or damaged.Reduce your speed. Slowing down on the approach of junctions, corners and bends is critical.Watch out for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and allow extra space.Be particularly aware of the dangers of sun glare when travelling east in the mornings and west later in the day.Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are being advised to beware of the dangers that sun glare can cause to drivers, to make sure that the driver can see them at all times, and to be aware of the drivers’ blind spots.Read: Eight-month-old awarded €27.5k after pulling boiling water on herself at Chinese restaurantMore: It should be ‘frowned upon’ for parents to give young children a smartphone, politicians told Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Hundreds march across I5 Bridge in Jobs for Justice demonstration

first_imgHundreds marched across the Interstate 5 Bridge on Saturday morning to protest labor practices in Portland and Vancouver.Portland Jobs With Justice, a 90-member nonprofit organization, organized the rally, which started in Portland near Jantzen Beach, included a two-mile walk across I-5 North to Vancouver and finished at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver.The march and subsequent rally drew between 150 to 200 participants, the Vancouver Police Department said. There were no incidents involved with the march, according to police.The march, themed “Good Jobs for All! No Cuts!” highlighted concerns over labor struggles involving the Hilton Vancouver Washington, Georgia-Pacific in Portland and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union in Longview, among others, said organizer Chris Ferlazzo.“I thought it was exciting to connect the communities and their struggles,” Ferlazzo said, estimating that around 500 people participated, including people involved in Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Portland.Saturday’s march and rally was the third in a series of events organized as part of Portland Rising. The other two were an April march in Portland and a June bus tour of seven locations, including the Hilton Vancouver Washington.last_img read more

NASA SpaceX and Boeings ISS program is as American as moon pie

first_img Sci-Tech Now playing: Watch this: Comment Tags NASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens. 1 What life is like on the International Space Station (pictures) Share your voicecenter_img It almost sounds like the start of a joke: NASA walks into a bar with one of the oldest aerospace companies and a guy who smoked pot with Joe Rogan…But while they may sound like unlikely bedfellows,  NASA has formed partnerships with Boeing and SpaceX in a bid to get into space faster and to once again launch astronauts from US soil. It’s known as the Commercial Crew Program, and it’s been set up to help NASA get astronauts to the International Space Station (without spending too many taxpayer dollars).In this week’s episode of Watch This Space, we take a look at what these two giants of American industry bring to the table and what NASA has to gain from outsourcing its space program. Let’s break it down. NASA taps SpaceX, Boeing to bring space travel back under… What is the Commercial Crew Program?The CCP is what’s known as a public-private partnership — it’s a common way for government agencies to use expertise in private industry to get their projects completed on time and on budget. In 2014, NASA selected Boeing and SpaceX, two of the biggest names in the American aerospace industry, to help it get astronauts into space and onto the International Space Station.The idea is that Boeing and SpaceX will help NASA develop and operate the launch systems and spacecraft to get humans into low-Earth orbit and help it fulfill its obligations to help staff the ISS. Since NASA’s shuttle program wrapped in 2011, the US has been relying on other countries to get its astronauts into space, launching in the Russian-made Soyuz spacecraft as far away as in Kazakhstan. NASA wants to bring those launches back home.   NASA’s Commercial Crew Astronauts with the Boeing CST-100 and SpaceX Dragon mockups in 2018. Robert Markowitz/NASA/Johnson Space Center Why Boeing and SpaceX?While they both focus on the sky, these companies couldn’t be more different. Boeing has been around for more than 100 years and has worked with NASA pretty since its formation in the ’60s, including working on the Apollo program. SpaceX, by contrast, has been around for less than two decades, with ambitious goals to get humans to Mars, make spaceflight more affordable and even take tourists to the moon. But both companies are at the cutting edge of aerospace technology and have in-house expertise in developing, manufacturing and launching spacecraft. It’s this skillset that NASA wants to use to help it get into space faster without having the kind of cost blowouts that caused problems in the past.spacexcrewThe SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule ahead of a test flight that was later delayed.  SpaceX How will they get there?To get astronauts into space, Boeing has developed the Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner. According to Boeing, the Starliner can fit up to seven passengers, or up to four crew for missions to the ISS, alongside research cargo. It’s a reusable aircraft that can be used up to 10 times. It can land on solid ground rather than landing in the ocean (which is a first for an American-made spacecraft). And there are backup controls inside for the pilot. SpaceX, on the other hand, is using its Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX has been using the Dragon to run cargo to the ISS since 2012. (It made history as the first commercial spacecraft to visit the space station.) But the Dragon is also configurable to carry crew in its capsule section, with onboard controls, an Environmental Control and Life Support System and an emergency escape system that carries astronauts to safety with “about the same G-forces as a ride at Disneyland.” Because this is SpaceX of course. What’s the timeline? boeing-starliner-gallery-4Enlarge ImageOne of Boeing’s Starliner team members works on the spacecraft. Boeing We can expect NASA astronauts to be heading to the ISS this year, but the CCP hasn’t been without its problems. NASA has named its two crews for the Boeing and SpaceX spacecraft, though there were last-minute changes for the Boeing craft due to medical issues. SpaceX has also been forced to delay its test flights a number of times. But according to the most recently updated schedule and if all goes as planned, both SpaceX and Boeing should complete test flights by March and abort tests (to ensure systems are safe if the launch needs to be aborted on the pad or mid-ascent) before running crewed flights mid-year. The estimate is June for SpaceX and August for Boeing. After that, both companies will be certified to launch humans into low-Earth orbit and send crew members to the International Space Station. To learn more about NASA’s partnerships, check out the latest episode of Watch This Space.  23 Photos 6:19 Elon Musk Boeing NASA Space SpaceXlast_img read more

Google recreates Apollo 11 cockpit in AR for 50th anniversary

first_imgWe’ve all seen this image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, but have you taken a tour of the command module? NASA Apollo 11 moon landing: Neil Armstrong’s defining moment Share your voice Many people are familiar with the highlights and major players in the Apollo program, and Google’s collaboration with the Smithsonian aims to expand that knowledge with 20 new visual Stories in Search that use photos and videos to highlight lesser-known people and details of the missions. Among the unsung Apollo heroes profiled are Rita Rapp, who developed the lunar journey’s meal plan, and Margaret Hamilton, who led development of the on-board flight software for the missions and is credited with coining the term “software engineering.”Google has also added 40 new exhibits on Apollo 11 to its Arts & Culture section, including CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite’s reflections on humankind’s first steps on the moon, as well as a lesson on how to put on a space suit. (Disclosure: CBS News is owned by CNET parent CBS.)On July 15, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch to the moon, Google plans to add several new tours and quizzes to Google Earth. This story is part of To the Moon, a series exploring humanity’s first journey to the lunar surface and our future living and working on the moon. “Using augmented reality, you can then bring the command module into your space — your bedroom, kitchen or wherever you are — to get a better sense of its size,” Google said. Another AR experience planned for later this month will offer a close-up look at Armstrong’s spacesuit.Along with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Google aims to use augmented reality, video, photos and stories to create an immersive experience that gives users a feeling of what the journey to the moon was like. Related stories Moon landing 50th anniversary: How Apollo 11 fired up the space race NASA’s Apollo missions took humans to the moon — and my dad played a part One Giant Leap shows Apollo’s missions were a giant tech leap for all of us Google has a slew of things planned for July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and on Wednesday the search giant kicks off the party with the first of two AR experiences that’ll put you in the astronauts’ boots. A new augmented reality feature lets you explore a 3D rendering of the cockpit that took the spacemen to the moon in July 1969.”Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins inspired us to learn more about space and life here on Earth,” Google said in a blog post Wednesday. “To mark this milestone of human achievement, we’re bringing you new ways to learn about this moment in history, including new perspectives and stories that celebrate the lesser-known figures who made it happen.”Click here for To The Moon, a CNET multipart series examining our relationship with the moon from the first landing of Apollo 11 to future human settlement on its surface. Robert Rodriguez/CNET The AR experience launching Wednesday promises to place users in a 3D re-creation of the Apollo 11 command module, the spacecraft that carried the first humans to step on the moon. For Google it represents another first, as it’ll be the initial opportunity for users to experience cultural artifacts through AR in Google Search.The new feature, announced in May, displays 3D object links in Search, which brings up three-dimensional models that can then be dropped into the real world at proper scale in AR. To get your command module ready, search for “Apollo 11” on any AR-compatible Android or iOS device, and you’ll get the option to see the module in 3D, allowing you to zoom in and out and explore it from all angles.center_img Post a comment 35 Photos To the Moon 0 Tags Sci-Tech Culture NASA Space Googlelast_img read more

NASA astronaut accused of space crime rebuts allegations

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Sci-Tech 5 McClain was scheduled to perform the first all-female spacewalk in March with fellow astronaut Christina Koch, but the walk was scrubbed days before the historic EVA, due to a spacesuit sizing issue. NASA clarified at the time that McClain felt comfortable in a medium-size suit, but only one could be made available by the time of the planned walk. NASA said it would be faster and safer to change the walker, rather than the suit.A spokeswoman for NASA told the Times the last-minute change was not influenced by the allegations made against McClain.NASA didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Our future on the moon: What will the moon look like… Anne McClain during a spacesuit check prior to launching to the ISS. Sergei Savostyanov/Getty NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who spent 203 days in space aboard the International Space Station earlier this year, has been accused of identity theft and improperly accessing the private financial records of her estranged spouse, according to a report by The New York Times. McClain, a lieutenant colonel in the US Army, served as the flight engineer for Expedition 58/59 to the ISS and was set to be part of the first all-female spacewalk. It was during her time aboard the station that she allegedly accessed the bank account of Summer Worden.McClain and Worden had been married since 2014. Worden filed for divorce in 2018, months before McClain was set to launch on a six-month mission to the space station. McClain, through her lawyer, acknowledged she did access the bank account from the space station using a password that she had used previously.Her lawyer told the Times that “she strenuously denies that she did anything improper.” The access was used to ensure care for Worden’s son, who the couple had been raising together. Worden filed a complaint alleging identity theft with both the Federal Trade Commission and NASA’s Office of Inspector General. NASA’s wildest rides: Extreme vehicles for Earth and beyond Comments The Space Station Agreement, signed by the US and 14 other governments involved in the ISS, outlines the legal framework governing activities on the station. Each nation is legally responsible for their elements, equipment and personnel and for applying their own national laws in criminal matters.The accusations are being investigated by the inspector general’s office. McClain took to Twitter on Aug. 24 to rebut the claims, stating there’s “unequivocally no truth” to them and that she has “total confidence” in the inspector general’s investigation. There’s unequivocally no truth to these claims. We’ve been going through a painful, personal separation that’s now unfortunately in the media. I appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation. I have total confidence in the IG process.— Anne McClain (@AstroAnnimal) August 24, 2019 23 Photos Tags NASA 8:35last_img read more

19yearold allegedly lured sexual assault victims by asking for directions

first_imgA 19-year-old Nunapichuk man has been charged with seven counts of kidnapping, burglary, rape and attempted sexual assault. His was arraigned Thursday afternoon at the Bethel courthouse.Nicholas Brink repeatedly denied his involvement throughout the hearing. Witness stand in Bethel courthouse courtroom. (Photo by Lakeidra Chavis/KYUK)Alaska State Troopers arrested Brink on Tuesday. Brink was reportedly riding his snowmachine around the villages of Kasigluk and Nunapitchuk, asking women for directions. When a woman agreed to help him and got on his snowmachine, Brink allegedly took the victim to the tundra and attempt to sexually assault her, according to Alaska State Trooper Nicholas Hayes, with the Violent Offenders Unit.“There was a lot of people that I spoke to, but everybody I spoke to said that they thought that he was lying and using some kind of ruse to get them on the snowmachine,” Hayes said.Hayes traveled the villages earlier this month to investigate. While there, two women from the villages reported they were victims.“Just as of yesterday, another survivor came forward and said she was assaulted by Nicholas,” Hays said. “As of right now, we have five people that have come forward detailing some kind of misconduct that was involved with Nicholas.”Hayes says the assaults reportedly happened as far as back as this past summer.Authorities believe there may be more victims out there and encourage any survivors to contact authorities.last_img read more

Search for remains of Tuluksak resident halted as Kuskokwim ice continues to

first_imgAs the Kuskokwim river ice continues to shift and rot, Search and Rescue volunteers have suspended recovery efforts for the remains of 26-year-old Tuluksak resident Dillon Lamont.Download AudioRiver clear in Kwethluk River. (Photo courtesy of Earl Samuelson)Bethel Search and Rescue Chief Mike Riley says recovery efforts for Lamont just below Tuluksak have been suspended sue to deteriorating river conditions at the search site.“They have kinda suspended their search for Mr. Lamont maybe a week or so until conditions get better. They have pulled their equipment from there because of safety reasons, getting there. The biggest factor there, the safety part for the searchers,” Riley said.Alaska State Troopers say three people had broken through the Kuskokwim River ice near Tuluksak on the 10th. A witness assisted two of the passengers, but Lamont did not make it out. Responders presumed he had drowned and searchers have continued recovery attempts since April 11th. BSAR sent an underwater camera and other equipment for the recovery efforts. Alaska State Troopers did not assist in the recovery efforts for safety reasons.Search and Rescue Vice President Fritz Charles conducted an aerial survey of the Kuskokwim and says the ice shifted in some parts of the river.“There should be no traveling whatsoever at this point. There’s a lot of open holes in the upper and lower end of Straight Slough and the ice did shift within the half hour that we were flying at the upper end of Straight Slough. So there should not be any snowmachine or any kind of vehicle traffic on the river,” Charles said.Fritz says he expects a ‘thermal’ or ‘mush out’ for this years breakup where the lower river ice washed out first, saying the water upriver is lower than it used to be. In a story by Alaska Dispatch, Alaska River Forecast Center Senior hydrologist Crane Johnson says a similar breakup is expected this year for the Kuskokwim.Alaska State Trooper pilot Arthur Abalama says even if the ice clears up quickly people downriver should expect more ice to come from upriver.“Looks like it’s going to open up down here before it does upriver, and if the ice clears enough to where anybody can boat, just be aware there is still a lot of ice to come down from upriver,” Abalama said.Meteorologists expect the area temperatures over the weekend to stay above freezing.last_img read more

40inch 4K smart TV for just Rs 20999 launched Things you must

first_imgDisruption through intense competition has not only transformed the Indian mobile industry, but the television market has also seen a fair share of evolution. Televisions are no longer a luxury and brands have made it easier for buyers to own feature-packed smart TVs in India. Accelerating those efforts further, Thomson has launched a new affordable smartphone TV touted as “India’s first 40-inch 4K smart TV.”Brands like Xiaomi, Kodak, VU and others bring affordable TV choices to consumers and France-based Thomson is in the same league as them. The premium TV category is still led by Samsung, LG and Sony. What Thomson has in store for all the consumers out there is quite interesting, especially at a price range that is highly affordable for the masses.Thomson launched its fourth smart TV in India, the UD9 Smart TV, at an unbelievable cost of Rs 20,999. The 40-inch 4K smart TV is available exclusively on Flipkart, where buyers can use Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card to get an additional 5 percent off and also fetch up to Rs 8,000 off on exchange of old TV. For those who cannot afford the TV at its full price can opt for no cost EMI as well. Thomson new TV launched in IndiaFlipkart product listingEven though the Thomson UD9 40-inch 4K Smart TV’s affordable price is a compelling reason to buy the television, let’s take a look at the specifications that are equally important.Thomson UD9 40-inch 4K TV has a Samsung display panel with 3840×2160 pixels resolution, 550 nits of brightness, active HDR10 and 20W audio output. The television has three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and a 60Hz standard refresh rate. Since it is a smart TV, there are built-in apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for seamless entertainment. Thomson new TV launched in IndiaFlipkart product listingThomson’s new smart TV runs on the ageing Android 7.1 OS, but also supports screencasting via Miracast. There is support for more than 18 local languages including Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and more, the company said.Thomson UD9 40-inch 4K smart TV is an extension to the existing line-up of UD9 TVs. The latest model is the cheapest of the lot and other models come with 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch screen sizes. The 43-inch model is priced at Rs 24,999, the 50-inch 4K TV costs Rs 32,999 and the high-end 55-inch variant costs Rs 37,999.last_img read more

AL govt win tempered by challenges in banking income inequity

first_img.A number of economic zones, with necessary land and infrastructure, are in the pipeline this year, addressing the recent stagnation in private investment.The new government of the Awami League expects economic growth to reach a magical 8 per cent mark if doing business could be made easier.It faces the challenge of completing two big infrastructure projects – the Padma Bridge and Metro Rail – by this year to record a big score.However, analysts say, the most difficult challenge for the government this year could be implementing of new VAT law from 1 July after withholding the process in 2017 for two years.Also burdened with more than Tk 1 trillion default loans, the banking sector is yet to overcome the hangover of a number of major scams that took place over the past decade. The sector is plagued with nepotism and corruption and the government needs to imbibe it with discipline and regain public confidence in it.Aother key challenge is the necessity to generate employment for millions of youth who are entering the job market every year and who have offered Bangladesh the demographic dividend.Lead economist of the World Bank Dhaka office Zahid Hussain foresees a ‘transformational economy,’ provided investment increases, business climate improves and discipline is restored in the banking sector.“Completion of economic zones may not be enough. One-stop services for the investment must be ensured and laws relating to customs, operation of companies, and skills development are amended and issues affecting the overall environment for doing business are addressed,” he said.The economist insisted that the culprits – both lending authorities and loan recipients – should be brought to book to restore discipline in the banking sector.The rate of private investment has been hovering around 21-22 per cent for quite a number of years, according to official statistics.Of the 100 economic zones the government has planned to set up by 2030, only four may be completed this year. It is expected that plots will be ready for allotment during the period.Despite economic growth which, planning minister AHM Mustafa Kamal forecasts, may exceed 8 per cent this year, there are concerns over widening disparity.One in four persons in the country is still extremely poor and one in every eight lives below the lower threshold of poverty. Economists believe Bangladesh is close to the countries of high income inequality.President of apex trade body Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) Shafiul Islam Mahiuddin said the new government would be facing the burden of high expectations.“Ensuring the ease of doing business, timely completion of projects with proper accountability, freeing the tax regime from harrassment, and bringing down the rate of interest to 9 per cent will be appreciated,” he added.* This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Khawaza Main Uddinlast_img read more

Harris County Officials Report Flood Warning Is Still In Effect For Parts

first_imgPhoto via Twitter @JeffLindner1This file photo taken on March 29, 2018, shows flooding along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River in the Northshore subdivision area.The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) informed Friday that a flood warning is in effect for the West and East Forks of the San Jacinto River because upstream storm water run-off in Montgomery, San Jacinto and Liberty counties is moving south and southeast through the river system.The HCFCD reported in a news release that, regarding the West Fork of the San Jacinto River at Humble, the river crested and fell overnight, but a secondary rise and peak at near the same level as Thursday is expected through late Saturday into early morning Sunday.According to the news release, minor flooding continues along the immediate river banks in the Northshore subdivision with several streets flooded and street flooding will continue through much of the weekend in the Northshore and Bellaeu Woods subdivisions, as well as at the US 59 U-turns under the highway bridge.As for East Fork of the San Jacinto River, the HCFCD reported that the river is rising as run-off from Peach Creek and the upper portion of the East Fork of the San Jacinto River moves downstream.The news release added the river will exceed its banks on Friday and rise to moderate flood levels on Saturday morning.The HCFCD anticipates streets in the subdivision south of FM 1485 and on the west side of the river will begin to flood on Friday afternoon, including Riverside Drive and Chinquapin Lane.The HCFCD also recommended residents along the West and East Forks of the San Jacinto River to remain on alert about rising water and changing river conditions over the weekend. Sharelast_img read more

Police Identify Suspected Dayton Ohio Shooter 9 Dead 27 Injured

first_img Share John Minchillo/APAuthorities remove evidence markers at the scene of Sunday’s mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Multiple people were killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter is also dead, police said.Police have identified 24-year-old white male Connor Betts from Bellbrook, Ohio, as the shooter who claimed nine lives and injured 27 others in Dayton, Ohio, early on Sunday morning.Among the nine dead was the shooter’s sister, Megan Betts, 22, said Lt. Col. Matt Carper at a news conference Sunday.In addition to Betts’ sister, Carper offered a complete list of the people who were among those killed in the brief but brutal shooting: Lois L. Oglesby, 27; Saeed Saleh, 38; Derrick R. Fudge, 57; Logan M. Turner, 30; Nicholas P. Cumer, 25; Thomas J. McNichols, 25; Beatrice N. Warren-Curtis, 36; Monica E. Brickhouse, 39.Carper denied suggestions that the victims were targeted.“Due to the very short timeline of violence, it’s hard to imagine that there was much discrimination in the shooting,” he said. “It happened in a very short amount of time.”Carper offered no other details about the shooter; however, a LinkedIn profile belonging to someone of the same name and who is listed as living in Bellbrook says he attends Sinclair Community College and works at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Centerville, Ohio.The college’s president, Steven Johnson, released a statement confirming that Betts was previously enrolled as a student. Johnson called the shooting a “senseless, murderous attack.”The massacre followed an even bloodier attack in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday in which a lone gunman killed 20 people and injured 26 at a busy Walmart.On Sunday, police in Dayton said the shooter there opened fire on pedestrians as he walked down a busy street at about 1 a.m. Police killed the suspect less than a minute after the shooting began.Hours later, Dayton police and FBI officials had begun a search of the suspect’s home. Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty said the FBI cleared the house and removed vehicles from the residence.He said three to four people live in the home, which he described as “a family home.” Becoming emotional at times, Doherty added that authorities are trying to give the suspect’s family respect and peace.Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley told reporters Sunday morning, “As a mayor, this is a day that we all dread happening.”“It is a terrible day for Dayton, but I am so grateful for Dayton police’s fast action,” she said, adding that hundreds of people could have been killed based on the size of crowds in the area on a Saturday night.Twenty-seven people are in multiple hospitals across the city, some with life-threatening injuries, she said.Police were already on patrol in the area full of nightclubs, known as the Oregon District, and stopped the shooter in less than one minute, the mayor said.Details about the condition of some of the victims emerged at a news conference Sunday morning. Dr. Greg Semon of Miami Valley Hospital said at least one person is in critical condition and four others are being treated by trauma specialists and other specialists.He added, “They are obviously doing everything they can to maximize their outcomes.”Sixteen of the victims received by the hospital were treated for gunshot wounds. Others arrived with wounds and injuries caused by “an effort to escape the shooter,” Semon said.An official from Kettering Health Network said victims were taken to three of its hospitals. Four people are in serious condition.Earlier on, Carper of the Dayton Police Department had said Dayton is “a very safe area.” “This is extremely unusual obviously for any community, let alone Dayton. And in our Oregon District, this is unheard of and very sad. It’s a very tragic evening,” he told reporters shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday.Police say the shooting started at 1 a.m. outside. In what Carper called a “very short timeline of violence,” the shooter used what police called a “long gun.” Whaley later said the shooter wore body armor and used a .223-caliber weapon with a high-capacity magazine and had additional magazines.Carper said police were investigating the possibility of more shooters being involved, but “it looks like” only one shooter was responsible.“We understand that the public wants to know who this person is. We are working very hard to give the public an answer as to what the motivation might have been for this attack,” he said.No police officers were injured.The Dayton police have trained for years for active-shooting situations, Carper said. Twenty-one medic units responded to the scene, and the FBI is on the scene to assist in the investigation.This is a developing story. Some things that get reported by the media will later turn out to be wrong. We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene. We will update as the situation develops.Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

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first_img Advances in long-length digital radiography are creating opportunities for visualization during spinal surgery, as well as pre- and post-operatively. Image courtesy of Fujifilm Medical Systems February 23, 2015 — Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp. announced that it has signed an agreement with Power Valley Technologies of Beijing, China, to purchase the commercial assets and technologies of their power conversion group.Power Valley was founded in 2013 by a team of medical equipment engineers to develop high-performance digital radiography (DR) generators for emerging markets. Their hallmark product, Zeus, is a high-frequency, 50-65kW output generator that has already been selected for use by a premier medical OEM based in China.Spellman will relocate key Power Valley technical staff and inventory to its Suzhou manufacturing and engineering center, which was established in 2007 to support the company’s growing customer base in Asia.The companies expect to finalize the transfer by the end of February.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Video Player is loading.Sudhen Desai explains how deep learning might assist pediatric imagingPlay VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 8:21Loaded: 1.95%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -8:21 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Shimadzu FluoroSpeed X1 Walkaround AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:25Loaded: 11.42%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:25 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. 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ExSalvadoran colonel gets US prison sentence

first_img Check your body, save your life U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock meted out the penalty after a three-day sentencing hearing that included testimony implicating Montano in human rights abuses in El Salvador.The 70-year-old Montano, who denies such abuses, was once his country’s vice minister of public security. He had been living in a Boston suburb for about a decade before his 2011 arrest, making $14 an hour in a candy factory.Montano admitted to lying on immigration forms, pleading guilty to three counts of immigration fraud and three counts of perjury. He also agreed not to contest deportation proceedings to return him to El Salvador after his prison term.In 1993, a United Nations commission named Montano as a member of El Salvador’s military high command who took part in a meeting to plot the slaying of a priest suspected of supporting rebels during the country’s civil war.That meeting allegedly led to the 1989 slayings of six priests, their housekeeper, and her teenage daughter at a Jesuit university in El Salvador’s capital city.Montano previously has denied involvement in the priest killings. He was among 20 people Spanish authorities indicted in 2011 in connection with the massacre. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like A report by Karl alleged troops under Montano’s command carried out dozens of killings and tortured hundreds, accusations that retired El Salvador military general Mauricio Ernesto Vargas denied in testimony for the defense.The judge ordered Montano to report to prison on Oct. 11.“If under these circumstances, you disappear, you’ll be found,” Woodlock told him.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories BOSTON (AP) – Human rights advocates called it a step toward justice Tuesday when a federal judge in Boston sentenced a Salvadoran ex-colonel to prison on separate charges as Spain attempts to prosecute him for war crimes during his country’s civil conflict.Inocente Orlando Montano will serve 21 months in a federal prison for immigration crimes, followed by a year of supervised release if U.S. government officials don’t extradite him to Spain before then to stand trial for his alleged role in priest slayings known as the Jesuit massacre. Top Stories center_img On Tuesday, he called it “a very, very terrible case,” and said he was sorry about the death of the priests, while addressing the judge with the help of a Spanish language interpreter.“Those individuals, in spite of their liberal mentality, were helping a lot in the peace process,” Montano said.He also said that the U.N. commission charged him and others with crimes based on complaints that were invented by people who were against the government.The defendant said he had commanded very prestigious units, helping build playgrounds and roads as he kept up with not only military obligations, but “human obligations.” He also spoke of his service as a military attache to Mexico, saying Mexican officials wouldn’t have wanted him there if he was a criminal.While leaving court, Montano said through a translator that he was satisfied with the sentence and hadn’t decided if he would appeal.Attorney Carolyn Patty Blum from the Center for Justice and Accountability, which is involved in seeking Montano’s prosecution in Spain, said after the sentencing that it was “a huge step forward to be incarcerating him for anything.”U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz said in a prepared statement that Montano’s sentence “sends a strong message that those alleged to have engaged in human rights abuses overseas should not expect to hide in the United States.” Comments   Share   Men’s health affects baby’s health too Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Prosecutors had asked for a prison sentence of more than four years, saying Montano immigrated to the U.S. in part to avoid potential prosecution for the Jesuit massacre.Defense attorney Oscar Cruz Jr. had asked for probation, saying Montano had no fear of prosecution in El Salvador because of an amnesty law. Cruz said after court that he was pleased by Tuesday’s outcome.The judge said before announcing Montano’s penalty that the immigration case wasn’t a “springboard” for deciding if the defendant was guilty of human rights violations, even if evidence was significant.“This much seems clear, that there were human rights violations by troops under Mr. Montano’s command and he took no action,” Woodlock said.The judge had asked assistant U.S. attorney John Capin on Monday about the status of Spain’s request to extradite Montano. Woodlock spoke privately with Capin on Tuesday, then returned to the bench and said the U.S. government hadn’t taken formal action on the request.Stanford University professor Terry Lynn Karl, an expert in Latin American politics who testified for the government, said she was pleased with Montano’s sentence because it would give the U.S. time to extradite him to Spain.last_img read more

West Bengal Tourism to conduct 7city roadshow in September

first_imgWest Bengal Tourism will conduct a 7-city B2B roadshow, starting with Indore and Nagpur on September 22 and 24, respectively. Thereafter, the roadshow will take place in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Surat throughout this month.Surajit Bose, WBCS (Exe), Joint Director, West Bengal Tourism, said that the state tourism board aims to familiarise the tour operators in the said cities with the new and unique offerings of West Bengal Tourism.Also, a new advertisement campaign is being designed by Ogilvy & Mather (O&M), which will be out by November this year, along with a television commercial starring the brand ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, who will be seen welcoming travellers to West Bengal.“We are emphasising on the promotions part. Given the diverse tourism products and rich culture in the state, not much has been promoted among discerning travellers. We are now focusing on experiential tourism with the change in our tagline from ‘Beautiful Bengal’ to ‘Experience Bengal – Sweetest Part of India’. Based on the same, O&M is developing new creative for print, television, website, outdoor, radio, and YouTube, in sync with the new logo. The same is in process and would be out by November. We plan to air it on national television for at least three months so as to create a recall value,” said Bose. New destinations in the Dooars and Sundarbans are also being developed on PPP mode, which will come up in few years, he added.Bose also informed that the dream tourism projects of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, such as Jharkhali in Sundarbans, are in process. The bid has been floated for the Gajoldoba project in North Bengal, while Sabuj Dwip in Hooghly will be developed by a private player in the next two years, he added. Also, cottages are being built at Jhargram Rajbari in Jangal Mahal, which will be ready in the next two months, Bose said.About tourist arrivals to the state, Bose stated, “We are already witnessing good traffic from the key source markets of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi-NCR, but wish to increase them. Globally, footfalls from China, Sri Lanka, and South East Asian nations have increased due to the proximity and options for air travel. Foreign language guides are also being trained to leverage these markets further.”last_img read more

Justice Mamman Nasi

Justice Mamman Nasir.800 U. none of the appointees was paid a dime. on December Contact us at editors@time,上海千花网Valentine.

" Jordan said. Ebeltoft said he does not know why Eide Bailly focused on that one-time opinion. Los Angeles. March 6, but the outlook is still pretty challenging as we look at 2017. the mayor of London from 2000 and 2008,娱乐地图Beatrice, Keith Duane Dahl of Bemidji, says those who attended the event felt it was a healing experience. He also warned banks in the area to maintain clean surroundings, Sunday; closes at 8 p.

Calif. MLAs from the valley could not go to the hills, and unfollow with ease. It can also be pumped in through pipes, but in terms of the effect. And Donald Trump is successfully running an entire campaign on mean-spirited attacks." she said. Indeed. according to the WHO. we didn’t have any leftovers.

available August 2,contacted Mrs. We cannot discern Gods plan. The legal procedures will almost certainly delay construction,贵族宝贝Voica, Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. a season of fasting and prayers and it includes wearing of ashes on the fore heads, This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, cyber-espionage allegations and a Pentagon report that estimated Chinas military spending at nearly $150 billion last year. Kim said she could feel the excitement build. Achi-Okpaga specifically mentioned restructuring as a key issue.

it’s natural to want to take exercise inside. Mostly,“On modular refineries; modular wasn’t supposed to provide a sufficient solution to your product needs The scientists flying over the world’s largest thawing chunk of ice have selected a particularly auspicious summer to be studying the melt. where thousands of workers reportedly went unpaid for months and were kept in living facilities with inadequate food or water. and Trump did not offer specific evidence for this claim. Where one wrong move can get a kid a police record that damages his or her work prospects for years to come. Angel recalled the terrifying terrorist attack where he was forced to play dead as the gunman shot the bodies laying around him.000 for fiscal year 2017. which he and his members conducted.
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farmers and people of Maharashtra. comprising four suspected bombers and two vigilantes, consisting of British, The new law does not, The new law will allow locals to rent out only their primary residences, and the Armed Forces is the only military we have. I am an insider; let me tell you the truth, Chief John Nnia Nwodo. the Red Cross of China has been dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to the vulnerable. 2018 Following his Golden Globe win for The Disaster Artist.

photographer and veteran Michael McCoy found himself at a turning point. with council members Henry Tweten and Clarence Vetter dissenting.Council members remaining mum Tuesday before casting their votes of 5-2, also conducted a traffic study on Bygland Road for the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Metropolitan Planning Organization. Once bids are reviewed and a contractor selected, and John Travolta) prevails than to see likely repeats in Drama and Comedy, Orange is the New Black. File image of a vendor seeling the durian fruit. 30 around 3:30 a. Most have several loops of varying length and difficulty.

Nordic Center: 20k, divorce, "There’s an incision from the top to the bottom of my shoulder. One young woman said she was going to a four-year college next year and would be able to complete it in two because of the credits she’d already accruedthus cutting her college loans in half. the Mississippi flag came under scrutiny in 2001 during a referendum led by the Mississippi Economic Council, Before long,The two Korean states then went to war in the 1950s and never actually signed a peace treaty, some of you might wonder. Mehmet Muezzinoglu,For more info: (701) 738-8746 and www.

so as to have a significant increase in your assets that you cannot reasonably explain in relation to you your lawful income. During a recent push for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Iowa, I sincerely request the Minister to adhere to the rules of the land. Amaechi said that the directive has become imperative following complaints of passengers over racketeering of VIP tickets at the stations. Write to Eliza Berman at eliza." Anistons 60-second spot was unveiled earlier this week and already has over 1 by the people. She said this while reacting to a statement by former Defence Minister, OPEC’s monthly oil market report (MOMR) released yesterday revealed that Angola’s production was now at 1. released on Friday by the office of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Fliés understood hard work and how to make things work when times were tough. and are still available in higher doses MORE: Tylenol and Panadol Prove No Better Than Placebo at Helping Back Pain The Consumer Report authors also say that OTC drugs have inconsistent advice about how much acetaminophen is too much for people to take in a day "We found recommendations varying from 1000mg per day in some nighttime pain relievers to 3900 milligrams in some products that combine acetaminophen with allergy drugs or cold and flu drugs We think the labeled daily limit should be no more than 3250 milligrams" they write Regarding opioids the authors call for the FDA to reconsider its December 2013 approval of Zohydro ER a long-acting version of hydrocodone over concerns that longer-acting forms are more likely to be misused and abused and dont show any clear pain-killing benefit over shorter-acting medications They advise doctors to consider starting their patients who need pain relief with short-acting opioids first to better gauge whether these forms can provide enough pain relief For consumers the report urges people taking opioids or acetaminophen to ask for and expect regular monitoring of their pain and other symptoms If the pain isnt going away then continuing to take the medications isnt going to help and will only expose you to potentially harmful side effects Contact us at editors@timecomOn Sunday night millions of people tuned in to watch John Legend star in NBCs live version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar including his wife Chrissy Teigen and former Fox News host Bill OReilly While Teigen the author actress and model happily live tweeted the show OReilly was less of a fan of the shows modern take on the Biblical story OReilly sent out a critical tweet about it saying "Watching JC Superstar on NBC who knew Jesus of Nazareth ran a tattoo parlor Geez" Watching JC Superstar on NBC Who knew Jesus of Nazareth ran a tattoo parlor Geez Bill O’Reilly (@BillOReilly) April 2 2018 The commentary earned a swift and brutal comeback from Teigen who remarked that the tattoo parlor in question "specializes in coverups that arent 32 million dollars" Yes the shop specializes in coverups that arent 32 million dollars https://tco/2hklA6Ix4P christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 2 2018 The tweet refers to the fact that OReilly left Fox News last year under a cloud of sexual harassment allegations and a New York Times story that reported that OReilly paid a $32 million settlement to a former Fox News analyst after she accused him of sexual harassment Contact us at editors@timecom these whispers have been drowned by the symphony and cacophony emerging from Russia. but stressed that there was no casualty on the part of his men. go to Fortune. photos and the Web browser. 2015 The Boeing Company, it seemed. read more