Amazon raised the minimum threshold free delivery to a single 49

NetEase Francisco February 23rd message, according to foreign media reports, Amazon from this week once again raised the minimum consumption free delivery threshold, from the original single $35 to $49 per unit, but if the book shopping for books, free postage minimum consumption requirements for $25.

Amazon free shipping service on a long-standing, raised the minimum consumer prices in 2013, the threshold from $25 to $35. Amazon free express will usually be sent within 5 to 8 working days.

Amazon did not increase the subscription fee Prime members. The service is still $99 per year, in addition to the online watch copyrighted video and film content, but also enjoy a faster free courier service for 2 days. (Lu Xin) read more

11 way off single bus Suning save single dog 11


in the year November 11th, the so-called "singles day" is a lot of singles "heartache" day. However, this year Zhengzhou singles unexpected harvest "true benefits", they will be able to sit in the center of the city 27 square Su Ningyun shop "Air Coffee", with the same single female or male companion, drink a warm fragrance of coffee, and participated in the "three minutes dating" interactive games, maybe to find the other half.

double eleven big promotion by "singles day" evolved, after a few years of fission growth, has evolved into a crazy online shopping carnival, to create a world business miracle. In fact, in this process, people gradually forget the "double eleven" had slightly joking intention, just immersed in the joy of fun shopping spree, and businesses are focused on increasing sales record. read more

The new head of YC Silicon Valley venture need not tall

lead: an interview with Sam Altman, he is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the eyes of the horse.

Sam Altman is where sacred? He is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Graham selected for Y Combinator (known as the first Silicon Valley incubator) new boss. He was one of the first 05 years of employment YC entrepreneurs, with YC source Graham less than a month; he is Stanford Computer Department of dropout, he created Loopt (position; service) was acquired by Green Dot for $43 million; he is an angel investor, or a popular blog writing. Oh, by the way, he’s going to be 29. read more

A practitioner in the eyes of the future retail formats electricity providers convenience stores e

the rapid development of the industry and the future of the link will be large supermarkets and dealers to clean. Store experience will become an important part of O2O, the perceptual experience store is not just to bring good experience, more will be the brand culture and the origin of the top grade products. This paper is a practitioner in the eyes of the future retail formats.

I as a traditional Internet, dry the retail industry for more than a year, deep feelings, tuition is expensive, confidence. Fall somersault bigger, but much more confident, get some offbeat views, share out. read more

W CN head into the O2O era of the electricity supplier

recently, W.CN ultra short domain name as a local people’s livelihood service O2O electricity supplier platform news in full swing, the word O2O once again become the focus of the industry insiders. Back in 2013 the Internet industry, whether it is the Wangfujing, intime, RT mart, Xujiahui mall and other offline retailers to play the O2O banner, or the Internet giant Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba started strong layout in the field of O2O, or mobile, the U.S. group net O2O platform side views and sales sharply promotion, let people outside the industry feel the majestic momentum of an avalanche of O2O business platform. read more

Eleven double curtain battles play online games hall Thanksgiving state help to send cash activities

2016 double eleven wars, Taobao Tmall to $120 billion 700 million transaction volume once again refresh the new Internet shopping. Similar story, in the field of Internet banking also staged. 15 November 11th 6, the Internet financial platform for the State Church in its "Fengqiang 11.11%, activities of interest to the peak, in a single day turnover exceeded one hundred million yuan of good results, set a new record for a single day turnover platform, won the praise of users and peer.

now, two more than eleven temperature is not reduced, the state will launch help hall team play the game to send cash, up again on Thanksgiving day. According to the state for the church’s official website, Thanksgiving activities with "thank you, warm in winter as the theme, through the slot machine extraction in the form of a cash award, in November 23rd -25, the three day centralized investment user feedback. During the event, the slot machine starts at 10:00 am and 15:00 pm every morning, each draw time is 30 minutes, the maximum reward of $99 in cash. read more

nterview with Liu Qiangdong fake flood impact of the real economy

[Abstract] in Liu Qiangdong opinion, if the electricity supplier to ensure the quality of China’s real economy will have a good role in promoting.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on December 19th

During the period of

to participate in the second world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, said the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong told the Tencent of science and technology and other media interview, if the electricity supplier can eliminate fake, intellectual property protection, not only the impact of the real economy, it will promote the development of the real economy. read more

Transformation of B2B e commerce in the future where

at the present stage, whether large or medium-sized B2B B2B integrated service platform service platform, the most mature profit model is the membership fee, according to the different service platform for different levels of membership, received varying amounts of membership fee as a service fee. Due to the current service platform has not really involved in the transaction process, the operation of the commission charged by the transaction is not suitable for the status quo of China’s B2B services. read more

Talk about my confusing blog domain

I saw many webmaster

domain name is shaking his head: a too long to remember; the two is too complicated, unintelligible. There are also a number of webmasters recommended for a domain name, short, with the popular keywords, and there are a few owners are recommended to me, so good domain name, no one registered, they want to register, is not necessary.

thank you for your attention to my domain name. To tell the truth, he is a domain name registered blog racke, spent all his mind, want to own the first building blog do like a decent model, regardless of the domain name to the space, or template any details, all want to make it a good classic. read more

Honey bud CFO Sun Wei we are not just online electricity supplier

honey bud CFO Sun Wei

by investing in venture capital to participate in entrepreneurial honey bud, my shift from the confidence in the vertical field opportunities.

Alibaba, the Jingdong and the business platform has a very large amount, but the vertical segments of the category can still survive very well, even to be listed, it is because of the large business platform is covered with a broad spectrum of people, in large part is inevitable under the platform user needs not to be concerned about. But the platform has no incentive pay extra to dig a very deep vertical needs of people. read more

WeChat 5 4 almost no moving distance business electricity supplier in the road is still a long way t

WeChat 5.4 release, from the information flow aspects of the search function, to build WeChat as the information center page. The electricity supplier in the field continue to force, launched face money business, expand the use range of WeChat wallet and situation, a friend asked the author whether WeChat can explain in terms of mobile providers have made the initiative, but I still think that the WeChat 5.4 mobile providers from a long way to go.

a few days ago to Qingdao, found that Qingdao Mandaijie guest friends supermarket launched almost all Alipay customers to pay two-dimensional code, scan two-dimensional code shopping amount, pay directly pay the taxi drivers in Beijing also have Alipay to pay two-dimensional code, the customer is to buy single scan code. So, both sides to avoid counterfeit money, the change from the usual no problem, naturally good user experience. read more

Community electricity supplier war from day to night

recent electricity supplier in the field of booming capital operation is very frequent, Suning, the Jingdong investment Alibaba shares Yonghui supermarket, originally life network also announced its entry into the high-profile O2O field. With this lively scene contrast, O2O community business platform, leading to love fresh bee "and no promotion conference and put up a pageantry has quietly launched, but the" late "service. Open the love of fresh bee APP can be found in "summer food stalls – Lo buy a gift of a" business to 24 eye-catching label. It is understood that the activities of the line has been a long time, the night with coverage in Beijing, mainly for a variety of commodity characteristics required for snack lo. read more

Tomorrow double 11 prosecutors exposing online scam

hired someone posing as business platform customer service staff, buy online shopping customer personal information…… A name to promote, sell cheap "authentic cosmetics", a total of 129 people cheated for Gospel truth. Recently, a suspicion of infringement of personal information of citizens of crime, fraud was prosecuted Fangshan procuratorate.

"double 11 Shopping Festival approaching, the reporter interviewed by the procuratorial organs, combined with some recent cases, consumers online shopping consumer alert, a prosecutor handling the case on how the consumer rights issue weapon suggestions. read more

CCES express and self help 170 million debt base

on the morning of July 2nd, hundreds of people gathered in Shanghai, freight drivers CCES Express Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCES") headquarters, a cable to the arrears. This reporter went to the headquarters of the CCES that can accommodate hundreds of people in the headquarters office has no office, Minhang District Huacao Town, the labor department has been involved in the investigation.

shut down for 5 days, do not know when to resume operations, do not know whether it has been paralyzed until the collapse." CCES several middle managers to the reporter, the entire company network has collapsed, many outlets shut down, a large number of express objects outage. In the occasion of the 400 company of vital importance, the site is to start self-help, each site chipped in 10 thousand to 50 thousand. However, these funds for CCES debt is an utterly inadequate measure. read more

TCL refrigerator washing machine won the domestic refrigerator washing machine industry design innov


TCL refrigerator washing machine won the domestic refrigerator washing machine industry design innovation leading brand in 2015 from the German TCL design of refrigerator washing machine is really not the same, following the February TCL big crystal washing machine won the German iF international design awards, 2015 China refrigerator industry in May 28th by the Chinese Appliance Association and the national information center of Information Resources Development Department of guidance, Chinese appliance network hosted the forum. read more

Let cross border electricity supplier into a new engine of foreign trade growth

in the foreign trade slowdown in the background, the cross-border electricity supplier in recent years has become a new driving force for the current A new force suddenly rises., driving the growth of foreign trade, especially with the consumer demand for online shopping imports soaring, cross-border electricity will continue to enhance the share of imports.

third party e-commerce research institutions Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center recently released "2014 annual Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2014 Chinese cross-border electricity trading volume of about 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%, of which exports accounted for about 85.4%, imports accounted for about 14.6%. As the foreign trade import and export a new growth point, the state and local government introduced a series of specific cross-border clearance, inspection, tax, exchange and other regulatory policies, logistics and payment and other financial services supporting policies in recent years, and actively promote the healthy and orderly development of cross-border electricity industry. read more

A method for improving the conversion rate of Taobao based on baby description

on the Internet have studied how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao problems and analysis of a lot of Taobao master, they are very detailed and thorough analysis, practicality is very strong, the author is not based on the master on the false comment. However, some businesses are still confused in the sales volume is not as good as their competitors, the conversion rate has not reached their desired results. Therefore, I believe that Taobao businesses can also increase the conversion rate on the basis of the existing limits. Next, the author of this issue, combined with their actual operating experience, talk about their own experience. read more

Groupon mode domestic network group buying market is difficult to scale 3 years

recently a new e-commerce model in the industry to discuss the warm, because its representative site is the United States Groupon, for the time being called Groupon virtual buy. If the network is divided into two groups to buy and buy virtual reality, then Groupon is a virtual buy on the whole, but in the way of doing business innovation. The basic difference between virtual reality with the consumer group purchase group purchase group purchase website in the selected project and get a certificate of payment, enjoy by virtue of the group purchase group purchase discount, members are required in real time to focus groups. Wang Xing team and in March 3rd officially launched the United States Mission network, and Wang did not do as well as school and rice, the United States Mission model completely imitate Groupon. One day a group project, limited order, limited to the minimum amount of purchase, currently only launched the service in Beijing. Discussion on this type of Groupon virtual Buy mode can look at this article: U.S. mission network, Groupon risk, Copy must be cautious. read more

Honey bud won the 2015 most influential APP awards in the first certification industry

3C once a year of heavy industry awards: the 2015 annual most influential enterprises "selection results announced the day before, the domestic well-known cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud was named" the most influential mobile terminal APP award. Won the prize together with WeChat, Tmall, today’s headlines, etc.. As an essential parenting tool for mobile phones, you download it?

is reported that the most influential technology companies selected by the Beijing morning news hosted by the prestigious media industry in beijing. "The most influential enterprises of science and Technology Award" covers many areas of the Internet, home appliances, digital, communications, electricity providers, this award is divided into science and technology enterprises APP, 3C products, home appliances brand three categories, provided by Analysys International and PRC companies supporting data, and publish industry report on the award ceremony. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in January 12, 2016. By then, the top executives will all be present to witness the birth of the glory of all walks of life. read more