The way home through the reorganization of assets continue to grow but the houses share market war i

Abstract: last year, Ctrip won elong and where to go, the achievements of the OTA dominant position in the industry. Way home at the beginning of the establishment and Ctrip has inextricably linked. The acquisition of Ctrip and where to go under the banner of the hostel apartment business, is also in line with the Department of Ctrip in the capital market to buy buy buy style. Way home will become non-standard accommodation industry the next Ctrip?

cut domestic apartment hostel booking platform way home yesterday announced the acquisition of Ctrip and where its pension apartment business, the way home has four short rental platform — the way home, the ants short rent, Ctrip and where the apartment business hostel. read more

A twelve burn Ali offline payment going

"shuangshier" this originally belonged to the electricity supplier Carnival Festival, but this year a feast of offline payment. This "shuangshier" on the same day, the next line store lines become a new landscape scenery.

this year twelve Alibaba under the joint line of nearly 100 brands, about 2 stores to participate, on that day in December 12th to use Alipay wallet payment to 50 percent off, covering restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and other consumer places. read more

What Tencent QQ WebQQ end QQ web version The domain name never ever meet again

renamed Chinese ( October 5th – February 11, 1999, a man named QQ penguin was born, since then, Tencent can Liaoyuanzhishi quickly with sparks of fire all over on both sides of the Changjiang River according to the data show that, Tencent QQ online users from the beginning of the 2 people (Ma Huateng and Zhang zhidong1), to the current development of hundreds of millions of users at the same time, 2014 the number of online more than two hundred million, is one of the most widely used chat software. But today, the distance came the webqq is about to close the message, the domain name will never ever meet again, that goodbye was actually the last sentence it webqq. To this end, many users have lamented, let us be able to use these pages QQ human worth? read more

Chinese style P2P net loan two different models of nternet

the two Internet based P2P, settled in China, has become a line, a line. The reason is that China’s credit system is still in its infancy, the lack of domestic similar to Europe and the United States of the perfect personal credit certification system.

P2P net loan Chinese style growth

      Author: Lv Qin

if you are now less than about one hundred thousand yuan to buy a house, if you need to expand the operation of the store business, if you need to run the end of the company’s capital turnover, who will you borrow? read more

Liu Qiangdong from a peasant family from the 12 thousand to the start of today’s 54 billion 500 mil

Abstract: Liu Qiangdong was freed, he had more time to think about the company’s strategy, from the thorough "dictator" is only responsible for the strategy guide. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong way: "I am not immortal, I can not be 100 percent right, so we should obey collective wisdom."

1998, Liu Qiangdong took 12000 yuan in the day to work saved, the founder of Jingdong in Zhongguancun, and rented a counter to magneto-optical products sales agents, in this way, the first to earn a fortune, this is the starting point of the public Jingdong. That Zhongguancun is one of the dragons and fishes jumbled together electronic products distribution center, but Liu Qiangdong from the outset and other businesses are not the same, he continues to sell genuine. read more

Paper check heavy Taobao such stores up to more than and 500 in January revenue was over one million

Most of the software to a shop selling

[Abstract] Taobao, trading volume in a month was 3 million times.

yesterday dropped to 15%, and finally to the 10% today, for tomorrow to 8%, prior to the final submission, to spend 100 yuan on HowNet check, finally does not exceed 10%, certainly can too." Li Jirui (a pseudonym) "black" knocked on the Enter key under computer, heart happy.

Li Jirui is a northeast Shanghai University Department of finance, a 2011 graduate student. More than half a month, he is going to graduate thesis defense. In order to successfully cross the border, Li Jirui has spent nearly 200 yuan on Taobao to buy paper testing services to accurately calculate the proportion of papers cited. Like Li Jirui and college students in the minority, most of the software to a shop selling Taobao, trading volume in a month was 3 million times. read more

Small and medium enterprises have layoffs before the Spring Festival the market environment is not o

small electricity supplier before the Spring Festival and ushered in a wave of layoffs, not only the United States online layoffs. Thousands of goods network official confirmed that the company conducted a round of layoffs at the end of 2012, the proportion of layoffs as high as 40%, involving more than 200 employees.

, a former qianpin network said, by the end of 2011, thousands of network products have publicity received 100 million yuan venture capital, the human resources department of the enterprise is to "not bad money" as a recruitment gimmick, but after a round of subway advertising after less than a year, has thousands of network products nearly half the number of layoffs started. read more

Micro blog hand 100 million live users earn 14 million 500 thousand will learn to do Baidu adverti

today (November 19th), Sina micro-blog released the third quarter ended fiscal year 2015 unaudited financial results for the year ended September 30th.

reported in accordance with GAAP (GAAP), micro-blog third quarter net revenues of $124 million 700 thousand, $84 million 100 thousand over the same period last year an increase of 48%; net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of micro-blog for $14 million 500 thousand, a net loss of $6 million 700 thousand over the same period last year. read more

When the nternet traffic bonus exhausted

used the Internet as a new industry, the rapid development of the early is also the birth of many traffic bonus, but with the Internet industry layout completed quickly, Internet service providers and the formation of the first camp disappeared, the possibility of latecomer to occupy this bonus has very little achievements.

as long as the Chinese Internet users a little attention, will be so vivid in the expression, XX application created the shortest time to get the fastest speed of XX users…… read more

Webmaster network broadcast Pirate Bay by domain name resurrection honey bud baby was 60 million C

1 baby electricity supplier honey bud baby completed $60 million C round of financing  

news December 15th, honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan today announced the completion of a $60 million C round of financing, by the H Capital collar vote, the last round of investors Sequoia Capital and real funds to continue with the vote. B round of $20 million financing less than half a year.

Maternal and child products of high-end

honey bud baby main imports of the website on-line in March 2014, with "quality + genuine + limited sale model breakthrough in high-end maternal population, the month of on-line GMV million, 8 months has millions of users, October GMV of more than 100 million yuan, mobile terminal sales accounted for 75%, and keep a high price and high rate of re purchase. read more

Pass by Zhongguancun online 8408 100r T website at the end of day coming

introduction: when the CBSi to cut "Zhongguancun online", PChome’s vertical group website, IT website may come true.

according to sources, CBSi will sell China Zhongguancun online’s IT website, only a few love card network website. It is reported that Zhongguancun online valuation of not more than 500 million yuan, CBSi China president, vice president of Global Wang Lu will leave.

in 2011, when the old IT vertical website IT world network outage, the industry has emerged to sing the voice of the bad IT site, there will be attributed to operational errors; read more

The platform Luxuries network to complete the illicit sale of ten million B round of financing

news October 26th, domestic membership invitation luxury LuxeHome network platform bootleg announced today, the company has successfully Steamboat Ventures VC investment institutions Disney recently (Si Wei investment) and Morningside (Morningside venture) $ten million B round of investment. Prior to this, Luxuries network was obtained in 2009 Morningside venture (MorningSide) and Internet Celebrities Lei A round of investment.

according to the introduction, LuxeHome network is the first domestic strict membership invitation bootleg website dedicated to the international luxury goods, luxury online sales service. The site combines the world’s top more than and 200 luxury brands (Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Burberry, Dior, Armani, etc.) official supply. read more

MT said Google CP licenses are difficult to determine when the results of the annual inspection

yesterday (July 7th), the Ministry of industry and information technology news director Wang Lijian told reporters that the Ministry is on Google’s Internet content provider license (ICP) for inspection, temporarily unable to determine when the results, said "we will announce the news". According to the Google Corporation executives, the ICP license annual inspection materials at the end of June has been submitted to the competent authorities.

although ICP license annual inspection has not yet been approved, Google did not stop the pace of its expansion. Chinese Google Corporation to enter the mainland, especially for the mainland market launch of Google music; its partners Top100 CEO Chen Ge told reporters yesterday, not long ago, Google has just added to its investment of millions of dollars. At the same time, its initial investor Yao Ming also added an additional one million investment. Chen Ge told reporters, after obtaining this round of financing, whale music will focus on the development of Google mobile phone operating system based on Android music products. read more

LETV denied personal radio to provide personalized domain name service

DoNews12 on Sept. 24 news (reporter Zhao Nan) December 24th, LETV call, denying a personalized domain name to personal application service, "personal TV" registered users belong to the domain name LETV two domain name.

recently questioned netizens LETV TV personal business irregularities. First of all, the music network to provide technical services to individuals without a license to establish personal television stations, and promote the domain name is not a personal television station are violations. Secondly, the personal TV station engaged in personal television business is also in violation of the mandatory law broadcasting. (end) read more

Different profit models in different communities

      "nonsense" Introduction: in marketing the crowd he is "black waves", the literati literati heap he is a net "nonsense", in the worm heap he was engaged in marketing planning "in the rain". The only founder of the three ideas: no culture, focus on advertising, zero barrier marketing.

      the first step is the introduction of the guests, the introduction of the glorious course

      the third is nonsense, claiming Hu, third. The old Tao, the Holy
      second Rio, singing the euro in europe.
      old nonsense, mix the worst, by zoujianghu hunfanchi.
      thank you Taiai, thank you ^_^ read more

Daily topics ant ant treasure gold suit reasoning property mobile money war ring

A  (; the 5 station network August 19th news yesterday, the ant payment service launched a one-stop financial platform treasure ant. In the form of independent applications, providing simple and convenient financial services for the public. This is the outside Alipay, ant gold suit first released a new independent application.

it is understood that the ant treasure in version 1, collection of the balance of treasure, treasure and three kinds of funds and other financial types, through an open   account;. The future, ant treasure will also support such as buying shares more features through the balance of treasure. At the same time, the amount of investment from the balance of treasure 1 yuan investment, trick treasure from $100 investment, but also significantly reduced the financial threshold, so that more ordinary users can participate. read more

Marriage website left Go right

" dear people looking for a love love love to farewell single…… Do not love to miss the single left me alone to sing love songs. " Terry Lin’s single love song sings the voice of the majority of single youth.

reporter learned that, in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, due to busy work, narrow circle of communication, information opaque and other reasons, single youth has reached more than one million. With the growth of age, this part of the marriage problem has become the focus of social concern. read more

Network recruitment website prospects to be vigilant in the future industry homogeneity

once prosperous group purchase website is facing a "winter" of suffering, the domestic Internet companies in the United States have also let the entire Internet industry in the last year experienced a small "earthquake", however, in such a context, the recruitment website A new force suddenly rises. and achieved good results.
throughout the recruitment website while the bright prospects, but also faces other industry competition.
"the entire Internet market scale will continue to grow is no suspense, but the online recruitment industry with a mature business model, will benefit from the Internet overall long-term growth trend. For example, the future number of customers reached 10 million, and China enterprises employing millions of giant, there is still a huge market space. In addition, the development of social networks for network recruitment market to inject new elements, although there is no clear profit model, but with the expansion of the scale of social networking sites, which is bound to the traditional online recruitment form the impact, and is expected to expand new business models." ChinaVenture Investment Group senior analyst Feng Po said.
in addition, Feng Po stressed that the change of network recruitment service providers need to keep pace with the market demand, and actively explore new business models, such as to follow up in the emerging field of social network, enrich the existing service model. As for the traditional online recruitment business is relatively mature, enterprises need to improve execution, reduce mistakes in execution; in product and service strategy to further improve the service level, strengthen the ability to provide comprehensive services, to further enhance user stickiness. read more

Why so hot P2P net loan industry can not spend this winter

just now, the Xinhua news agency to contact me, I want to say in the tiger sniffing network published the article: "resolutely not P2P platform this touch" (one or two) to write a reference. I reluctantly said: when you finished I’ll give you real-time data. The early morning of November 4th, when I finished, the number of statistics in November the platform is only 3 home, on the evening of 5, this figure has been refreshed to 9 – Copper loan, credit universe, house loan, Baofeng venture, Hui Huang wealth, Pengcheng Zhaojin loans, loans, finance investment and beam venture capital. Among them, the November 4th issue of the platform reached 4. This is a kind of rhythm? P2P net loan industry can spend this winter? read more

ZERO animation domain name stolen the site is still normal access

renamed China ( September 2nd news, it is reported that last night, ZERO cartoon network official blog announced that the ZERO domain name changed to animation in the near future, will be the first time to notify you. The reason for the recent failure to log is stolen account after the account was not found in time, leading to the domain name stolen can not apply for the return. Due to the official website of the domain name resolution has not changed, at present, the domain name is still normal access. read more