Cool competition Tmall and nine express cooperation after the price war

lead: in May 28th, Tmall announced a partnership with nine domestic express delivery company, in order to promote the further development of logistics, and will ensure that the partnership with the express enterprise not less than 5 billion yuan incremental business. This is after the price war is the business enterprise of Tmall is a big move, and this move is that Chinese business enterprise has already become mature, the competition among electricity providers from before the price war to calm competition. read more

Electricity supplier was suspected of fraud was well known wine prices ban

electricity supplier, such as the rise of emerging channels, is to subvert the traditional liquor industry sales channels and channels. The rapid development of the speed to bring wine prices and traditional dealers is panic, to consumers is panic, while enduring the temptation of low prices, but the side is worried about the problem of genuine products. The sale of other electricity supplier website and radio channels and other traditional liquor liquor products are behind the fraud, fraud? What is the benefit of entanglements between wine prices, dealers and traditional read more

Taobao to explore the injury incident

event: October 12th nearly 7000 small sellers to attack Taobao mall big sellers: malicious captured goods refund and payment, resulting in Ousuo, starry, seven princess store shelves in the sale of most goods, stopped operating. As of 23:10 minutes, the total number of days 30 days to refund the EU reached a total of 19402 times, the Korean clothes shed for the second time, the seven princess of the 6769, the one percent time, the 17601 largest buyers only through the shelves of goods, stop operations to avoid attacks. read more

The cross border electricity supplier will welcome the new tax less than 50 yuan of tax deductible e

sea Amoy less than 50 yuan can be tax-free era ended

will welcome the new tax cross-border electricity value-added tax and consumption tax from his post tax

recently, a cross-border electricity supplier is about to bid farewell to "free time" in the online news spread like wildfire, in a suspected official cross-border electricity tax information, gives the direction of tax reform is clear: "post tax" will be "consumption tax" and "VAT" instead of. This news even clearly the specific execution time of the new deal for the April 8, 2016 tax reform. read more

The little pig named domain to sell 880 thousand buyers also need to polish his eyes

.Com,.Net, small pig pig pig small.Cn, a small golden pig "series of Chinese domain name in the Taobao online shouted 88.888888 yuan price. The seller claims to donate ten percent of his income to the Xuzhou charity foundation. Taobao said that buyers should be careful when buying.

88 million yuan only to discuss color

seller on the web page, the domain name Chinese mainly for customers is the birth of "baby pig": "this is the first gift to the baby’s parents, in the future you can put the baby drop growth record here, people all over the world can see." In addition to the 3 "golden pig" series of domain names, domain name: pet pig pig.Cn, also offer up to 888 thousand and 888 yuan. read more

Mengniu offer to buy modern animal husbandry Rejected by the latter management

recently, Mengniu Mengniu acquired equity shareholders’ meeting to discuss the modern animal husbandry, and agreed to launch a tender offer, however, for the tender offer, "the consumer." the final implementation of the possibility of speculation is unlikely, because Mengniu has reached the purpose of holding, in addition to modern animal husbandry management’s attitude was refused.

"consumer day exposure" and the modern management of the exchange of some understanding of animal husbandry, Mengniu will be launched for the tender offer, the modern animal husbandry management said it refused. read more

n an e book will lose money in the market Dangdang how to play

Abstract: Dangdang claimed that the goal is to capture the market share of more than 60% genuine copy". Dangdang performance in the first quarter of this year showed a strategic loss, showing a significant investment in Dangdang digital reading industry.

more and more giant companies are rapidly moving into the mobile reading market. According to the relevant data show that the size of the domestic mobile reading market from 2012 only 3 billion 470 million yuan in 2014 has reached $10 billion 130 million, a full rise of nearly three times, a typical blue ocean market. read more

nterpretation of Lan Xiang is how to achieve the ultimate social marketing

for Lan Xiang we certainly will not be unfamiliar, which excavator strong, Shandong, China to find Lan Xiang, which has a brainwashing nature of the national slogan put Buddha in the moment a household name. Lan Xiang is a technical, its popularity is also obtained in a short time to see Baidu index soared, has around 15000 in the visible social marketing power. In fact, until now, it is really difficult to distinguish Lan Xiang from black or black he is speculation, but as a successful marketing case, ordinary users know that the Lan Xiang school, and know that the success of its core business which itself is marketing. So for Lan Xiang this excellent marketing case, I think it is necessary to read it, perhaps for our marketing staff to help. read more

Difficult to get the core user Only need to grasp the 8 motives

The motivation needs of

is the model of professional motivation, which can be understood as a person’s value orientation, which reflects a person’s inner pursuit and the power of the core.

this paper is another interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, is a direct landing operation. We divide the human needs into 8 aspects, according to the cognitive application of these 8 aspects, we can be more efficient and accurate to provide users with services or products, will be twice the result with half the effort. read more

Do electricity providers need to understand the basic logic of business

traffic logic

to do business, both online and offline, we must solve the problem of getting customers, who can bring customers, can be seen as traffic. This channel can bring much traffic, the cost of obtaining a single user is how much is a single account for each businessman.

if you open a malatang. Open in the area of the day requires 100 booth fee, access to 50 customers, a single cost of $2. Opened in the subway mouth, booth fees may be 1000, can get 400 users, a single cost of 2.5. As the owner, you can choose to open 100 small stalls, make full use of low cost flow, to take into consideration the cost management. You can also choose to engage in a large booth in the subway, and more to engage in a string of types and drinks, to enhance the profitability of individual users, in order to make full use of high cost flow. read more

TV soft marketing nobles and civilians play different

summer is coming to an end, but the summer is prime time TV drama hit, so regardless of the size of businesses to grasp this opportunity to make their business or promote a brand. However, the audience has been a certain amount of hard advertising immunization. If the light is on the TV spots advertising effect can not guarantee, the most important is also may cause the audience dissatisfaction.

in view of the above situation, businesses have to be able to play a good marketing campaign in the summer of this prime time, at the start of the series of soft marketing moving from the brain. Today, Song Congming came to talk to you about some of the TV drama soft marketing case, look at the big business and small business between different play. read more

Electricity supplier business humor marketing code kidnapping happy

electricity supplier era, what is the meaning of the existence of the enterprise? Peter, the father of modern management, said: "there is no customer, there is no business, no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no business, there is no." Yes, businesses serve customers. For electricity supplier companies, enterprises are more for the visitors. Happy people think: the Internet since ancient times in real life, the pursuit of happiness is a human instinct, it is the needs of visitors, and humorous marketing therefore have the market even more miraculous strength. read more

The nternet’s most simple entrepreneurial processes and methods

through the Internet to do business get rich only three steps:

a, product

two, sales

three, publicity

no matter how big your business is, you can get a million of these three steps. Why many people do not have a high income on the Internet, and work very tired. This is the three step, do not do a good job, do the core of these three steps is: focus and focus.

that is to say, if these three steps, you are focused, and focus on the research, then you do not want to become rich is impossible. read more

B2B website is difficult to succeed by imitation

to do a B2B site, just want to take someone else’s successful website to imitate is difficult to achieve.

Alibaba, Taobao and other web sites have a lot of people in the sale, very cheap. Is there anyone who relies on the site to imitate the program to become the second Alibaba.

many people say, I can not do Alibaba, I do Alibaba second, third, fourth…… Is that all right,


, we look at the industry in the second and third, go to the Alibaba is not entirely a way.

of course, many of China’s Web2.0 site, is not the foreign model moved over, Dangdang is not China’s Amazon, potatoes is not China’s Youtube. read more

For the same price why the electricity business this year a little bit less heat

do you still remember last summer, home appliance giant fall over each other promotion, all kinds of low-priced scary rhythm? Today, this crazy apparently did not continue, in addition to the recent get 818 large electricity providers to promote electronic business platform, several others are not what great news. We can not help but ask, what are the giants. See the previous price two words like shopping, and now than to reason and deep, why you have chosen to misfiring on the occasion of the PK read more

Fifast VS meow street open platform development showdown

The direction of development of

retail O2O more and more clear, the Tencent, Baidu, Wanda launch fifast, O2O open platform layout shopping center, this area ushered in another layout Ali, the launch of intime and meow street, also seeks to force the retail transformation. Who fly the same street and meow development, also pointed out the direction for the development of O2O industry, namely the final integration of online and offline business development, but "ambition" under the same conditions, the development is still there is a big difference. read more

August 2007 08 domain name deletion list


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm   /> / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Chairman of the board to talk about the B2B two most promising online trading

news May 17th, the only product show got the news, a few days ago, chairman Wei – casaarte fund will freak out about a small area on the B2B online trading views in the B2B manager, said he was more optimistic about the two kinds of online transaction is a great opportunity.

Wei Zhe B2B assumption into a marriage website, its meaning is to promote the seller and the buyer for the transaction, not necessarily a successful transaction, but there are a lot of services that are needed to provide. Therefore, the B2B industry and its excessive pursuit of online transactions and the transaction amount by the way of paying, than to service commercial service, adopt diversified payment standard, it can greatly enhance the site’s sales income. "If we put e-commerce transactions as the only, then we will go the road will be very long, so we can not hang in a tree." read more

3 more innovative Adsense money Union

Internet is an innovative industry, without innovation is not progress. I do not make any comment on the other aspects of the alliance, the 3 alliance of narrative, some are widely debated in the middle of the webmaster, please take care of the 3 chief creative alliance unique.

1 first video alliance


alliance is a coalition of the few to browse the charging alliance, as well as the traditional TV advertising and Internet advertising innovation based on alliance, the video ads to the site in the estimation of things even unthinkable a few years ago, the Alliance came true! The alliance advertising model should be broad advertisers welcome. read more

Amazon raised the minimum threshold free delivery to a single 49

NetEase Francisco February 23rd message, according to foreign media reports, Amazon from this week once again raised the minimum consumption free delivery threshold, from the original single $35 to $49 per unit, but if the book shopping for books, free postage minimum consumption requirements for $25.

Amazon free shipping service on a long-standing, raised the minimum consumer prices in 2013, the threshold from $25 to $35. Amazon free express will usually be sent within 5 to 8 working days.

Amazon did not increase the subscription fee Prime members. The service is still $99 per year, in addition to the online watch copyrighted video and film content, but also enjoy a faster free courier service for 2 days. (Lu Xin) read more