Honey bud won the 2015 most influential APP awards in the first certification industry

3C once a year of heavy industry awards: the 2015 annual most influential enterprises "selection results announced the day before, the domestic well-known cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud was named" the most influential mobile terminal APP award. Won the prize together with WeChat, Tmall, today’s headlines, etc.. As an essential parenting tool for mobile phones, you download it?

is reported that the most influential technology companies selected by the Beijing morning news hosted by the prestigious media industry in beijing. "The most influential enterprises of science and Technology Award" covers many areas of the Internet, home appliances, digital, communications, electricity providers, this award is divided into science and technology enterprises APP, 3C products, home appliances brand three categories, provided by Analysys International and PRC companies supporting data, and publish industry report on the award ceremony. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in January 12, 2016. By then, the top executives will all be present to witness the birth of the glory of all walks of life. read more

Ali revenue growth than expected but the rookie loss is a major worry caused

Abstract: Ali achieved good results in the financial performance and emerging business, but the "Wall Street journal" that the Alibaba group in some non main business investment as a rookie network, bring huge losses, the Ali group is a kind of worry.

Alibaba group Thursday announced the 2017 fiscal first quarter earnings (each quarter the company is divided in different ways, the Apple Corp’s current earnings is the third quarter of 2016, equivalent to a quarter, ahead of Alibaba’s earnings is corresponding to the company’s second quarter 2016 financial results), the total revenue of 32 billion 154 million yuan, an increase of 59% last year, net the profit of 7 billion 142 million yuan, down 77% last year. read more

On the sea Amoy a head on blow Many sea Amoy milk can not pass the Chinese standard

July 29th, CCTV consumer advocate "program broadcast in micro-blog, and today’s headlines and the platform released" global 19 best-selling sea Amoy milk safety detection! Mother! ", said from the beginning of May 2016," consumer advocate "program group successively by Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall mall website, Mak purchase import baby honey bud mall and imported maternal sale website, bought a total of 1 infant formula milk powder in 7 countries of the 19 popular sea Amoy brand. read more

VANS has declared bankruptcy to be closed shop BELLE acquisition

VANS will be the acquisition of BELLE, the news spread throughout the spring festival. In the know almost, micro-blog can see such a picture: VANS was acquired by BELLE, the first tier cities VANS has been removed from the cabinet to do self shop, after January, regardless of the factory goods genuine, counter genuine will be full price.

for this, the reporter contacted the VANS China and BELLE international aspects of verification, as of press time before the two sides did not make an official response to the message. But now it seems, VANS did not appear in the first tier cities large-scale withdrawal of the cabinet phenomenon, and rumors do not seem to coincide. read more

How to do CPS advertising to make money

has a lot of Web site tried CPS advertising, some make a lot of money, very satisfied; some made some money, but not as much as other advertising to make money, not satisfied; some did not make money, very dissatisfied;

the reason is because the CPS and CPC, SP are essentially different, we put on the CPC and SP are generally fixed mode: find a place to hang up the code, and then no matter; however, it can be said that those who do this CPS, some do not make money, CPS money. Must not do so;

overall, I think the impact of the CPS effect of the main factors are the following: read more

Royal Anber build China’s first amber electricity supplier trading platform

2014 in the jewelry industry can be described as a special year, amber raw material prices soaring, the industry known as amber. In this year, the birth of a number of new jewelry companies. These emerging enterprises may obscure in the jewelry industry, but in some special consumer groups, has made remarkable achievements, great reputation. For a peek at the maturing of amber jewelry business, the Sohu reporter interviewed a number of issues with the representative enterprise the "Royal Anber" Mr. Rao Min CEO. read more

Look at the domain name market trend from various domain name application list

global domain name application page number ranking:

.Com 1250000000

.Org 511000000

.Net 153000000

.Cn 46000000

.Info 13300000

.Com.cn 12800000

.Eu 11500000

.Name 9030000

.Mobi 8690000

.Tv 7880000

.In 7390000

.Biz 6440000

.Cc 6200000

.Org.cn 1970000

.Net.cn 1350000

.Asia 320000

Chinese website domain name application number of web pages (including the Chinese version of foreign websites, including):

.Com 160000000

.Net 36100000

.Cn 35200000

.Com.cn 12500000

.Org 6920000

.Name 2550000

.Cc 2120000

.Net.cn 1300000

.Org.cn 949000 read more

Shop real name system for the full implementation of Taobao Baidu support

From April 15th

to participate in this competition has been 81 days since, in this game I also experienced a lot of ups and downs, joy and sorrow. From the first day of the game, they are learning and progress. Especially the small female HQ Bo excellent experience fell from second to one hundred when Baidu Baidu over that period of time, can be said to be the test of my time, data, analysis of the reasons, modify the error check every day, insisted every day. In July 1st, Bo excellent ranking rise again, also made a lot of friends put the same question to me: the little woman HQ you up again the excellent, want to listen to your read more

Experience of 90 owners earning 1000 knife

Hello! First introduce: 90 boy, home in a small Guangxi, born in May 91 a few months at least 18 years of age. Do stand course: in June 2008 to contact the site today to receive 20092 GG nearly more than 10 thousand knives. I hope you do not laugh at me, because I have been groping.


website for about a year, has been in their own small circle always do stupid. From June last year for the first time received a GG120 knife to today, a total of about 10 thousand or so earned it, when GG or a group of friends to help apply. The two genius Admin5 station network, to tell the truth although I is a webmaster, but have only recently heard of station network, found that there are so many people on the site, and you want to talk, so I couldn’t help it over two days to write a few words, webmaster people interview, I stand, take the initiative in terms of something, I hope you don’t laugh at me. read more

Gome online 618 mobile terminal turnover increased by more than 813 6% of the total accounted for th

June 18th 0, Gome online sword 618 peak war hot war, caused by the consumer panic buying craze. 18 PM, Gome online first released 618 stage report. According to statistics, from 18 to 10 points in the United States, the total amount of online transactions rose by the United States on the same period last year, an increase of 306%, double sales last year, double the value of 30%. The introduction of the most concern is that the United States online mobile terminal transaction volume increased by 813.6%, accounting for the total station of up to 61%, which has become the mainstream mobile phone sales in the current B2C electricity supplier accounted for the first breakthrough in the electricity supplier of the year 60%. read more