Shop real name system for the full implementation of Taobao Baidu support

From April 15th

to participate in this competition has been 81 days since, in this game I also experienced a lot of ups and downs, joy and sorrow. From the first day of the game, they are learning and progress. Especially the small female HQ Bo excellent experience fell from second to one hundred when Baidu Baidu over that period of time, can be said to be the test of my time, data, analysis of the reasons, modify the error check every day, insisted every day. In July 1st, Bo excellent ranking rise again, also made a lot of friends put the same question to me: the little woman HQ you up again the excellent, want to listen to your read more

Experience of 90 owners earning 1000 knife

Hello! First introduce: 90 boy, home in a small Guangxi, born in May 91 a few months at least 18 years of age. Do stand course: in June 2008 to contact the site today to receive 20092 GG nearly more than 10 thousand knives. I hope you do not laugh at me, because I have been groping.


website for about a year, has been in their own small circle always do stupid. From June last year for the first time received a GG120 knife to today, a total of about 10 thousand or so earned it, when GG or a group of friends to help apply. The two genius Admin5 station network, to tell the truth although I is a webmaster, but have only recently heard of station network, found that there are so many people on the site, and you want to talk, so I couldn’t help it over two days to write a few words, webmaster people interview, I stand, take the initiative in terms of something, I hope you don’t laugh at me. read more

Gome online 618 mobile terminal turnover increased by more than 813 6% of the total accounted for th

June 18th 0, Gome online sword 618 peak war hot war, caused by the consumer panic buying craze. 18 PM, Gome online first released 618 stage report. According to statistics, from 18 to 10 points in the United States, the total amount of online transactions rose by the United States on the same period last year, an increase of 306%, double sales last year, double the value of 30%. The introduction of the most concern is that the United States online mobile terminal transaction volume increased by 813.6%, accounting for the total station of up to 61%, which has become the mainstream mobile phone sales in the current B2C electricity supplier accounted for the first breakthrough in the electricity supplier of the year 60%. read more

China nternet Network nformation Center domain name dispute resolution procedure

            first in order to ensure the fairness, the domain name dispute resolution procedure convenient and fast, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center "China Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as the" measures "solution") regulations, formulated the rules of procedure.

      second domain name dispute resolution procedures in accordance with the "solution" by the rules and domain name dispute resolution agencies in accordance with the provisions of the rules of the supplementary rules. read more

Union November cheating account list

alliance this month, anti cheating system advertisers found that the joint part of the account (including sub accounts) the presence of click fraud, damage to the common interests of the alliance and its website. The alliance decided: from now on, the termination of the relationship with the following account, empty data as a disciplinary punishment cheating, cheating site to join the League blacklist never enabled.

account list is as follows:

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Four factors to pay attention to e commerce

Ma Yun said: " do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret, this sentence is right, ", people will be more and more now to online shopping, online shopping as a habit, even as a vanity < if a friend asks you, before you say no online shopping? If your friend will say you OUT, do not believe you can try to say


let’s talk about the establishment of e-commerce conditions:

1, diversified products: the first one is the diversification of products, why do you say that? If we do e-commerce only product today, that you will not feel very dull? But we all know that in twenty-first Century, the property is in excess, it is the production of products, can not sell go, if you don’t get a good marketing strategy, it means too many products, and is a good product too much, some even good products nobody knows, no one knows, do not know if you agree with me? read more

Two years to change the B2B platform for SMEs

for small and medium enterprises, e-commerce to do nothing more than two magic weapons, a search engine, the two is the B2B business platform, while in China the two main basically are the domestic giant Internet Co occupied the domestic Baidu search engine, and B2B business platform we all know that we are familiar with the Alibaba. In the development of the Internet today, the last two years Baidu has said to the change, and in the B2B platform, China is now B2B commerce platform has entered a quite chaotic moment, regardless of the B2B business platform of domestic emergence of the number and quality of the platform, only a few, can really achieve the effect of then the 1-2 platform can bring tangible results for us, and the effect of the rest of the more is to enhance the overall exposure, you did a lot more search engine The better, because you can find your product to a greater extent. read more

Personal online shopping tax progressive C2C difficult to define the scope of tax

in silence after more than a year, to discuss related taxes for online stores again. Recently, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance drafted the "People’s Republic of China tax administration law amendment bill (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") and published the full text, to solicit views of the community. The industry believes that the introduction of the relevant provisions of the tax identification number, will make a large number of existing gray income problem is more effective regulation. After the opening of the shop in a small electricity supplier, will also be in accordance with the management of natural taxpayers, tax will become a matter of course. read more