Wang Guosheng stressed the need to carry out the work of poverty alleviation in tackling the major r

7 11, 2009, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee went to the east of the city of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, to further promote poverty alleviation work carried out special investigations. He stressed the need to fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping to promote poverty alleviation key requirements, implement the principle of precision, adhere to the problem oriented, unswervingly push forward the province’s poverty alleviation work.

town fifty class Yan village is located in the brain is a mountain, participatory poverty village, has been included in this year’s poverty relocation project. Early in the morning, the rain came in the construction of the class Yan village, field observation planning and construction, Huxing pattern, etc.. Lv Zhifa said to the poor family, the party and the government built a new village for us, out of the mountains moved into the new house, we are looking forward to the miles of Wang Guosheng! Wang Guosheng pleased to say that the relocation is a means of poverty is the purpose of. To move to more development, do move the poor nest and for the poor sector simultaneously, and both the housing industry, fundamentally solve the problem of poverty. read more

What is the name of the underwear store attention

now whether it is operating a shop what the premise of nature is a proper name. However, how to name the shop has become a problem. In fact, as long as we are able to pay attention to the relevant matters, to store a suitable name can also be very simple. So, what are the names of the lingerie store attention?

first, the name of the underwear shop should be short and fine.

company, shop name more than three words in the name of its business with the name of the project is not appropriate, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase. read more

Xining public security organs three engineering and standardization construction will be held to pro

June 25th, Xining city public security organs "engineering and standardization construction will be held in Xining.

conference invited the Xining Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the municipal political and Law Commission, as well as the leadership of the special supervisors attended the meeting.

participants have to Xining city vehicle administration, halal, West Lane Police Station Traffic Police Brigade North, Interpol brigade and other units of the investigation on the construction of the "Three Basics" and standardization construction. North of the City Public Security Bureau, Victory Road police station, West Traffic Police Brigade, Datong County Public Security Bureau police brigade at the meeting to do the experience. read more

Wang Guosheng in the provincial development and Reform Commission stressed that research to expand e

12 6, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng to the provincial development and Reform Commission on the development of the reform of system of our province to carry out the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee survey, stressed, should conscientiously sum up the achievements made in economic and social development this year, to ensure the successful ending; to actively plan for economic and social development next year a new point of growth, to a good start. read more

The city held a strong agricultural and agricultural benefits of funds to check the special topic

2010 in the afternoon of September 15th, Fan Guoqing, vice mayor of the municipal government organized the city’s special funds of benefiting the Agriculture inspection work, the Municipal Finance Bureau, development and Reform Commission, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, forestry bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, audit bureau, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, north of the City District Supervisor District Magistrate and responsible people attended the meeting. The meeting was mainly based on the previous audit department of the provincial audit department, the Provincial Department of education, the provincial population and family planning commission composed of inspection teams feedback, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s agricultural and agricultural funds to implement the rectification work. read more

Qinghai import and export 11 billion 990 million yuan

Recently, the reporter learned from Xining customs, Xining customs since last year, the full support of Qinghai’s open economy stable growth and continued development, in 2015, import and export of 11 billion 990 million yuan, an increase of 13.6%.

to ensure accurate landing reform. Actively implement the Silk Road Economic Zone Customs clearance integration reform, first try to make a breakthrough, and successfully achieve interoperability with the national customs. Enterprises in the province can apply for import and export customs clearance, customs clearance speed, speed up the logistics, enterprise customs clearance costs decreased effectively. Active coordination inspection and quarantine departments officially opened a unified version of a declaration system, and actively promote the supervision of the practice of a check, a release work. Continue to deepen the paperless customs clearance reform, in 2015, the province paperless agreement signed 124 companies, in addition to the international exhibition of Qinghai Tibetan carpet customs paperless rate of up to 96%, the tax paid to achieve the electronic payment of 100%. Open platform to make new breakthroughs. November 2015, Cao Bao bonded logistics center (B) was formally approved to fill the province without Customs bonded supervision of the blank. Strong support for Xining Airlines port hardware and software construction, Qinghai entry and exit of international flights to provide a strong guarantee for smooth customs clearance. 2015 Xining customs supervision of inbound and outbound flights 299 sorties, passengers (including crew) of 31398 passengers. Continue to service of Tibetan carpet exhibition, clean food exhibition in Qinghai International Exhibition of all kinds, actively coordinating the customs of Lhasa opened a new mode in customs clearance, once again to apply national tax preferential policies for 77 exhibitors from 4 countries participating in the examination and approval procedures for tax relief, tax relief 420 thousand yuan, effectively reducing the cost of participating enterprises. Help enterprises reduce burden. Focus on the integration of the administrative examination and approval, implementation of administrative examination and approval, "one window" to receive in the business scene, fully implement Shouwenfuze "one-time inform" service system, comprehensive analysis and optimization of the internal examination and approval matters, the implementation of inventory management, simplify procedures, reduce the level of. Under the unified deployment of the General Administration of customs, the cancellation of import and export links related charges, reducing the cost of business. 2015, the province’s import and export enterprises in more than 500 million yuan an increase of 125%. At the same time, according to the law to support the enterprise with the foot, with live, make good use of national tax incentives, increase tax relief policy enforcement. 2015 tax relief for the province 35 million 580 thousand yuan. read more

Thirteen Lake race yesterday into Gansu

In July 13th, thirteenth Lake race into the race eighth stage of the Lintao county to Gansu province from Xunhua Salar Autonomous County of Qinghai province. This stage of the first half in our province, the second half in Gansu. After more than 5 hours of the race, and ultimately from the Ukraine rugby team Kors in 5 hours and 41 minutes mulagandhakuti 28 seconds won the championship stage, Ukraine team, Italy Vladimir Amor Vita force cable tuoly team Bellini in two or three place. After the end of the stage, the shirts were not changed. read more

This year to increase the proportion of money to change the canopy change

in accordance with the requirements of the country this year, the province will be the currency resettlement compensation as the main way of shantytowns." April 30th, the reporter learned from the provincial housing and urban construction department, this year, the province will increase the proportion of shantytowns monetary resettlement compensation, accelerate the settlement of the settlement at the same time, will effectively digest the stock of commercial housing.

in accordance with national requirements, our province will take monetary compensation mode as the main mode this year shantytowns, increase the monetary settlement in Xining City, East Sea city efforts, according to the shantytowns planning and the stock of commercial housing supply will be the right size, apartment layout commodity housing stock into the resettlement housing, by the the government set up a platform to raise housing through market development, corporate profits, shantytowns independent purchase, improve the proportion of monetary settlement, speeding up to solve the housing problem of rehousing residents of shantytowns, accelerate the digestion of the stock of housing. Expected this year, the province can be digested by way of commercial housing area of more than 6% of commercial housing.


read more

Xining in my eyes

Municipal Committee of the thirteen session of the once again sounded the clarion call for the development of Xining.

meeting, party secretary Wang Xiao pointed out: our eyes and mind work in time to the masses, adhere to the people as their loved ones and rely on, adhere to the starting point and goal of people’s thoughts, hope, as required to work, adhere to the masses is difficult, big, urgent thing to do that, "in reality, in the forefront of the spirit, do not live up to the expectations of the provincial government of Xining, resolutely quickly and effectively implement the party secretary Luo Huining proposed Xining should make contributions in" development, reform goes before, the stability of support "important requirements. read more

Zoucunchuanhu talk about policy observe the people from door to door

  – preach the central document working group of the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics work from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics about the Central Document No. 1 working group in the village since, in strict accordance with the overall municipal government "four combination", in order to really put the central and provincial and municipal policies benefiting the agriculture to thousands of households, with the rural reality, designed a peasant family income, migrant labor, land, planting structure, animal husbandry, home appliances to the countryside consumption situation and farmer consumption and other contents of the questionnaire, the use of a week, divided into two groups, the peaceful village of Huangyuan County, long and 79 families in the village a thorough "zoucunchuanhu talk about policy, observe the people from door to door", listened to the voice of the people, understand people, collect public opinion. During the visit, the working group staff always adhere to the facts, do solid work, not as a mere formality, not a mere formality, not his show, do go to the fields, the masses and the masses "Kang family, sit, squat wall" communication, and people eat, live and work together homely. The working group members to every one, all business, open up and talk about farmer friend exchange. Explain in detail the spirit of the central and provincial documents 1, combined with the actual situation of farmers, the provincial and municipal policy of benefiting farmers and farmers were promoted. A detailed understanding of the contents of the questionnaire and how to increase income, and quickly embarked on the road to prosperity. Through the investigation and research, the working group received a total of 22 farmers to increase the income of the opinions and suggestions of the article, which involves the fattening cattle and sheep breeding technology of the 10, the development of agricultural cultivation of the characteristics of the 7, the transformation of dilapidated buildings of the 5. It can be seen that each opinion, suggestions are full of confidence in the farmers to get rich, are full of expectations of the party’s preferential policies.   read more

Xining Municipal Health Bureau subordinate units to carry out propaganda activities for prevention a

According to the Xining City Patriotic Sanitation (Nanjing Aiwei No. [2011]12) "on the issuance of the" Xining city to carry out the twenty-fifth "national health city construction day" programme of work "notification" requirements, Xining Municipal Health Bureau subordinate units to carry out the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, human health "as the theme of the prevention of infectious diseases propaganda work

in accordance with the Xining City Patriotic Sanitation (Nanjing Aiwei No. [2011]12) "on the issuance of the" Xining city to carry out the twenty-fifth "national health city construction day" programme of work "notification" requirements, Xining Municipal Health Bureau subordinate units to carry out the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and human health "as the theme of the epidemic disease prevention publicity. read more

Summer drew northwest five provincial capital city union conference

July 10th, the five northwestern provinces of the capital city of the two session of the three union annual meeting held in Xining summer. Through this effective carrier, the trade unions of the five provinces in Northwest China have set up multi-level and multi domain cooperation platform. Wang Haihong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee, publicity department, and President of the Municipal Federation of trade unions.

Wang Haihong pointed out in his speech, the meeting is held, the five northwestern provinces of the union capital city to seriously study a specific action to implement the spirit of the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, the annual meeting of the effective carrier, learn from each other, their work experience and good practices, and realize the way to discuss the internal rules to further expand the Chinese socialist trade union development road, closely around the central task of this area, creatively carry out the work of trade unions, to achieve a comprehensive well-off society and make new contributions. Wang Haihong hope that the annual meeting will inherit the fine traditions of the previous annual meeting, extensive exchanges and in-depth discussion, the formation of more useful for the work of the union of proverbs. During the meeting, the delegates will be able to have new harvest, in order to promote trade unions in five provinces and cities to make new contributions to the promotion of economic and social development in the northwest region to write a new chapter. read more

Surrounding self help travel fire small economy

The tourist season, in addition to the major scenic spots in Qinghai, closer to the urban area around the town has become a local summer travel place. This is a group of a group of tourists in the forest, the grill, the tent had no selling items such as fire. According to the reporter survey, only sell barbecue, good business can be sold a month or so, about 40 months, has become the most popular outdoor shop in the summer.

Master Ren in Datong County, Jiefang Road operating a grocery store for several years. Beginning last year, with the change in the way people consume, he began to sell a baking oven. During the interview, the reporter saw the chef’s shop in different sizes, different types of barbecue neatly placed. Two or three customers in the inquiry after the barbecue, a one-time purchase of the two. According to the master of the introduction: in the past, barbecue basically not sold in these small grocery store, but in some large outdoor store to see. But since last year, people demand high, small grocery store also began to enter some of the barbecue, but the business is very good, this year in June, July, the store almost every day to sell 3, barbecue into the months of selling goods."

into the mountains feel the nature of travel bags, tent is unavoidable. In recent years, the Green Fair, Tibetan carpet Festival, clean food exhibition and other large-scale exhibition, tents, always occupy part of the exhibition location, but also to buy a lot of customers. According to the reporter, according to the size of the tent, material, function, the price of the tent is also different. There are ordinary 4-6 tent, the price of 100 yuan to about $6, more than 10 people below the price of about $500, while the material waterproof, sunscreen, thicker tents on the 1000 yuan or more. An outdoor store manager told reporters that every summer, the highest sales tent, the customer is mainly based on local people.

Accessories: puerile hat scarf

a hat is 10 yuan to 30 yuan, a scarf around 30 yuan, a 50 yuan to 100 yuan ordinary glasses…… These seemingly inexpensive jewelry, but also hot summer goods. Since the Qinghai summer strong ultraviolet rays, tourists go out, hat, scarf, glasses are essential equipment. The reporter found that in the area around, as long as a few top hat shapes, a number of rich color scarf, a row of cheap glasses, the booth will be able to earn money. The day before, the reporter saw in the Kanbula scenic entrance area, arranging six stalls selling hats, scarf. It is understood that the area near the top, a common cap for the price of 10 yuan to 50 yuan, a scarf is 30 yuan, the price does not seem high commodity, but a lot of people to buy. According to a stall introduction, these commodities are small profits and quick turnover, down to earn about 2000 yuan a month."   read more

Where is the most profitable place to start a business

said that the students are the best money to earn, want to do with the students to make money business, entrepreneurship is a good choice to open a bookstore. So how to open a successful bookstore? Preferred location can not be ignored. The success of the bookstore has a most adequate source, and the number of tourists depends largely on the quality of the site. For the bookstore, the following is the best location:

entrepreneurship Bookstore location 1, students gathered near


in the vicinity of the location of the school, the students went to the bookstore, the main motivation is to purchase their favorite books, learn to use the tape, and party chat, pass the time. Students should be provided with suitable books for their needs. During the summer and winter business is light, the need for flexible operation. read more

Xining City West held elegant art five into activities

author recently learned from the West District of Xining City, West District held elegant art into the barracks, campus, community, construction sites and rural activities, so that the residents enjoy the fine arts feast.

elegant art "five into" activities will be held in the 50 special performances, including folk music, chorus, shadow play, folk art, etc.. The show ends in September 30th. The west area of Qinghai will be invited to the the Yellow River National Orchestra, Qinghai Philharmonic Chorus, Qinghai Hehuang love troupe, art troupe, bright red for a long time the group, Xining City Performing Arts Troupe, its art troupe and other excellent Orchestra Chorus sound. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

West District of Xining city to investigate 18 illegal construction

this year, the city of Xining city to strengthen the illegal construction of the monitoring, focusing on strengthening the high incidence areas, key areas and easy to overlook the area of inspections. Up to now, according to the law to investigate and deal with illegal construction 18 onwards, the demolition area of 3215 square meters. The new area significantly reduce illegal construction, Sidaluanjian, grab build building violations have been effectively curbed.

in recent years, with the implementation of key projects in Xining, the transformation of the old city to accelerate the pace of illegal construction behavior has occurred, seriously affect the image of the city, increase the cost of government investment, restricting the development of urban construction. At the same time there are still great security risks, has become the focus of attention of the community and the masses and hot issues. read more

Xining 30 helicopters in the 9 cities

The city’s education system was informed reporters from the March 24th Meeting of a city to promote the meeting, the City Board of education in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal government, the municipal Civilization Office under the specific guidance, through the joint efforts of the city’s education system of teachers and students, educators, in this year the state committee of civilization education system for the juvenile moral construction of evaluation in Xining City, with a total score of 94.06, achieved eighteenth ranking scores in the 30 city in the country, ranked twenty-seventh in 2012, soared 9, has made an important contribution to a city of Xining, highly appreciated by the municipal government. read more

Xining’s first family hotel registration tax

days ago, reporters from the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Department, East District Local Taxation Bureau at the end of 7 for the first "family hotel" apply for tax registration, and incorporated into the normal tax management.

it is reported that, in order to alleviate the tourist season is hard to find a room in Xining City, formulated and promulgated the "Xining city to support the development of small and micro Hotel Comments" measures to support, warmly welcomed by the general public, dozens of "small hotel" came into being. read more

Xining third high school debate competition ended

In December 28th, jointly organized by the Federation of Student Communist Youth League Xining Committee, the Education Bureau of Xining City, Xining City, Xining City, the third high school debate tournament in the finals, after more than three months of competition, with a fifth Xining Huangchuan was the last PK.

to enhance the overall strength of young people, in 2007, held in Xining, the first high school debate competition, since the school has set off a debate hot, this year’s debate is much attention. It is understood that the current debate since September this year, began to organize a total of 8 teams participating. In order to allow students to expand their knowledge through this debate, the 7 games involved in cultural construction, legal system, food safety and other aspects. In the finals, the two sides launched a competition advantages and disadvantages of the network hot beauty contest, won the championship final in a debate huangchuan. (author: Ma Rong) read more