Chinese water tower a river of water flowing forward

in recent years, Sanjiang is located in the source of Qinghai Province, actively practice the concept of green development, the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, to improve environmental quality as the core, to actively implement the water pollution prevention action plan, efforts to promote the transformation of the mode of environmental management, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang river water quality remained stable with excellent exit "Chinese water tower," a river of water flowing forward. read more

Datong county departments to take measures to jointly implement the work of the special rectificatio

6 on the morning of 27, Datong County Organization of Chengguan Town, land, water, forestry, environmental protection, transportation, county mining center and other related departments staff focus on remediation of Cheng Guan Zhen tie Jia Zhuang paragraph Kaisong Sunaba illegal sand mining to carry out special production equipment, to carry out the demolition and cleaning material in accordance with the law, deputy magistrate Ma Wenyi went to the site command special rectification action campaigns led by the Chengguan Town People’s government, joint law enforcement departments, participate in the special rectification action staff of nearly 30 people, 7 out of the vehicle. Through the side of the person in charge of the sand enterprise ideological persuasion, guide the removal of processing equipment, the implementation of measures to ensure the safety of the demolition site. Joint law enforcement group through on-site inspection, joint law enforcement, Wang Kai gravel field are dismantling processing equipment, sand stock is also clear, to dismantle processing equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the county government, the original stock of all complex sand flat, restored. read more

How to study the nature of the wolf in the mall for survival and development

wants to be a successful entrepreneur, not the ability is not. "Shopping malls such as the battlefield," which is a principle across the mall have embraced the influential man. As an entrepreneur, to be successful, there must be a wolf fortitude, see prey will fling caution to the winds jump on it, it was. However, how do we learn the nature of the wolf in the mall for survival and development?

A, woxinchangdan.

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nternational climbing competition Chinese swept gold bronze

After fierce competition, the two day of July 27th, 2014 China · Haidong (Ledu) international high altitude climbing classic successfully concluded, eventually, Chinese team won two gold medals, Ren Qing Rahm and Pan Xuhua respectively won the women’s championship and the difficulty women speed champion. From Russia Keke Lin Stanislav and Cheney · Ke Fu · Mikhail won the men’s race and men’s champion difficulty. Two days, in the scorching weather, the audience under the scorching sun, insist on reading every one of the players of the game, the players on the field is very moving. "I have been to Qinghai several times, as long as there is a competition in Qinghai, I will come, because to go back to Tibet, like home, like me,," said Rahm." In the end, the Chinese team won two gold medals, Rahm and Pan Xuhua won the women’s difficulty and women’s championship. At the same time, China men’s team also has two silver and one bronze Houston, Mazda won the men’s race runner up, Solange Fagafaga Zo won the men’s speed in the season, Qu Haibin won the runner up in the men’s difficult match, the silver medal in the bag.   read more

Xining water sector has measures to ensure the safety of water during the Spring Festival

Xining water (Group) Co., Ltd. multi pronged approach to strengthen the water plant production equipment and water supply network inspection, maintenance, to ensure public safety during the spring festival.

yesterday, the reporter learned that, in order to ensure the safety of water supply during the Spring Festival, the Xining water group company has taken a number of measures, one of the main water supply equipment and strict safety inspection, eliminate hidden dangers; the two is to increase the number of times during the festival inspection of water supply equipment and water supply pipeline problems, once discovered, is resolved in a timely manner; three water quality monitoring department to strengthen water quality monitoring system of water and tap water; four water supply dispatching center to develop water management plans and holiday emergency dispatch plan, strengthen the emergency plan for the implementation of the water supply network; five is the water supply emergency departments and emergency water supply team arranged a repair team, 24 hours on duty, ready at any time to repair sure, repair personnel can quickly and properly handle emergencies may encounter. read more

Xining is no longer eligible for the purchase of housing provident fund loans

Was informed that in September 5th from Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority, in order to meet the housing needs of the masses reasonable, curb speculative investment demand, formulated the opinions on promoting the healthy and stable development of real estate market. Buyers who purchase commodity housing in Xining City, no longer qualified buyers to review, and improve employee housing provident fund loans to deposit, the maximum amount of commodity housing supply structure to further improve and standardize the real estate market, continue to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market.   read more

Xining City a comprehensive strategy to ensure the stability of vegetable prices to ensure that peo

is the provincial government to seriously implement the spirit of the instructions on further improving the price stability control work, even the day, Xining take effective measures, strengthen market supervision, to ensure that the masses of people to eat cheap food and meat.

in order to control price stability, Xining city recently introduced ten measures to stabilize prices, to further strengthen the market booth fee subsidies, strictly control the zero slip. Currently, the city issued a change, business, industry and commerce departments for each beef and mutton, pork, vegetables and other stalls subsidies 300 yuan. All of the city’s morning free stalls fees and other expenses, health fees charged by half, reduce the cost of individual industrial and commercial households. At present by the Xining City Commercial Daily transported 80 tons to 100 tons of cheap vegetables directly transported to vegetables from the vegetable distribution center, distribution center area to direct sales of vegetables and market distribution, and less than 10% of the price on the market, to meet the needs of the general public. read more

Provincial Examination Management Center seven initiatives to promote the orderly conduct of the co

College entrance examination soon, the provincial examination and management center to seriously implement the spirit of the province’s admissions work, take seven initiatives to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination, smooth, orderly.

implementation of recruitment management system, strengthen the responsibility of government at all levels. After the provincial government held a provincial college entrance examination work conference, state, city and county (District) government organized recruitment examination work conference, to progressively signed letters of responsibility, layers of implementation of the examination system of safety responsibility, the responsibility to do post tasks to people. read more

Xining City West District Prosecutor into the community as a legal adviser

June 2nd, the province of the west side of the Sea Lane Street Office Lane Lane community staff Liu Jianxia is sorting the contact card on the table. West District People’s Procuratorate set up a civil administrative procuratorial work station in our community." Liu Jianxia said that the community has issued a contact card to the hands of the residents, prosecutors into the community closer to the distance with the residents.

currently, West District People’s Procuratorate has been in the west region of the Lane community, Park Lane Community and Cold Lake Road community set up 3 workstations, "in the north and meteorological community also plans to set up two workstation community evolution." West District People’s Procuratorate civil administration department staff Zhao Qincai said, in addition to the establishment of 5 workstations, the west district to set up the work of other communities. read more

Public political taxi taxi chaos

taxi, bus is one of the city’s important window, but also one of the main participants in urban transportation. Its image is good or bad, related to the city image, related to the smooth traffic. However, some of the taxi drivers in Xining City, spitting smoke inside the car, the car hit a mobile phone and bus drivers do not stop, change lanes, passengers are not off launch vehicles and other uncivilized behavior is to wipe the black image of our city. At present, the city to create a national civilized city work is being carried out in full swing, the evening news of the public to watch the political taxi, bus drivers uncivilized chaos and the city’s public transport management loopholes. read more