Ten elm furniture brand rankings

different materials, furniture products will bring differences. In the current furniture market, elm furniture as products of good quality will undoubtedly be more people’s trust. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce ten elm furniture brand rankings, which can give more consumers a better consumer choice.

ten elm furniture brand ranking NO.1, the federal – Guangdong Federal furniture Group Co. Ltd.:

was founded in 1984, China’s well-known trademarks, won the Chinese famous brand, Guangdong province famous brand, the ten largest furniture brand, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong Federal furniture group. read more

Henan announced 2016 annual list of the franchise model projects in 100

in the process of economic development, can not do without a good planning measures. This time, Henan announced 2016 annual list of the list of the franchise model, for these 100 franchise projects will be given great support to further promote the effective development of the 100.

6 month 6 days, reporters from the provincial development and Reform Commission, the province 2016 annual 100 franchise demonstration project announced, focused on the social capital investment will strong transportation, municipal and public services, a total investment of 143 billion 530 million yuan. read more

How to deal with the introduction of new advertising law

in recent years, there is no lack of investment advertising industry boasted, do false advertising company, so the new advertising law was finally introduced, in order to regulate the investment industry. So how will companies respond to the new advertising law, which began in September 1st?

brands of new ideas, in the circle of friends secretly with SAIC, think on how to write copy to deal with. In our opinion, the main reason is that the lie said three times, said every year, finally you believe it, you are used to, and now do not let you say, you are not happy. read more

To overcome the three main difficulties of entrepreneurship

every year a lot of active entrepreneurs, and ultimately successful entrepreneurs who are rare, which makes a lot of people shouting entrepreneurial difficult slogan. Indeed, entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, but if it is difficult to blindly take the business to say the wrong thing, the key is to find the right way. Here, to overcome the three main obstacles to entrepreneurship.

– from the status quo of


filed initial reason for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are often the answer is all kinds of. This reporter has visited Tianjin, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces and cities, and interviewed more than the "double star", they found that there is a common point, that is not the status quo. read more

What are the four factors that influence the turnover rate

set up shop to do business, naturally hope that the store’s turnover rate is getting higher and higher, so that the store’s business will become more and more popular, the money will earn more and more high. In order to improve the turnover rate of shops, many shops will take the means of promotion. In fact, the fundamental purpose of the promotion is through a variety of promotional tools, and ultimately enable consumers to buy their own products, therefore, for a shop, the turnover rate is king. As for the general promotional activities, the impact of the store turnover rate has four core elements. read more

Store management should pay attention to customer experience details

is known to all, the operation of any store, the details are very important matters. However, the details of the operation of a store is reflected in all aspects, which will allow operators to have different concerns. Recently, the author and a retail store owner chat, he raised a question: store management "health points" and "dead center", in the end should be settled where?

"point" and "dead center", as its name implies, is the key point to influence and decide the future of the store. Starting from the problem of the retail owner, I think of a word: details determine success or failure." Similarly, the daily operation of the store, the details may also be related to life and death. read more

Zhou Zhibing couple with 2000 yuan of the cost of a successful opening of a textile store

2000 yuan as the cost of entrepreneurship, which in many people seem to think it is incredible thing, however, the hero of this article but only rely on such a cost to achieve the success of the business. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to know such a business case, to see how they are using 2000 yuan to open their lives to become a miracle.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a Hometextile products shop. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars. read more

Roasted seafood barbecue buffet

investment Seafood Buffet barbecue which brand is better? Of course, have to choose seafood buffet Bai Bai burning, burning seafood barbecue buffet to join the fashion style, delicious, delicious and nutritious, the choice of the chowhound in essence, it is realized that: eat also eat.

white seafood seafood buffet barbecue buffet as the industry’s well-known brands, delicious fashion, health and nutrition, is a favorite of consumers, so it has become a popular investment choice. Bai seafood seafood buffet barbecue buffet to burn, awesome support, profit advantage, is easy to get rich is a good project. So how about joining this project? read more

How to operate a shop

shop for entrepreneurs in China is not a new way of doing business. But there are several stores business is getting better and better? For the first time entrepreneurs are concerned, it is more difficult, then the perfect look at how the foreign people shop.


38 year old Brian · Henry has held senior positions in the Coca Cola Co and Andersen Consulting Company, 4 years before the end of his 12 – year career from the Atlanta office, and his family moved to South Carolina resort island of Indianapolis, operating a decades old sea view hotel. Today, more and more business elites like Henry choose to pursue a slower pace of life different from the city, or to pursue a career of second in exchange for work fun and satisfaction. Although it is not easy to open a small hotel, or even physical activity, but there is a good living environment for compensation. read more

What is the magic weapon to open the curtain shop

we all hope to live in a very comfortable environment, want to create such an environment, the need to proceed from many places, such as on the curtain is very demanding, open a curtain shop, like a grocery store, not what products are in, can not arbitrarily collocation. Before the shop, to do a good job of preparing for the hardship, it is best to look at a number of mature stores reference reference, so as to better understand the product mix, market demand, etc.. It is also important to know the level of consumption in the shop before, do a good job market positioning. Here are some of the successful opening of the curtain shop magic, look at it! read more

Open a snack chain stores to pay attention to what details

details determine success or failure, on the truth that we all know, but how to pay attention to the details of the business? Let’s take a snack bar.

details: food chain stores of different investment is different: minor, not how much money, according to your financial situation, buy a knife, buy a few bottles of canned board two dishes box can also shop, investment should also have thousands of yuan can start. To say that when the business to do business, it is necessary to consider the full range of investment is relatively large (can accommodate thirty people dining at the same time the hotel about the monthly rent of 1 ~ 20 thousand, plus a total investment of staff salaries have also been ~ ~ ~ 100 thousand). read more

Yogurt to lose weight 3 days thin 6 pounds to act quickly

in recent years, weight loss has become a lot of girls slogan, and as long as people mention weight loss, will think of yogurt, then, for us to lose weight is really helpful? Answer and affirmation.

yogurt to lose 3 days lost 6 pounds? This is totally infeasible. From the heat point of view, to drink low-fat yogurt a day, only about 320 cards, and normal people a day about the intake of calories compared to 2000 calories, a lot less, it is possible to slim down. In addition, there is the effect of the whole stomach yogurt, constipation habits, can promote defecation, thereby reducing weight. But this period of weight loss will be very hungry, this rapid weight loss method will not only harm the body, and extremely easy to rebound, in the case of your diet will be more fat. read more

How to do a good job in the management of high end tea shop after joining

now, when it comes to management, not only companies have such a need, any one shop has such a need. Moreover, for any of the shops, only to do a good job in the management, will let the store to get better development. However, for many investors, how to do a good job of management is also faced with many problems. In fact, a successful business, there must be a successful management methods, a high-end tea shop to join the same is true, then the high-end tea shop to join the management? I believe this is a big problem for the tea shop franchisee, then we come to an in-depth understanding of it. read more

Reflections on College Students’ Entrepreneurship in 2015

this year, the major Internet giants have announced a narrow recruitment, it seems that the overall employment situation next year is still not optimistic. College students employment pressure year after year height, prompting more people into the path of entrepreneurship after graduation plan.

11 month, campus recruitment usher in the peak period. Data show that in 2016 the national college graduates in more than 7 million 700 thousand, plus the study abroad (course) returned personnel and unemployed graduates in the past, it is estimated that there will be 10 million people competing for limited jobs. The 2016 college students employment situation is still grim, job seekers, where to go. read more