5 scenarios that the web site should avoid when making user experience

our website to do SEO, the purpose is to do by keywords ranking optimization, from the search engine to introduce traffic, through flow transformation make money profit. To make money flow is not a single site, there is an important determinant that is "user experience"! A high traffic website, if not on the user experience hard good user experience, even if profits are limited. So when we do website optimization, don’t ignore the user experience this piece. Perhaps many webmaster know the importance of user experience, but did not know how the user experience is good, the good second-hand car network Xiaobian from the user experience to do 5 big taboo to tell us about how well the user experience. read more

Watercress now in the end Let’s use data to talk

[core tip] watercress has maintained a relatively smooth development in the past ten years. One of the success of watercress is not that it runs faster than its peers, but that it is "slow to die".

editor’s note: This article is reproduced in the watercress diary, the author authorized the boat park geek Park, the original title for "from the data to see the rise and fall of watercress.".

from March 6, 2005 formally launched, watercress has been born for ten years, at this time a little review may be appropriate. Over the past ten years, there has been a lot of criticism and doubt about watercress (most of which are probably from its users), but it is undeniable that it has created history. The pattern of watercress has so far not been replicated in China (in this sense that it has no competitors). It belongs to the "only once" historical event. Whether good or bad, it appears, for the majority of young artists, ordinary youth and some moronic young man offers a share of reading, movies and music experience of the public platform, is not an exaggeration to say that if there is no such a huge virtual cafe, the spirit of the times of life may be many poor — at least I am so. read more

The survival of local tourism websites in the crowded environment

no matter from the global point of view, or only in our domestic point of view, the Internet has reached a very high level after twenty years of development, and many industries are already close to saturation. We humans have the same sex, and if we say "no good" is called "greed", if we say "elegant", we can say "self-improvement". People are always digging a new growth point, of course, it is also because it makes the Internet both in the technology and mode has made great progress in the development of the Internet, it can be said that we also cannot do without the spirit of exploration. read more

SMS marketing industry analysis health examination industry

As a means of communication

SMS application has become increasingly widespread. From between relatives, classmates, friends and colleagues exchanges, gradually to the development of government public information dissemination, enterprise notice, business promotion and so on mass commercial applications. In the health examination industry, the application has also been concerned by the majority of medical institutions, we see that many large medical institutions have begun to use SMS marketing. Recently, such as the adjacent network has done two customers SMS marketing planning project, and share with you: read more

We need to use the brains of businessmen to do web work

an interview department head, the boss asked me: what is the purpose of doing web site? From the international to domestic, from policy to trends, I answered a lot. Before I left, the boss said: "the purpose of making a website is to make money.".

once again asked me when I was chatting with the company leader: "what would you do except to do the website?" I suddenly looked blankly. I thought: in addition to the site, I don’t have any work experience, I will in the end what? In the eyes of my colleagues and friends is a first-class technology, because they do not understand the website, so I first-class technology, but it is just this. read more

Webmaster views big PK Adsense how to look at community profit

editor’s note: the community how to profit is the hottest topic in the industry, and this topic compared to most of the webmaster, there should be more ideas and specific practices, because the site is the most direct purpose of income can make money, the profit big family will encounter this or that problem, will have this or that idea. In view of the topic "community profit", how do the webmaster look at it? The webmaster magazine invites the webmaster and the personage in the trade to discuss this topic. read more

Thick product can thin hair success no shortcut 16 years of network business gorgeous turn

Internet is the entrepreneur’s paradise, here gathered a large number of grassroots webmaster, from the grassroots to the later successful entrepreneurs, can turn is one of the few, but as long as there is still hope to. From grassroots webmaster to successful entrepreneurs, gorgeous change, believe that this is all the grassroots dream, and you are also experiencing this accumulation and change,


June 23rd A5 version invited DNSPOD founder Wu Hongsheng Wu, sharing his transformation from the grassroots to the magnificent successful entrepreneurial story, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss. read more

The way out for SEO practitioners

with the rapid development of social economy, e-commerce in China has been in full swing, and the introduction of new industries emerge in an endless stream, of which SEO practitioners are most concerned about. Now the SEO practitioner has been paid attention by many sales oriented enterprises, the urgent need to know this type of network marketing talents, so that beginners to enter the SEO industry or are preparing to enter the industry what ways of employment or entrepreneurial ways? Today is combined with some experience about the future and the way out of my own SEO practitioners. read more

New station how to do links

We all know that

, a link to new sites like an island, no one knows, the search engine is not found, how we can be better and faster to let Baidu big brother found it and included it? Below I introduce me some practice.

Forum: registered members in some forums, attention must take on character signature, then in reply, if you have time can also post, pay attention to some weight high BBS, Admin5 is a good place! Every ten minutes then replies almost, tried the effect is good.

blog: if you have time you can register some blog, if Sina type blog, remember to add some circles, that is equal to your blog, and those circles on the link, you in your blog posts, inside the circle can be seen, of course you the article is going to take your links! Although the trouble spots, but it is also a good method to increase the external links. read more

What are the standards for a good web operation manager

now, the rapid development of Internet, more and more people want to take a meal in the network, a lot of website platform from the ground, there is a saying: site easy, operation is very difficult. Many websites are not quite over 2 years ago and died, let a person feel sorry. The post operation manager gets more and more sure, a lot of the recruitment site also played the position, but no one had to specialize in the website operation manager system is introduced, the position of website operation manager is exactly what kind of? What should know? What is the choice of a good website operation manager the standard read more