DFrees ultrasound sensor tells you when its time to pee

first_img DFree monitors your bladder so you know when you need… 1:21 Share your voice Smart Home CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.CES schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. CES 2019 The main, battery-powered piece clips to your belt or fits in your pocket. You need to put the second, smaller sensor directly on your stomach with tape after applying ultrasound gel. Lights on the device will help you find the right spot. The battery only lasts for 24 hours and takes four to charge, so you’ll need to reattach the sensor everyday. The iOS and Android app will chart the daily patterns of your bladder to help predict the right time to take it off. While DFree isn’t cheap and using it isn’t nearly as easy as strapping on a wristband, I’m guessing the benefits will be worth the tedium to some in exchange for more independence and ridding themselves of diapers. 85 Photos Triple W Among the many wearables to monitor heart rate and the sensors for motion and temperature at CES, DFree by startup Triple W stands apart and serves a unique purpose. DFree stands for “diaper free” and it’s meant to help adults suffering from incontinence.After a soft launch in October, DFree is on display at the big tech show here in Vegas, and the startup behind it is offering the relatively expensive $500 sensor for rent if customers want to try it out for $40 a month. The rental program is only available to customers in the continental US, and DFree can’t yet be shipped to the UK or Australia as it’s not certified for use in those countries. (The US price converts to roughly £400 or AU$700.)The sensor itself uses two connected pieces and ultrasound to sense the changing size of your bladder. Once it reaches a customizable threshold, you can get a push notification telling you to head to the bathroom. The notification can also be sent to your loved ones if they need to help. Triple W even offers the system at a professional scale so multiple sensors can communicate with a single base station that can be monitored by nurses at a hospital or elder care facility. Now playing: Watch this: All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 Tags Comment 1 CES Productslast_img read more

Otterbox has a new iPhone case with a builtin PopSockets PopGrip at

first_img CES 2019 $999 Sprint Mobile Accessories Share your voice Comment Best Buy See it Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X See It Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Boost Mobile CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 1center_img $999 CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show. CES schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. See It Apple iPhone XS The new case, which comes in multiple color options, retails for $60. Otterbox If you’re someone who likes the idea of a PopSocket PopGrip, but doesn’t like the idea of sticking one on the back of your case, Otterbox has come up with the perfect solution: an Otterbox Symmetry Series case with a built-in PopGrip and a swappable PopTop that retracts into the case. It’s called the Otter + Pop.The key here is that the integrated PopGrip lays flush with the case when not in use. Each case comes with a case-matched PopTop color, but you can swap in another PopTop with a “simple turn and a snap,” Otterbox says. Otter + Pop is available for the  iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus starting at $60. Individual swappable PopTops start at $8. There’s no word yet on international pricing, but we’ll add it as soon as we get it. otterbox-ipxs-84-gotoblue-d-b-facet-inEnlarge ImageOther PopTops can be swapped in. Otterbox Now playing: Watch this: Some of the most anticipated tech for 2019 $999 CES Products See It Tags $999 1:07last_img read more

NASA SpaceX and Boeings ISS program is as American as moon pie

first_img Sci-Tech Now playing: Watch this: Comment Tags NASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens. 1 What life is like on the International Space Station (pictures) Share your voicecenter_img It almost sounds like the start of a joke: NASA walks into a bar with one of the oldest aerospace companies and a guy who smoked pot with Joe Rogan…But while they may sound like unlikely bedfellows,  NASA has formed partnerships with Boeing and SpaceX in a bid to get into space faster and to once again launch astronauts from US soil. It’s known as the Commercial Crew Program, and it’s been set up to help NASA get astronauts to the International Space Station (without spending too many taxpayer dollars).In this week’s episode of Watch This Space, we take a look at what these two giants of American industry bring to the table and what NASA has to gain from outsourcing its space program. Let’s break it down. NASA taps SpaceX, Boeing to bring space travel back under… What is the Commercial Crew Program?The CCP is what’s known as a public-private partnership — it’s a common way for government agencies to use expertise in private industry to get their projects completed on time and on budget. In 2014, NASA selected Boeing and SpaceX, two of the biggest names in the American aerospace industry, to help it get astronauts into space and onto the International Space Station.The idea is that Boeing and SpaceX will help NASA develop and operate the launch systems and spacecraft to get humans into low-Earth orbit and help it fulfill its obligations to help staff the ISS. Since NASA’s shuttle program wrapped in 2011, the US has been relying on other countries to get its astronauts into space, launching in the Russian-made Soyuz spacecraft as far away as in Kazakhstan. NASA wants to bring those launches back home.   NASA’s Commercial Crew Astronauts with the Boeing CST-100 and SpaceX Dragon mockups in 2018. Robert Markowitz/NASA/Johnson Space Center Why Boeing and SpaceX?While they both focus on the sky, these companies couldn’t be more different. Boeing has been around for more than 100 years and has worked with NASA pretty since its formation in the ’60s, including working on the Apollo program. SpaceX, by contrast, has been around for less than two decades, with ambitious goals to get humans to Mars, make spaceflight more affordable and even take tourists to the moon. But both companies are at the cutting edge of aerospace technology and have in-house expertise in developing, manufacturing and launching spacecraft. It’s this skillset that NASA wants to use to help it get into space faster without having the kind of cost blowouts that caused problems in the past.spacexcrewThe SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule ahead of a test flight that was later delayed.  SpaceX How will they get there?To get astronauts into space, Boeing has developed the Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner. According to Boeing, the Starliner can fit up to seven passengers, or up to four crew for missions to the ISS, alongside research cargo. It’s a reusable aircraft that can be used up to 10 times. It can land on solid ground rather than landing in the ocean (which is a first for an American-made spacecraft). And there are backup controls inside for the pilot. SpaceX, on the other hand, is using its Dragon spacecraft. SpaceX has been using the Dragon to run cargo to the ISS since 2012. (It made history as the first commercial spacecraft to visit the space station.) But the Dragon is also configurable to carry crew in its capsule section, with onboard controls, an Environmental Control and Life Support System and an emergency escape system that carries astronauts to safety with “about the same G-forces as a ride at Disneyland.” Because this is SpaceX of course. What’s the timeline? boeing-starliner-gallery-4Enlarge ImageOne of Boeing’s Starliner team members works on the spacecraft. Boeing We can expect NASA astronauts to be heading to the ISS this year, but the CCP hasn’t been without its problems. NASA has named its two crews for the Boeing and SpaceX spacecraft, though there were last-minute changes for the Boeing craft due to medical issues. SpaceX has also been forced to delay its test flights a number of times. But according to the most recently updated schedule and if all goes as planned, both SpaceX and Boeing should complete test flights by March and abort tests (to ensure systems are safe if the launch needs to be aborted on the pad or mid-ascent) before running crewed flights mid-year. The estimate is June for SpaceX and August for Boeing. After that, both companies will be certified to launch humans into low-Earth orbit and send crew members to the International Space Station. To learn more about NASA’s partnerships, check out the latest episode of Watch This Space.  23 Photos 6:19 Elon Musk Boeing NASA Space SpaceXlast_img read more

Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 will bring a new level of power to

first_img Mentioned Above Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (13-inch, space gray, 2017) $1,184 See It Razer makes its Blade Pro gaming laptop future-ready • Computex 2019 Share your voice 0 The best new gaming laptops, ranked May 30 • Computex 2019: Every announcement you need to know See it $1,399 Seventeen manufacturers are debuting with RTX Studio laptops, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, MSI and Razer.  Nvidia’s launched other members of the updated mobile Quadro line as well. There are also new Quadro analogs for the GeForce GTX 16- series, in that the Quadro T2000 and T1000 use the new Turing architecture but lack the RT and Tensor cores. However, moving to Turing still delivers better parallel processing, adaptive shaders and a unified memory architecture, which should add up to a modest performance boost. And for the budget-minded, the Pascal P600 and P500 get a bit of a speed bump for the P620 and P520, gaining more CUDA cores and slightly higher memory bandwidth. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Tags Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Acer Adobe Asus Dell HP Intel Nvidia Razercenter_img Computex 2019 41 Photos Laptops May 30 • Alienware redesigns its thin gaming laptops and offers OLED Mobile workstations with the top-end Quadro chips have traditionally been big and heavy, and frequently 17-inch models, because of the power requirements: The RTX 5000 draws between 80 and 100 watts (Nvidia’s Optimus technology dynamically adjusts), which makes it easier to adapt existing laptop designs for them. The older P5200 requires 150w.   The new Quadros are also the first generation of the company’s mobile GPUs to incorporate the ray-tracing and Tensor (for AI acceleration) cores that differentiate them from their Pascal predecessors, the Quadro P5200, P4200 and P3200. Those are becoming increasingly important as more professional software boosts capabilities via AI algorithms like Adobe’s Sensei and makes working in 3D with reasonable real-time rendering quality less painful. Like their predecessors, they’re also the only VR-ready Quadro chips in the new lineup and the only ones that can use GDDR6 memory; that bump seems to deliver a lot higher memory bandwidth, at least based on Nvidia’s specs. While I define a mobile workstation as any mobile device with a CPU or GPU that gets certified by professional software applications, Nvidia defines it by size, weight and manufacturer. That way the company and its partners can refer to these as “studio laptops” rather than using the marketing-kiss-of-death “mobile workstation” to distinguish the them from high-powered GeForce-based systems.  Nvidia’s RTX Studio badges for its high-end mobile graphics processors. Nvidia Remember the “Creator Ready” driver track Nvidia launched in March? Now that driver-release cycle has been redubbed as Nvidia Studio Drivers, though it still works with the same set of not-necessarily-Studio GPUs: Turing- and Pascal-based GeForce cards and as far back as the Volta-based Titan V. May 29 • The outrageous computer cases of Computex 2019 See All Post a comment May 29 • The laptops of tomorrow will make us even more productive — and it’s terrifying Now playing: Watch this: Preview • Apple takes light-touch approach to 13-inch MacBook Pro update The next time — or the first time — you go shopping for a laptop with at least an Intel Core i7 H-class processor, 16GB or more RAM, 512GB or larger SSD and an Nvidia RTX GPU, it may bear an “RTX Studio” sticker as part of a new program Nvidia announced at Computex 2019. But that high-powered laptop, such as the Razer Blade Advanced or Asus ROG Zephyrus GX701, doesn’t have the work behind it that the RTX Studio laptops have, which includes specific programming interfaces for pro graphics software companies to add more GPU acceleration to their applications or the workflow testing of the drivers with the hardware and software.And the Quadro RTX Studio models promise breakthrough power for video, 3D, AI-assisted features in creative applications and coding with AI. They incorporate the new Quadro RTX 5000, 4000 and 3000, the first Quadros that can be used in systems the size of Max-Q gaming laptops. And the RTX 5000 is first 16GB mobile GPU Nvidia’s been able to adapt to systems already designed around the GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q. They’re essentially workstation-class variants of the Max-Q versions of the gaming-focused GeForce RTX 2080, 2070 and 2060. That means no more needing to schlep a 10-pound Windows system or underpowered MacBook Pro for, say, onsite video editing. And photographers can finally get the 10-bit color support in Windows (i.e., Photoshop) that they need in a truly portable, though likely not inexpensive, machine.  reading • Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 will bring a new level of power to thin laptops Best Buy 1:34last_img read more

Google recreates Apollo 11 cockpit in AR for 50th anniversary

first_imgWe’ve all seen this image of Buzz Aldrin on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, but have you taken a tour of the command module? NASA Apollo 11 moon landing: Neil Armstrong’s defining moment Share your voice Many people are familiar with the highlights and major players in the Apollo program, and Google’s collaboration with the Smithsonian aims to expand that knowledge with 20 new visual Stories in Search that use photos and videos to highlight lesser-known people and details of the missions. Among the unsung Apollo heroes profiled are Rita Rapp, who developed the lunar journey’s meal plan, and Margaret Hamilton, who led development of the on-board flight software for the missions and is credited with coining the term “software engineering.”Google has also added 40 new exhibits on Apollo 11 to its Arts & Culture section, including CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite’s reflections on humankind’s first steps on the moon, as well as a lesson on how to put on a space suit. (Disclosure: CBS News is owned by CNET parent CBS.)On July 15, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch to the moon, Google plans to add several new tours and quizzes to Google Earth. This story is part of To the Moon, a series exploring humanity’s first journey to the lunar surface and our future living and working on the moon. “Using augmented reality, you can then bring the command module into your space — your bedroom, kitchen or wherever you are — to get a better sense of its size,” Google said. Another AR experience planned for later this month will offer a close-up look at Armstrong’s spacesuit.Along with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Google aims to use augmented reality, video, photos and stories to create an immersive experience that gives users a feeling of what the journey to the moon was like. Related stories Moon landing 50th anniversary: How Apollo 11 fired up the space race NASA’s Apollo missions took humans to the moon — and my dad played a part One Giant Leap shows Apollo’s missions were a giant tech leap for all of us Google has a slew of things planned for July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and on Wednesday the search giant kicks off the party with the first of two AR experiences that’ll put you in the astronauts’ boots. A new augmented reality feature lets you explore a 3D rendering of the cockpit that took the spacemen to the moon in July 1969.”Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins inspired us to learn more about space and life here on Earth,” Google said in a blog post Wednesday. “To mark this milestone of human achievement, we’re bringing you new ways to learn about this moment in history, including new perspectives and stories that celebrate the lesser-known figures who made it happen.”Click here for To The Moon, a CNET multipart series examining our relationship with the moon from the first landing of Apollo 11 to future human settlement on its surface. Robert Rodriguez/CNET The AR experience launching Wednesday promises to place users in a 3D re-creation of the Apollo 11 command module, the spacecraft that carried the first humans to step on the moon. For Google it represents another first, as it’ll be the initial opportunity for users to experience cultural artifacts through AR in Google Search.The new feature, announced in May, displays 3D object links in Search, which brings up three-dimensional models that can then be dropped into the real world at proper scale in AR. To get your command module ready, search for “Apollo 11” on any AR-compatible Android or iOS device, and you’ll get the option to see the module in 3D, allowing you to zoom in and out and explore it from all angles.center_img Post a comment 35 Photos To the Moon 0 Tags Sci-Tech Culture NASA Space Googlelast_img read more

New Harley Quinn animated series gets an extremely Rrated trailer

first_img Tags Comments Share your voice Watching Harley Quinn go off the rails in her new DC Universe series could be extremely entertaining. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET Harley Quinn isn’t the type of comic book character to follow the rules, so her new DC Universe show might as well offer something a bit more unusual than the typical animated series. Fans got a peek at the new Harley Quinn animated series at the DC Universe panel Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con. In the series, Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) breaks up with The Joker (Alan Tudyk) and tries to make it on her own as Gotham City’s criminal “Queenpin.” She also ends up teaming up with Batman and flirts with Poison Ivy, all while cursing up a storm. Even Aquaman shows up. There’s no release date yet for the 26-episode series, but fans will be able to find it on the DC Universe streaming service. Be sure to follow along with our Comic-Con 2019 coverage for the latest gaming, TV and movie news. The Joker: See all the actors who’ve played the DC Comics villain This is the first full trailer released for the adults-only Harley Quinn animated series. Previously there was a teaser shown at last year’s New York Comic-Con.The cast of Harley Quinn also includes Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer) as Poison Ivy, Rahul Kohli (iZombie) as Scarecrow, Sanaa Lathan (The Twilight Zone) as Catwoman, Diedrich Bader (Veep) as Batman, Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep) as Doctor Psycho, and Chris Meloni (Happy) as Commissioner Gordon. Other cast members whose characters have yet to be revealed include Ron Funches (Powerless), J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Wanda Sykes (Black-ish), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Natalie Morales (Bojack Horseman), and Jim Rash (Mike Tyson Mysteries). 3center_img More superheroes Doom Patrol renewed for season 2 on DC Universe See every DC Comics TV show trailer from Comic-Con: Arrow, The Flash and more Brandon Routh to play Superman again in Arrowverse crossover 14 Photos Comic-Con TV and Movies DC Comics Batman Joker Harley Quinnlast_img read more

Google DeepMinds AI could give doctors a head start on saving lives

first_img Tags 1 Sci-Tech Comment Artificial intelligence (AI) Google Acute kidney injury causes around 500,000 deaths annually in the US. Roy Scott/Getty Images Artificial intelligence is frequently heralded as the future solution to many of the world’s biggest problems, and for many experts developing the technology, health comes top of the list. London-based DeepMind, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, is working on a number of health care-based projects, and on Wednesday it published its latest research showing how doctors may be able to predict a quick-onset, deadly condition to save more patient lives. As if it’s not bad enough being admitted to hospital for one illness or injury, in-patients in medical facilities are also at risk of developing secondary conditions that can pose serious threats to their health. Among them, acute kidney disease claims the lives of 500,000 US patients every year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Acute kidney injuries can be deadly, and they pose a real problem for physicians. Not only are they incredibly difficult to detect, but they can also cause patients to deteriorate rapidly.  But using AI, DeepMind has a solution that could help doctors spot potential kidney injuries 48 hours before they occur, giving them valuable time to get ahead of the problem and potentially allowing them to prevent the condition in up to 30% of patients. In a study published in the journal Nature, DeepMind outlined work it conducted with the US Department of Veterans Affairs in which it used anonymized data to develop machine learning tools that correctly predict nine out of 10 patients who later went on to require dialysis. In future, DeepMind hopes to combine this technology with its Streams system — a medical mobile assistant that flags patient deterioration to doctors, as well as enabling communication between clinical teams and the review of medical information that allows them to make more-efficient treatment decisions. DeepMind also announced on Wednesday that researchers at University College London had successfully peer reviewed Streams, which has been used in a local hospital since 2017. They found it saved doctors up to two hours per day, as well as allowing them to review the most urgent cases within 15 minutes. “These results comprise the building blocks for our long-term vision of preventative health care, helping doctors to intervene in a proactive, rather than reactive, manner,” said the company in a blog post. DeepMind’s work on detecting kidney injuries follows similar work the company did last year, in which it used AI to detect over 50 sight-threatening eye conditions. In the long run, it aims to combine these AI detection tools with its Streams system to improve detection and reduce the costs of treating a whole variety of diseases and illnesses. Share your voicelast_img read more

Logitechs Apple Pencil alternative is on sale for 50

first_img $69 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Logitech Crayon Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Logitech’s school-only iPad keyboard and Crayon stylus are here Best Buy Logitech Apple See It Apple The Cheapskate Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? $76 CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more.  Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! See it $49 Amazon Tablets Mobile Accessories Share your voice Logitech’s iPad school tools include a pretty nice Crayon See It $49 Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Mentioned Above Logitech Crayon Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors See All reading • Apple Pencil alternative: The Logitech Crayon is back on sale for $50 See It 3:23 News • Logitech Crayon now works with more iPads, thanks to iOS 12.2 Now playing: Watch this: Logitech’s Apple Pencil alternative, the Crayon, is on sale for $50. Sarah Tew/CNET The Apple Pencil is one of Apple’s best iPad innovations, a “smart” stylus that’s great for things like taking notes, sketching ideas and creating art.But $100? Come on. That’s kind of outrageous even by Apple standards. Thankfully, there’s an alternative: The Logitech Crayon, which was originally available only to the education market but went on sale to consumers last year.Price tag: $70. Still a little steep, if you ask me. However, for a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Logitech Crayon for $50 shipped. (Should you prefer, it’s also available from Best Buy for the same price.) Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. See it at AmazonThe Crayon works with all current-gen iPads that support the Apple Pencil, including the newest iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.Despite being priced less than the Pencil, the Crayon actually has some advantages over it, as Scott Stein detailed in his Logitech Crayon preview: “Its wider, flat design is easier for me to hold, and could be easier for young kids to hold, too. The stylus also pairs instantly without requiring entering Bluetooth settings. It’s fast and angle-sensitive, too.”It also charges via a standard Lightning cable and has bright orange tips, which hopefully make it less likely to go missing. Similarly, the cap stays tethered to the Crayon, so you can’t lose it as easily as the Pencil’s end-cap.There’s just one missing feature: pressure sensitivity. Although it can produce different line weights depending on how you angle the tip, it can’t make your strokes fatter or thinner depending on how hard you push.Assuming that’s not a deal breaker, this is a solid deal on an otherwise great Apple Pencil alternative.Note: This post was published previously and has since been updated regarding pricing and availability. • Preview • Logitech Crayon finally becomes available for any iPad owner to buy Tags 18 Photos Comments Apple Walmart 4last_img read more

NASA astronaut accused of space crime rebuts allegations

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Sci-Tech 5 McClain was scheduled to perform the first all-female spacewalk in March with fellow astronaut Christina Koch, but the walk was scrubbed days before the historic EVA, due to a spacesuit sizing issue. NASA clarified at the time that McClain felt comfortable in a medium-size suit, but only one could be made available by the time of the planned walk. NASA said it would be faster and safer to change the walker, rather than the suit.A spokeswoman for NASA told the Times the last-minute change was not influenced by the allegations made against McClain.NASA didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Our future on the moon: What will the moon look like… Anne McClain during a spacesuit check prior to launching to the ISS. Sergei Savostyanov/Getty NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who spent 203 days in space aboard the International Space Station earlier this year, has been accused of identity theft and improperly accessing the private financial records of her estranged spouse, according to a report by The New York Times. McClain, a lieutenant colonel in the US Army, served as the flight engineer for Expedition 58/59 to the ISS and was set to be part of the first all-female spacewalk. It was during her time aboard the station that she allegedly accessed the bank account of Summer Worden.McClain and Worden had been married since 2014. Worden filed for divorce in 2018, months before McClain was set to launch on a six-month mission to the space station. McClain, through her lawyer, acknowledged she did access the bank account from the space station using a password that she had used previously.Her lawyer told the Times that “she strenuously denies that she did anything improper.” The access was used to ensure care for Worden’s son, who the couple had been raising together. Worden filed a complaint alleging identity theft with both the Federal Trade Commission and NASA’s Office of Inspector General. NASA’s wildest rides: Extreme vehicles for Earth and beyond Comments The Space Station Agreement, signed by the US and 14 other governments involved in the ISS, outlines the legal framework governing activities on the station. Each nation is legally responsible for their elements, equipment and personnel and for applying their own national laws in criminal matters.The accusations are being investigated by the inspector general’s office. McClain took to Twitter on Aug. 24 to rebut the claims, stating there’s “unequivocally no truth” to them and that she has “total confidence” in the inspector general’s investigation. There’s unequivocally no truth to these claims. We’ve been going through a painful, personal separation that’s now unfortunately in the media. I appreciate the outpouring of support and will reserve comment until after the investigation. I have total confidence in the IG process.— Anne McClain (@AstroAnnimal) August 24, 2019 23 Photos Tags NASA 8:35last_img read more

Republicans Sweep Peninsula Elections

first_imgComplete unofficial election results for the Kenai Peninsula with all precincts reporting:Incumbent Mike Chenault (R) wins House District 29 with 76.72% to Rocky Knudsen’s (D) 22.46%.Incumbent Kurt Olson (R) wins House District 30 with 73.71% to Shauna Thornton’s (D) 25.76%.Incumbent Peter Micciche (R) wins Senate District O with 77.4% to Eric Treider’s (Independent) 22.01%.Incumbent Paul Seaton (R), running unopposed, keeps House District 31 with 97.19%.Louise Stutes (R) wins House District 32 with 56.75% to Jerry McCune’s (D) 42.93%.Incumbent Gary Lee Stevens (R) wins Senate District P with 72.67% to Robert “Moose” Henrichs’ (D) 26.92%.last_img read more

NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Beluga Whale Recovery Plan

first_imgNOAA Fisheries is seeking public comment on a draft recovery plan for Cook Inlet beluga whales.Download Audio:According to a release from NOAA, the plan will structure efforts to bring the whales back up to a healthy population size. Once there, the hope is to remove them from the federal endangered species list.The plan includes a list of criteria that would have to be met to take the whales off the list and declare them a recovered species.Jim Balsiger is the regional administrator for NOAA. He says the plan was made with the best available science.It focuses on ten types of threats to the population and assesses the severity of each threat.They include natural disasters, oil spills, mass strandings, noise pollution, and other stressors, both natural and human-caused.Cook Inlet beluga whales have been on the endangered species list since 2008. Since 2011, the inlet has been designated a critical habitat for the species.According to NOAA Fisheries, the population is estimated to be only 340 animals and there has been a steady decline in the species over the last decade.last_img read more

19yearold allegedly lured sexual assault victims by asking for directions

first_imgA 19-year-old Nunapichuk man has been charged with seven counts of kidnapping, burglary, rape and attempted sexual assault. His was arraigned Thursday afternoon at the Bethel courthouse.Nicholas Brink repeatedly denied his involvement throughout the hearing. Witness stand in Bethel courthouse courtroom. (Photo by Lakeidra Chavis/KYUK)Alaska State Troopers arrested Brink on Tuesday. Brink was reportedly riding his snowmachine around the villages of Kasigluk and Nunapitchuk, asking women for directions. When a woman agreed to help him and got on his snowmachine, Brink allegedly took the victim to the tundra and attempt to sexually assault her, according to Alaska State Trooper Nicholas Hayes, with the Violent Offenders Unit.“There was a lot of people that I spoke to, but everybody I spoke to said that they thought that he was lying and using some kind of ruse to get them on the snowmachine,” Hayes said.Hayes traveled the villages earlier this month to investigate. While there, two women from the villages reported they were victims.“Just as of yesterday, another survivor came forward and said she was assaulted by Nicholas,” Hays said. “As of right now, we have five people that have come forward detailing some kind of misconduct that was involved with Nicholas.”Hayes says the assaults reportedly happened as far as back as this past summer.Authorities believe there may be more victims out there and encourage any survivors to contact authorities.last_img read more

Criminal justice bill amended to reduce benefits to sex offenders

first_imgSenators have amended a bill that would overhaul Alaska’s criminal justice system, taking steps that makes it more difficult for those convicted of sex crimes from benefiting from the bill’s provisions.Download AudioSen. John Coghill, R-North Pole, at a Senate Majority press availability, March 21, 2016. (Photo by Skip Gray,360 North)Senate Bill 91 is aimed at reducing recidivism, as well as the state’s prison costs. It would divert people charged with nonviolent offenses into alternatives to jail. And it would create a re-entry program to improve prisoners’ chances of success.But victims’ rights advocates had raised concerns. The Senate Finance amended the bill to make it harder for sex offenders to benefit. They wouldn’t be eligible for some of the reduced sentences available to other offenders.Bill sponsor Sen. John Coghill, a North Pole Republican, said he understood why the changes were made.“The Department of Law, the public defenders, the victims’ advocates group have all had a huge say in it,” Coghill said. “The police, who have to hold people accountable in a very, very dangerous circumstance – the way we deal with drugs – all came to the table. And I think, hammered out a better way of doing it than we’re doing it now.”He added that he’s hopeful that the bill will make Alaska safer.One amendment removed people found guilty of criminally negligent homicide from the group who would have their sentencing guidelines reduced. Some deaths resulting from drunk driving are examples of criminally negligent homicides.But the Finance Committee voted 5 to 2 to drop another amendment that would require drug tests to receive public assistance.Coghill said he believes the amendments increase the likelihood that the bill will become law, by addressing the concerns of its critics. He says alternative programs to jail will prove their value over time.“Jail time is thought more highly of than some of the programs. And I think we just have to prove that – time over time – it’s going to show that programs can change some people’s behavior,” Coghill said. “But it’s also going to show that jail time is the way the public condemns certain issues. And I think that came very, very clear through the process.”The Finance Committee could vote to send the bill to the full Senate as soon as Wednesday.last_img read more

Taking a field trip to the moon sort of

first_imgStudents at Aquarian experience Google Expeditions using Google Cardboard. (Hillman/KSKA)Today, we’re taking you on a school field trip. First we’ll stop by a shark tank before heading up to the moon. What? You want to swing by the Eiffel Tower on the way? No problem. Some Anchorage schools are experimenting with virtual reality.Download AudioA group of fifth and sixth graders sit in the Aquarian School library. At least their physical bodies are there. What they see is outer space.“Oh my god, there’s Earth!” shouts Nysherie Hardy. “It’s right on your side. It’s so small!”The students are on their way to the moon. Pressed to their faces are small cardboard boxes that are shaped like heavy duty goggles. The kids look through small plastic lenses into a sideways cell phone that shows 360 degree images of space. As they move their heads they see different views — the moon over that way, stars up above.“It’s weird looking down and not being able to see yourself,” says Nysherie.“It’s very dark,” chimes in Shelbi Craft.They say it’s a bit disorienting. “It’s like you’re there but you’re not really there but you want to be there,” explains Nysherie.The students are experimenting with Google’s new virtual reality program, Expeditions. The company and its partners have created more than 150 virtual tours of everything from coral reefs to the peaks of Everest and the Great Wall of China to Machu Picchu. English classes can visit literary sites in London. Science classes can check out dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum in New York City. Google used high definition 360 degree cameras that capture an area from all angles. With the simulator, you can’t interact with anything, but you feel like you are in the space.Ross Johnson with the educational technology department at the Anchorage School District says his department is exploring the technology because it gives students a chance to experience the world beyond Alaska.“It’s kind of in its infancy right now, so we’re really doing a lot of testing with it and looking at it to see what we can do with it. I think it’s great technology to get students to see things they usually don’t get to see.”Though the device holders are relatively cheap, about $30 for plastic versions, in order for the program to work, the teacher needs to have an Android tablet that is connected via a router to Android phones. Johnson says they are looking into ways to make it available throughout the district. The program is still in it’s beta form. Google is doing test run with schools around the world, but it’s not publicly available yet.After the kids leave the moon, they make one last stop: the Congo. The room erupts into chaos and yelling as the kids notice a Mountain Gorilla right next to them.“I wasn’t expecting it!” says one student. “And it looked so real!” says another.Nysherie shrieks along with the crowd but loves it. “I never thought I’d be, like, able to see these things, but with this, we can. It’s cool.”Students in Wasilla and at the University of Alaska – Anchorage will also test out the devices.last_img read more

Search for remains of Tuluksak resident halted as Kuskokwim ice continues to

first_imgAs the Kuskokwim river ice continues to shift and rot, Search and Rescue volunteers have suspended recovery efforts for the remains of 26-year-old Tuluksak resident Dillon Lamont.Download AudioRiver clear in Kwethluk River. (Photo courtesy of Earl Samuelson)Bethel Search and Rescue Chief Mike Riley says recovery efforts for Lamont just below Tuluksak have been suspended sue to deteriorating river conditions at the search site.“They have kinda suspended their search for Mr. Lamont maybe a week or so until conditions get better. They have pulled their equipment from there because of safety reasons, getting there. The biggest factor there, the safety part for the searchers,” Riley said.Alaska State Troopers say three people had broken through the Kuskokwim River ice near Tuluksak on the 10th. A witness assisted two of the passengers, but Lamont did not make it out. Responders presumed he had drowned and searchers have continued recovery attempts since April 11th. BSAR sent an underwater camera and other equipment for the recovery efforts. Alaska State Troopers did not assist in the recovery efforts for safety reasons.Search and Rescue Vice President Fritz Charles conducted an aerial survey of the Kuskokwim and says the ice shifted in some parts of the river.“There should be no traveling whatsoever at this point. There’s a lot of open holes in the upper and lower end of Straight Slough and the ice did shift within the half hour that we were flying at the upper end of Straight Slough. So there should not be any snowmachine or any kind of vehicle traffic on the river,” Charles said.Fritz says he expects a ‘thermal’ or ‘mush out’ for this years breakup where the lower river ice washed out first, saying the water upriver is lower than it used to be. In a story by Alaska Dispatch, Alaska River Forecast Center Senior hydrologist Crane Johnson says a similar breakup is expected this year for the Kuskokwim.Alaska State Trooper pilot Arthur Abalama says even if the ice clears up quickly people downriver should expect more ice to come from upriver.“Looks like it’s going to open up down here before it does upriver, and if the ice clears enough to where anybody can boat, just be aware there is still a lot of ice to come down from upriver,” Abalama said.Meteorologists expect the area temperatures over the weekend to stay above freezing.last_img read more

19yearold Shishmaref man honored at the White House

first_imgA 19-year-old from western Alaska was honored last week at the White House for his work advocating on behalf of communities experiencing climate change first hand. Esau Sinnok spoke to me from his cousin’s house in Nome on his way back home to Shishmaref. He was in Washington advocating for “climate equity.”Listen nowEsau Sinnok (second from the left) talked at the White House aout “Climate Equity” (Photo courtesy of the Department of Interior)ESAU: Climate equity, to me, means we’ll have available resources so that Shishmaref will have the available resources to either relocate or adapt to climate change so that our future generations can have fun and experience the lifestyle that I had the privilege. So that our future generations can live the traditional lifestyle that ancestors have been living for the past 4000 years on Shishmaref.HUGHES: In your own life have you seen changes to the climate?ESAU: Yeah, ever since I was born in 1997, we had to move about three dozen houses from one side of the island to the other because of big storm surges that happened in Shishmaref so that they don’t topple over and go into the ocean. It affects me personally because I lost a loved one. He fell through the ice when him and my dad and a few others went out to the mainland on their snowmachines on the ice to go duck hunting. And on their way back, he fell through the ice and he thought that the ice would be frozen like in previous years, but for some reason it wasn’t frozen all the way so he fell through and lost his life.HUGHES: What’s one of the messages from Alaska that you’ve tried to bring to the attention of other influencers and other leaders?ESAU: I always tell other people, where ever I go and whoever I meet, that the youth voice is very powerful. That they are the future leaders of tomorrow. It’s very important for us youth to have a voice in all these types of movements and all these types of issues. Because the future that we’re going to inherit is being decided right now and affecting my hometown of Shishmaref greatly, affecting 223 communities all across Alaska greatly. And not just in Alaska but in the Gulf Coast, in the lower 48 like in Louisiana and Florida, tose states.HUGHES: And can you tell me what it was like at the White House?ESAU: It was like a once in a lifetime opportunity at the White House. I had my goosebumps and my heart was beating every time I was there. It was like I couldn’t believe I was there. I’m just a rural village Native kid, and to experience that… it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. And I would love to get other youth involved to share the same experience. To share what I felt when I was there.HUGHES: My last question for you is what your next step is?ESAU: I’m currently studying at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Tribal Management and hopefully continue with a Rural Development degree so that I can go back to Shishmaref and run as city mayor and to experience how to lead our community. Hopefully one day I could run for Governor of Alaska by the year 2030 to represent not only the big cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks and Juneau, but also the rural communities. I wanna make a change and try to make a positive and better future so that our future generations can live in a safe environment and don’t have the problems that I’m seeing every time I’m back at the community.last_img read more

Anchorage NAACP elects new president

first_imgThe Anchorage Branch of the NAACP elected a new president last week – Kevin McGee.Listen NowMcGee said the NAACP is focused on more than just the rights of African-Americans; it is building relationships with other community organizations to stand up for the rights for all Alaskans.“We work better as a team within the entire community helping address each others’ issues to see if they can improve for the benefit of everybody,” he said during a phone interview.The election of Donald Trump has emboldened hate groups, McGee said, and puts people’s civil rights at risk.“Why are we allowing this country to turn itself — to do a 180 degree turn — and act like there is nothing wrong with this?” he said.Protecting people’s civil rights includes focusing on environmental justice issues as well, he said, because communities of color are often the most impacted by climate change and pollution. The NAACP is working with state and community groups to develop green energy options in Anchorage. They’re also working with the school district to improve math and reading scores.last_img read more

49 Japanese encephalitis deaths reported in Assam Health

first_imgGuwahati: A total of 49 deaths and 190 cases of Japanese encephalitis have been reported till July 5 in Assam, where the transmission season is at its peak, Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Saturday. Sarma said all the districts, except Kokrajhar, were currently under the influence of the disease and preventive steps being taken to combat the situation. Among the slew of measures put in place, the health department’s fear surveillance network comprising multipurpose workers, malarial technical supervisors and accredited social health activists has been instructed to collect blood samples. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us “The state government has made arrangements for free transportation of suspected fever cases from the community to the district hospital, while reserving beds for JE and acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) in intensive care units and wards,” Sarma said at a press conference here. “It will also bear the cost of diagnosis and treatment of patients,” he said. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us The minister said the Elisa (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits for detection of the virus had been distributed in district hospitals and medical colleges, and awareness was being spread. Intensified fogging operations are being carried out in affected areas and a total of 1,094 affected villages have been covered under the fogging operation so far, he said. “A round-the-clock central control room has been made functional to deal with and monitor the situation closely, and all deputy commissioners directed to step up surveillance activities in coordination with urban local bodies and village panchayats,” Sarma said. Advertise With Us He said vaccination through routine immunisation for children was currently going on, adding that adults had been vaccinated in 20 districts during 2016-17 and the remaining areas need to be covered under the programme. The central government has agreed to support the adult vaccination programme across the state this year once the Japanese encephalitis season was over, Sarma said. In addition to the combative steps, the minister said, emergency measures were being taken to overcome the situation with minimum fatality. The state will provide consolidated special transport allowance of Rs 1,000 for each JE or AES patient reaching a government hospital using own means of transport in case of non-availability of ambulances, he explained. With timely management, the case fatality rate (CFR) could be reduced to a great extent, Sarma said. “However, we recognise that the ICU facilities in government hospitals are limited. In order to overcome the hurdle, a consolidated ICU treatment allowance up to Rs 1 lakh per patient will be paid directly to the private hospital, where an AES/JE positive case has been admitted,” the health minister said. A dedicated help desk will be set up in all medical colleges to ensure faster service delivery, he asserted. “As of now, leaves of all doctors and para-medical staff, including surveillance workers (SW), have been put on hold. Any emergency leave will be granted only with the prior approval of the deputy commissioner of the district. “Unauthorised absence from the place of posting, even after the duty hours, will amount to criminal dereliction of duty and filing of FIR with police,” the minister warned. Assam is an ecologically favourable region for the spread of JE owing to heavy rainfall, large paddy fields with big water bodies, pig farming and domestic pig rearing, all of which support the virus propagation, he pointed out. Contending that JE has no specific treatment and can be cured through supportive treatment, the minister said all drugs like paracetamol, Mannitol, IV fluids and other antibiotics were available free of cost in public health institutions.last_img read more

Footpath encroached

first_imgMallapur: The footpath near newly opened Sri Chaitanya School in Mallapur has been occupied by a small vendor. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the pedestrians. During the evening time, the customers park their vehicles near the footpath, making it difficult for the pedestrians to make their way to the road.last_img