Treat Yo’ Self: Indulgent Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Totally Buy Yourself

first_img The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now The Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts SplinterWorks/FacebookIt’s all about self-love, brother.Valentine’s Day is due for a reboot. Let’s shift attention away from cheap milk chocolate and synthetic fluffy bears and allow ourselves to get lavish and practice the beautiful art of self-love. Here’s a list of treat yo’ self gifts that show just how much you love you. Whether your single or in a relationship, selflessness is overrated this time of year. XOXO you.Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate Patrón Alquimia CollectionKreuther Handcrafted Chocolate/Facebook Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate/FacebookSix bars using different chocolates, ganache, and rare Patróns make up this extravagant line by Kreuther Handcrafter Chocolates, which costs $1,000 per 24-piece box. That’s close to $50 per chocolate square … but you can’t put a cost on loving yourself. The Nigraurum bar is a marbled milk chocolate with salted caramel and Patrón Extra Anejo 5 Anos, the crimson Rubedo bar is chestnut and Gran Patrón Burdeos ganache with chestnut confit bites enrobed in crimson-hued milk chocolate, and our third favorite is the amber Citrinitas made of Quebec forest honey ganache and rare Patrón en Lalique with citrus-almond Florentine crumble in smooth dark chocolate.Treat Yo’ SelfVan Cleef & Arpels Ruby Gold Wildcat CufflinksTreat yourself like the sexy beast you are with these 18-karat gold cufflinks from the high-end jewelry- and watch-makers Van Cleef & Arpels (they used to make bling for Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Duchess of Windsor.) The fearsome wildcat with glistening ruby eyes sets us back $4,6000, but the vintage piece is in mint condition and is a reminder that you should feel as fine as a wild beast.Treat Yo’ SelfDimitri Bez Zebra BoatHello, lover. A red-orange leather interior wrapped in dark wood. All-electric. Retro-meets-minimalist modern design. We’re in love. The Zebra Boat was designed by Parisian engineer and modern designer Dimitri Bez, who swapped the common combustible engine of ski boats with a low-impact, eco-friendly electric motor and tossed out futuristic, overcomplicated boat trends for a classic, clean look. The minimalist aesthetic of the dashboard is gorgeous, with a retro-looking white wheel and details. A contrasting OLED touchscreen for navigation doubles as a video screen for while you’re floating in the open sea.Treat Yo’ SelfOliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio CigarValentine’s Day is about being big and robust. We found the cigar to match. Wrapped in a dark and oily Sumatra leaf grown in Ecuador, Oliva Serie ‘V’ Melanio blends long-leaf ligeros from Nicaragua and Oliva’s heritage leaves from Condega and Esteli with tobaccos from Jalapa. Voluptuous and indulgent, touches of creamy coffee and pepper add a surprising rich and feisty kick. Often described as, “delicious,” this 2017 cigar is the male counterpart to the diamond earrings you get your S.O. every year. (So let them know!) One of these top 10 cigars of 2017 would do also.Treat Yo’ SelfSplinterWorks Hammock BathCelebrate V-Day with a bubble bath in a floating hammock tub. This modern, industrial design by SplinterWorks was created as “the ultimate vehicle for total escapism,” blending the relaxing power of the bath tub with the shape of a suspended hammock on a continuous, curved surface (not the flat-bottom you’re probably used to). Vessel is crafted in England out carbon fiber, making the tub super strong. Now for the bubbles — we’re not talking your everyday soap suds. Fill your tub with Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé. Because why the heck not.Treat Yo’ SelfVuarnet Glacier 1957The French masterminds of eyewear have made us fall in love all over again. There are only 600 pairs of Vuarnet’s 60th-anniversary ode to its classic 1957. The Glacier 1957 comes in three colorways (we heart the warm orange lenses) and protects against UVA, B, and C rays (most sunglasses are only UVA and B). Apart from the malleable cable arms, the crown feature is the set of detachable leather side pieces that reinforce the vintage, sporty style of French skiing. They just look so damn cool.Treat Yo’ SelfTHE FORTYSIX Penthouse in BarcelonaWe love ourselves for this romantic vacay for one. Built in the 1940s by Gaudí’s close friend, Buenaventura Conill i Montobbio, this Barcelona penthouse has been redesigned by famous interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán and architect Helga Hidalg. Yes, it sleeps nine, but this trip is all about treating you, so take up space, darling. The rental is conveniently located on Passeig de Gracia, the most exclusive boulevard of Barcelona, next to the boutiques and famous restaurants like La Manzana de la Discordia. The best part: Two balconies open to unimpeded views of the iconic Passeig de Gracia and Gaudí’s Casa Batlló. You’ll be swaggering in after an evening drinking fine Spanish wine. At $615 a night, it’s a better deal than most luxury hotels.Treat Yo’ SelfBonus: You’re going to need a Valentine’s-appropriate suitcase for your trip. RIMOWA Limbo in deep red is made of light, durable polycarbonate and, at $850, you’ll have a bag for the next 10 Valentine’s trips. When it comes off baggage claim, it’ll stand out with its beauty and color.Treat Yo’ Self Some MoreArticle originally published February 6, 2017. Feature image courtesy of SplinterWorks/Facebook. 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Changes to fair elections act announced

(Update)The federal Conservatives have announced they’re making changes to a bill that critics say would rig the next election by disenfranchising voters. Friday, the minister of democratic reform announced amendments to some of the most contentious aspects of the “Fair Elections Act.”Minister Pierre Poilievre says his government is prepared to remove the requirement for all voters to show residency ID in the next election. This, after some experts and the opposition said eliminating vouching would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters. But it’s not just the content of bill C-23 that has sparked outrage among critics.Bill C-23 would have eliminated the practice of vouching — and forbid the use of voter information cards Elections Canada sends out as proof of residency.A Canada-wide online petition called it an outrageous move that would silence hundreds of thousands of voters. Local activists say its especially concerning for those without a permanent home.Tom Cooper is with the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction: “There are four-thousand people who are homeless on any given night in Hamilton and certainly the changes to the fair elections act may mean they won’t be able to vote.”It’s this type of concern. As well as early pushback from the senate, that has caused the Conservatives to back down on some of the most controversial aspects of the act:Minister for Democratic reform Pierre Poilievre announced Friday afternoon that citizens will now be able to sign an oath attesting to their local residence, but must still provide at least some proof of personal identification. But it’s not just the content that has sparked outrage among the opposition. “We think it’s completely reasonable that people present identification when they cast their ballots.”NDP MP David Christopherson: “They dropped the bill in the House of Commons and within a couple of days one of the first things they did was move a closure motion to shut down debate.”Hamilton NDP MP’s were among dozens of local residents at Hamilton city hall Friday morning, voicing their concern about the lack of public consultation on the act.McMaster University’s Peter Graefe: “The main problem with the bill is that it’s fundamental to our ability to vote and our rights as citizens and yet as citizens we haven’t had a chance to debate it.”But St. Catherines MP Rick Dykstra says the Conservatives did consult the public: “It’s had two iterations previous. It’s had thousands of minutes in the House of Commons debating it.”Other changes to the bill include:Allowing the Chief Electoral Officer to speak freely to the Canadian public about elections issues — something that was originally limited under the bill.It will also allow Elections Canada to continue to fund voter outreach programs — but only to people too young to vote.The changes will close a proposed loophole that would allow parties to spend an unlimited amount of money contacting former donors during an election campaign.And voter contact services will have to keep robocall recordings for three years instead of one. read more