Wang Guosheng stressed the need to carry out the work of poverty alleviation in tackling the major r

7 11, 2009, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee went to the east of the city of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, to further promote poverty alleviation work carried out special investigations. He stressed the need to fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping to promote poverty alleviation key requirements, implement the principle of precision, adhere to the problem oriented, unswervingly push forward the province’s poverty alleviation work.

town fifty class Yan village is located in the brain is a mountain, participatory poverty village, has been included in this year’s poverty relocation project. Early in the morning, the rain came in the construction of the class Yan village, field observation planning and construction, Huxing pattern, etc.. Lv Zhifa said to the poor family, the party and the government built a new village for us, out of the mountains moved into the new house, we are looking forward to the miles of Wang Guosheng! Wang Guosheng pleased to say that the relocation is a means of poverty is the purpose of. To move to more development, do move the poor nest and for the poor sector simultaneously, and both the housing industry, fundamentally solve the problem of poverty.

Lin Chuan Xiang dry village is located in arid mountain region, 127 households in the village has more than 40 young adults still single. A muddy lane, Li Deke, Niu Zhanshou, Niu Zhanlai wangguosheng walked into the house, see cabinet, touch Kangxi, inspect housing construction and house furnishings, asked in detail about the production and living conditions. Understand that they are due to illness. The problem wangguosheng concerns asked them to buy medicine, medical reimbursement and after removal of the agricultural production. The single young marriage, Wang Guosheng is very anxious, he said, poverty is not only to improve the income, but also improve the living environment, enhance the cultural level, so that everyone can live a happy life.

wow in Tai Zi Xiang Ma Cun, wangguosheng walked into the village office, carefully read the "poor households", "information collection table of poor households out of poverty plan" work ledger, conversation and residency work of helping the team, the village cadres, to understand the progress of the poverty alleviation work and "two a" learning education. Wang Guosheng said, to "learn a two" embodied in the specific work, the village cadres to enhance the feelings of the masses, to squat down, with people face to face, heart to heart, to do useful and good things, problem-solving things, the poverty alleviation work done on the hearts of the masses.

in Huzhu county poverty alleviation precise command, Wang Guosheng inspected the precise poverty situation of the construction of information service platform, and with the city, county, township and village four party government is mainly responsible for the work of the village members, representatives of villagers discussion. Haidong municipal, provincial poverty Alleviation Office is mainly responsible for the work report, Li Dequan, Hubei, Zhang Yunian, Bai Yongqian, Pu Xinglong state, village cadres and villagers to speak, put forward opinions and suggestions. Wang Guosheng listened to the side and made a response.

listen to everyone’s speech, Wang Guosheng affirmed the achievements of the development of various undertakings in the East Sea city. He pointed out that the majority of grassroots cadres in difficult conditions, the deep feelings of the people into the work of poverty alleviation, showing a good working condition and mental outlook.

Liu pointed out that the province’s poverty alleviation shoulder heavy responsibilities on our shoulders heavy. To fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, to promote poverty alleviation efforts to tackle the major requirements;

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