Public political taxi taxi chaos

taxi, bus is one of the city’s important window, but also one of the main participants in urban transportation. Its image is good or bad, related to the city image, related to the smooth traffic. However, some of the taxi drivers in Xining City, spitting smoke inside the car, the car hit a mobile phone and bus drivers do not stop, change lanes, passengers are not off launch vehicles and other uncivilized behavior is to wipe the black image of our city. At present, the city to create a national civilized city work is being carried out in full swing, the evening news of the public to watch the political taxi, bus drivers uncivilized chaos and the city’s public transport management loopholes.

citizen asked:

asked why the Xining West Railway Station taxi were repeated?

two Q: taxi drivers uncivilized behavior who will manage?

three Q: bus overbearing phenomenon when to put an end to?

reporter visited:

phenomenon: Xining West Railway Station taxi pricing is not charging

tourists Zhang told reporters, because of work, he often came to Xining, each time to let him have a headache most Xining taxi, taxi, taxi drivers said they do not hit the table, to carpool together with others, to 20 yuan per person.

reporter survey found that, like Mr. Zhang had the same experience of a few people. Xining West Railway Station in the past, the biggest feeling is that the taxi is difficult to fight, the bus is difficult to sit". Since the west station operation, transport authorities for residents and visitors to reflect strong problems of several renovation, but it appears the "first treatment after the rebound," embarrassing situation, management is insufficient. And police also cooperate with transport authorities to strengthen the road control, for illegal overloading of taxi, a stern warning punishment, unauthorized soliciting car rectification, but it is difficult to achieve full supervision, "rip off", "refuse" the phenomenon of repeated.

phenomenon two: brother uncivilized driving occurs when

reporter visited found a taxi and the taxi driver, emerge in an endless stream of uncivilized behavior, driving a mobile phone, car smoking, spitting, detour, refusing to pick passengers, fight off, the car is not health, free parking, cut and other uncivilized behavior to the public.

Lee talked about the taxi driver in the car smoking problem bitterly, she told reporters that she had a sore throat, most of it is the smell of smoke, a smell will stimulate the trachea began to cough, every time she took a taxi driver found that smoking will discourage the smoking ban, some drivers will consciously snuffed cigarette butts, but some are deaf. In June 28th, reporters take a taxi, the car, the driver did not ask about the destination, not civilized language, get off, do not take the initiative to provide invoices, all the way from time to time, a call comes in, the driver also have no qualms about answering the phone.

phenomenon three: bus overbearing people helpless


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