Xining City West District Prosecutor into the community as a legal adviser

June 2nd, the province of the west side of the Sea Lane Street Office Lane Lane community staff Liu Jianxia is sorting the contact card on the table. West District People’s Procuratorate set up a civil administrative procuratorial work station in our community." Liu Jianxia said that the community has issued a contact card to the hands of the residents, prosecutors into the community closer to the distance with the residents.

currently, West District People’s Procuratorate has been in the west region of the Lane community, Park Lane Community and Cold Lake Road community set up 3 workstations, "in the north and meteorological community also plans to set up two workstation community evolution." West District People’s Procuratorate civil administration department staff Zhao Qincai said, in addition to the establishment of 5 workstations, the west district to set up the work of other communities.

According to Zhao Qincai

, the prosecutor in the community, the community served as legal adviser role, mainly responsible for helping the community to do publicity and comprehensive management work, provide legal consultation and help the community’s complaint, to assist the community to do the investigation work of all kinds of contradictions and disputes mediation in accordance with the law, deal complaint petition cases etc.. Prosecutors into the community closer to the distance with the residents." Zhao Qincai said that this allows residents to feel the prosecutor on the side, not only to allow the masses to understand the full range of procuratorial work, but also reflects the procuratorial organs to combat, supervision, prevention, service as one of the functions.


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