Provincial Examination Management Center seven initiatives to promote the orderly conduct of the co

College entrance examination soon, the provincial examination and management center to seriously implement the spirit of the province’s admissions work, take seven initiatives to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination, smooth, orderly.

implementation of recruitment management system, strengthen the responsibility of government at all levels. After the provincial government held a provincial college entrance examination work conference, state, city and county (District) government organized recruitment examination work conference, to progressively signed letters of responsibility, layers of implementation of the examination system of safety responsibility, the responsibility to do post tasks to people.

to carry out a special examination before examination, strengthen the safety examination work. By the provincial examination management center, the Provincial Security Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau of the joint inspection team to carry out special operations supervision. Through the inspection of key security and confidentiality of the examination, the comprehensive management of the environment, the use of standardized exam management, personnel training and other examination and invigilation exam preparation work, to ensure that the key areas and key links for the examination work does not stay dead, do not stay hidden.

two national education examination. The provincial examination management center organized by the agencies responsible for the entrance examination, the examination staff and teachers to participate in the selection of printing papers security education and examination level two (provincial) training session. The college entrance examination, examination, system volume, personnel supervision of print based on careful screening, the qualification of security education, and signed a confidentiality undertaking.

strengthen standardized management of the examination room to ensure the normal use of the test. The province’s standardized test room construction and examination of all the college entrance examination tasks have been fully completed, to achieve the province’s paper security room, test platform video command and the overall inspection of the command function of the examination room.

carefully prepared to effectively protect foreign language listening test. The Ministry of education, provincial committee, Provincial Department of education tendering notice on college entrance examination English listening exam work strictly, organize experts to the center of the listening play equipment and standby equipment to carry out stringent testing, audition and certification, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong listening test.

enhance the ability of emergency response of the entrance examination. The revision and perfection of our province "the implementation of the emergency plan for emergency in national education examination rules", strictly implement the general office of the Ministry of education "on the measures for the implementation of the emergency plan for emergency in national education examination (Provisional) Notice", the province’s examination for emergency work emergencies were re arrangement, and then implement.

strengthen publicity and education, to create a good atmosphere. The test area to take a variety of forms, publicity and interpretation of admissions policies, rules of the examination to the examinee, exam discipline special education and punishment case warning education. Organization of the province signed a letter of intent to test the integrity of the exam, the integrity of the exam as an important aspect of the examination of the ideological and moral assessment, will be credited to the integrity of the candidates file. (author: Zhao Jing)


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