Xining City a comprehensive strategy to ensure the stability of vegetable prices to ensure that peo

is the provincial government to seriously implement the spirit of the instructions on further improving the price stability control work, even the day, Xining take effective measures, strengthen market supervision, to ensure that the masses of people to eat cheap food and meat.

in order to control price stability, Xining city recently introduced ten measures to stabilize prices, to further strengthen the market booth fee subsidies, strictly control the zero slip. Currently, the city issued a change, business, industry and commerce departments for each beef and mutton, pork, vegetables and other stalls subsidies 300 yuan. All of the city’s morning free stalls fees and other expenses, health fees charged by half, reduce the cost of individual industrial and commercial households. At present by the Xining City Commercial Daily transported 80 tons to 100 tons of cheap vegetables directly transported to vegetables from the vegetable distribution center, distribution center area to direct sales of vegetables and market distribution, and less than 10% of the price on the market, to meet the needs of the general public.

at the same time take effective measures to encourage the city’s 2 beef and mutton slaughterhouse and the slaughter of 3 pig farms in the direct way to supply the market with cheap beef and mutton and pork, has been set up in the city’s direct selling point of 143.

mobilization and organization, and Paterson Yutai Municipal Development and Reform Commission support of local meat, eggs wholesale enterprises to direct sales of beef and mutton supply parity. Municipal Bureau of Commerce in accordance with the actual contribution of the market price stability of enterprises to make appropriate subsidies. Centralized dispatching, beans, egg, cucumber, tofu, sharp spicy bean sprouts, eggplant, potatoes and other 15 kinds of recent or higher vegetable varieties, and to strengthen the tracking of transporting vegetables, especially to increase the market supply of bean products. Continue to increase the agricultural super docking efforts, called the city’s 10 supermarkets in the sale of outlets of not less than 15 kinds of vegetables, to ensure that the general public to eat cheap food.

actively mobilize the city cross department stores, department stores, xiadou Wangfujing department store, department stores and other large shopping malls in Fang per month for not less than 10 days, none 3% – 5% of the sales activities. To actively participate in the stability of the price control of enterprises in order to award in the form of reward. Also use futures supply approach, the implementation of government organizations parity vegetables, cheap meat to college direct supply, to ensure that college students eat safe meat. (author: Su Jianping)

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