Xining water sector has measures to ensure the safety of water during the Spring Festival

Xining water (Group) Co., Ltd. multi pronged approach to strengthen the water plant production equipment and water supply network inspection, maintenance, to ensure public safety during the spring festival.

yesterday, the reporter learned that, in order to ensure the safety of water supply during the Spring Festival, the Xining water group company has taken a number of measures, one of the main water supply equipment and strict safety inspection, eliminate hidden dangers; the two is to increase the number of times during the festival inspection of water supply equipment and water supply pipeline problems, once discovered, is resolved in a timely manner; three water quality monitoring department to strengthen water quality monitoring system of water and tap water; four water supply dispatching center to develop water management plans and holiday emergency dispatch plan, strengthen the emergency plan for the implementation of the water supply network; five is the water supply emergency departments and emergency water supply team arranged a repair team, 24 hours on duty, ready at any time to repair sure, repair personnel can quickly and properly handle emergencies may encounter.

public water, such as a problem, or found that the outdoor water supply pipeline damage and found violations of water behavior, can call the water supply service hotline 6145445 or 6145308.


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