nternational climbing competition Chinese swept gold bronze

After fierce competition, the two day of July 27th, 2014 China · Haidong (Ledu) international high altitude climbing classic successfully concluded, eventually, Chinese team won two gold medals, Ren Qing Rahm and Pan Xuhua respectively won the women’s championship and the difficulty women speed champion. From Russia Keke Lin Stanislav and Cheney · Ke Fu · Mikhail won the men’s race and men’s champion difficulty. Two days, in the scorching weather, the audience under the scorching sun, insist on reading every one of the players of the game, the players on the field is very moving. "I have been to Qinghai several times, as long as there is a competition in Qinghai, I will come, because to go back to Tibet, like home, like me,," said Rahm." In the end, the Chinese team won two gold medals, Rahm and Pan Xuhua won the women’s difficulty and women’s championship. At the same time, China men’s team also has two silver and one bronze Houston, Mazda won the men’s race runner up, Solange Fagafaga Zo won the men’s speed in the season, Qu Haibin won the runner up in the men’s difficult match, the silver medal in the bag.  

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