Datong county departments to take measures to jointly implement the work of the special rectificatio

6 on the morning of 27, Datong County Organization of Chengguan Town, land, water, forestry, environmental protection, transportation, county mining center and other related departments staff focus on remediation of Cheng Guan Zhen tie Jia Zhuang paragraph Kaisong Sunaba illegal sand mining to carry out special production equipment, to carry out the demolition and cleaning material in accordance with the law, deputy magistrate Ma Wenyi went to the site command special rectification action campaigns led by the Chengguan Town People’s government, joint law enforcement departments, participate in the special rectification action staff of nearly 30 people, 7 out of the vehicle. Through the side of the person in charge of the sand enterprise ideological persuasion, guide the removal of processing equipment, the implementation of measures to ensure the safety of the demolition site. Joint law enforcement group through on-site inspection, joint law enforcement, Wang Kai gravel field are dismantling processing equipment, sand stock is also clear, to dismantle processing equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the county government, the original stock of all complex sand flat, restored.


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