Chinese water tower a river of water flowing forward

in recent years, Sanjiang is located in the source of Qinghai Province, actively practice the concept of green development, the ecological civilization construction in a prominent position, to improve environmental quality as the core, to actively implement the water pollution prevention action plan, efforts to promote the transformation of the mode of environmental management, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang river water quality remained stable with excellent exit "Chinese water tower," a river of water flowing forward.

Qinghai ecological location is an important ecological barrier in china. To protect the Sanjiang source, to protect the "Chinese water tower", is a major responsibility for Qinghai duty and let not a mistake. In accordance with the requirements of the overall deployment of the provincial government and highlight the ecological protection as a priority, the all-round implementation of the province’s environmental protection departments under the new normal environmental protection new initiatives, and actively explore the reform of the field of environmental protection, continue to promote pollution prevention and control work in key areas, watershed, pay close attention to the weak link to complete the task of pollution reduction, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of agricultural and environmental law enforcement supervision in the environment, and promoting the focus of work.

in the prevention of water pollution, according to the national "ten water" and "work plan", our province in the source region of Sanjiang focus on promoting the function of water conservation and maintenance of non-point source pollution control, in Qinghai Lake and Heihe in the inland river basin, focusing on the implementation of the source of life and livestock and poultry source agricultural non-point source pollution in the Yellow River river. Accelerate the construction of environmental protection infrastructure and promote the ban, the designated support area, in the Huangshui River Basin in the realization of focus on watershed pollution control accuracy, linkage, systematic, scientific, connectivity breakthrough. At present, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River River, Lancang River and Heihe Qinghai water quality remained stable and excellent; a standard rate of province Huangshui Section IV water quality is 83.3%; the water quality of Golmud river reach above class III standard. The province’s county-level cities and towns centralized drinking water source water quality in line with the national drinking water sources to maintain good water quality.

at the same time, the environmental protection departments at all levels to severe punishment, iron pollution, and always keep the pressure to crack down on environmental violations, to promote the formation of the new normal environmental law. It is worth mentioning that this year, our province environmental protection departments at all levels to strictly implement the new "environmental protection law", strengthen the cohesion in environmental law enforcement and judicial cooperation, and constantly improve the linkage of law enforcement and case to check the handling mechanism, there will be the case investigation, prosecuted, and severely punish environmental violations, suspected environmental pollution crime the case was found severely dealt with, transferred together, to form a joint force to combat environmental pollution crime.


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