On New Year’s Eve the secretary made dumplings for us

      February 7th lunar New Year’s Eve, the family reunion, the moment, the party secretary Wang Xiaolai to Xining City Social Welfare Institute, visit condolences to the welfare of the elderly and personnel work, and everyone together to make dumplings, eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve, greet the 2016 spring festival. City leaders Zhang Xiaorong, Zhang Yonghai to participate in the activities of sympathy. "We have a new year call for the old people!" Step into the orphanage, Wang Xiao went to the old people, greetings, send new year wishes. The old men are happy to say that they eat well, dress well and live well in the welfare home. Wang Xiao was very glad to hear the old man’s words. He said that today is the thirty year, we come to see you, to the old people pay a new year’s day, I wish you good health and longevity of the elderly, happy and auspicious year of the monkey. Then, Wang Xiao to pay condolences;

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