Luo Yulin in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone investigation of enterprise producti

in July 29th, 30, the provincial Party committee, vice governor Luo Yulin of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the implementation of the province’s economic situation analysis of the spirit of the meeting, thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment "activities and the production and operation of enterprises and construction projects to conduct research.

Luo Yulin stressed that this year, affected by the macroeconomic environment, the domestic and international market downturn, shrinking market demand, corporate profits decline, the province’s industrial economy downward pressure. Provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to the current economic situation, the timely convening of the province’s economic situation analysis will be arranged to focus on the second half of the work. The development zone should seriously study and implement the spirit of the meeting, adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, good in quickly, the "growth" as the primary task, dependable growth and transfer mode, adjust the structure, increase stamina, work closely together, to further clarify the development goals, accelerating enterprise technological progress and transformation, efforts to promote transformation and upgrading in order to ensure, and make greater contribution to the province’s industrial economy steady growth.

in Dongchuan Industrial Park, Luo Yulin has in-depth Qinghai thinking Copper Co., Ltd., Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. and other six companies field research. He asked the park to be faced with difficulties and problems faced by the current production and operation of enterprises, timely adjustment of ideas, active service, and do a good job financing, guarantees, project reporting and other work. Enterprises have difficulties in the market to seriously thoroughly, combing the queue, identify the crux of the development of practical and effective measures to ensure stable production and management to ensure the normal production and operation of enterprises. To tap potential, expand the scale of the industry to Asia silicon industry three 9000 tons of polysilicon project, 100 thousand tons of electrolytic copper copper thinking construction projects, accelerate the development of emerging industries with new energy, new materials, and strive to cultivate new economic growth point.

in the Gan River Industrial Park, Luo Yulin toured Qinghai Vientiane Magnesium Aluminum Co. Ltd., Qinghai copper limited liability company and other six enterprises detailed understanding of production and operation. He stressed that it is a favorable opportunity to adjust the structure, promoting the transformation of the market, to make full use of forced mechanism to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode of development; to further accelerate the construction of key projects, on large projects, timely understanding of the progress of land, environmental protection and other issues involved in the project construction, active communication and cohesion to do service work, coordination. Seriously solve the constraints of the park’s power, transportation, finance, land acquisition and other bottlenecks, and constantly improve the capacity of the park. The production capacity has not yet been put into operation of the project, we should pay close attention to the organization put into operation, as soon as possible the formation of new capacity. To stop production enterprises, to take a business one policy approach to help enterprises resume production as soon as possible, to ensure the steady growth of the park economy.

in the industrial park, Luo Yulin went to Jiangsu Hongdou Group, Wahaha Group, Qinghua Bozone and other eight enterprises to understand the market, technological innovation, project construction and other details. He asked the biological industrial park to build a national high-tech industrial park as an opportunity to further clarify the development of positioning, to enhance the transformation, transformation or;

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