Xining Qinghai National Ecological Park pilot was approved by the State Forestry Administration

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, recently, including Qinghai City, Xining City, Jiangsu Province, Zhangjiagang lake, including 10 National Ecological Park (pilot) was approved by the State Forestry administration.

according to the approval, Xining will focus on the planning and implementation of Xishan wildlife viewing area, Nanshan scenic area, the eastern Beishan tourism scenic area, beautiful garden area, Tibetan Plateau modern forestry science and technology demonstration park, the scenic wetland park scenic construction, will build a national ecological city park garden district ".

it is reported that Xining "North South confrontation between two mountains, the geographical pattern of the north and South Mountain intersection Sanchuanhe" has become an important ecological barrier in Xining city. The national ecological park construction based on the southern Beishan 60 years of afforestation achievements, the integration of North and south forest area has been built by the scenic spots, perfect green irrigation system, network system and forest management system, overall planning and a number of city forest tourism projects, provide a plateau forest landscape characteristics of Tourism Leisure space for the public, the the national ecological park to become showing the results of ecological construction of Xining city window.

, the construction of the Eastern scenic area to the Nanshan green barrier in eastern forest area as the main body, the fusion Ning Hu wetland landscape, landscape, plant Red Valley plateau characteristics of historical and cultural landscape, Fu Shixia breeze Zhai city ecological protection forest landscape as a whole, through the various scenic spots in space, function, coordinate the integration of landscape and so on and the reasonable layout, the formation of both historical and cultural connotation, with modern forest culture, wetland culture, sports and leisure, health experience and other functions of forest tourism scenic area, Xining city will become one of the national ecological park main scenic spots.

The modern forestry science and technology industry demonstration zone in Qinghai Tibet Plateau

project to fight to the sports spirit "as the theme, with" green ecological construction characteristics of Mountain Park, healthy garden, garden "as the goal, in accordance with the" overall empty one, one axis, three kilometer "layout, through the implementation of multifunctional tourist service center, leisure square, outdoor sports facilities, public service facilities, landscaping, roads and municipal infrastructure construction, will build a financial public sports and leisure sports, plateau characteristics in one of the mountain special fitness sites, around the city of Xining has become one of the national ecological park and the main attractions.


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