How is the whole site Deli right

people working and learning are very busy, no time to cook their own food, cooked food choices are more people, more and more food Lo now appear in everyone’s life, at the dinner table is everywhere, either dinner or eat their own relatives and friends, they love to buy some food back to eat. Cooked food market, but also caused a lot of entrepreneurs concerned, many people have chosen to open a deli. Here to tell you how to open a shop how to choose a restaurant.

first rent a good store, open a deli, lot to the point of concentration is appropriate, shop facade should be the farmers market, residential areas in the shop, where the target customers will be relatively concentrated, good business. Followed by the unit canteens, supermarkets take out wholesale distribution, business is not bad. Year rental housing around $10000, and then spend thousands of dollars to store a simple decoration, you can open it.

What are the daily turnover and profit of

Deli? According to the survey, the daily turnover of food stores ranging from 800 to 10000 yuan, the average daily turnover of more than $1500 of cooked food market accounted for more than 60% of the market, or the income is very good.

a medium-sized Deli, processing site of about 20-30 square meters, operating area of about more than and 10 square meters. Business can be a large number of glass panel decoration, not only to facilitate customers to see the food, but also play a role in dust, transparent consumption. Cooked food processing room, wash, cut, burn all the necessary equipment to complete the process, and comply with the relevant requirements of the health sector.

although cooked food business is small business, the cost is not very high, but can not rely on the way to attract customers to lose money, must be quality service to obtain a normal profit. Long term to provide customers with quality services and better variety, in order to continue to develop.

this business do not need high cost, is a good small business project, interested not miss, start a deli, not only need to choose good food brands to join in the choice of shops, to be thoughtful, choose a better place, the flow of people more, will bring greater market. I hope to introduce the above to start the business of how to open a shop location, you can help.

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