Farmers entrepreneurship must be vigilant beware of false advertising

information society, a large amount of information, but the quality of information has been a lot of water, a lot of false information filled with people’s lives. Farmers and friends can not help to deal with advertising. The identification of true and false advertising is particularly important. The day before, a farmer saw in the newspaper in an enterprise of Henan Gordon has set up factories in our factory investment "advertising, advertising commitment processing clutch, monthly cash settlement and free of charge for spare parts and technical guidance, and many farmers for gospel truth" factory ", and repeatedly sent to each other, the result is deceived. In general, the false advertising to defraud the farmer friends, as long as the farmer friends to use their brains, is to avoid being in the market economy conditions, farmers and businesses are mainly linked to the interests of the link up. So, as long as the friends of farmers themselves and the interests of business compare, if not to achieve a win-win situation to a certain extent, the ads are mostly on advertising.

of "recycling products" advertising to add analysis, not easy to believe. Just imagine that there is such a good thing, advertisers have raw materials, equipment, but also worry about sales, can continue to expand their production of their own, why spend huge sums of money to seek cooperation in advertising processing it? This is a serious violation of the law of value, do you believe it can not be deceived?

A, where simple things, the total is unlikely to be profitable. Therefore, the temptation to large advertising content, can not easily believe.

two, for the high technology content of the rich project, are looking for industry consultation, be aware of on-the-spot investigation, and then contact the actual advertising.

three, the advertisement that has encountered base, must be careful to base visit, listen to the opinions of the masses and the surrounding near the base, trap words should not believe people sell "".

four, any one of the project profitable, first consideration must be relevant to the industrial policy of the state, the second is the market prospects, technical content, and finally see the local conditions are suitable, do not apply the advertisement profit formula and blind operation.

five, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and other new technologies, new products, to understand the actual effect. Only the new technology and new products that have been proved by practice can be believed.

six, rich project once selected, must sign a contract with the advertisement, and the law of notarization. Before the contract is signed, it is necessary to carefully consider each of the terms, especially the "association"

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