Give your pet a bath

relative to people, pets may be more dirty, but they generally do not take the initiative to clean themselves, it depends on the owner. But many owners are not proficient in this area, there is not much time, so how to make pet cleaning has become a problem for many people, so open a pet bath shop, the owner will not be stingy!

for pet owners, pet bath at home, not only trouble, and sometimes it cannot give their pets do thorough cleaning, or even to live in the building family, will pollute the indoor environment, thus, certainly, open a pet shop for pet bath bath, to solve it a "problem" for family pets, the prospects will be very good.

also need to prepare some routine medical equipment and drugs, such as in the care of a small accident, such as hemostatic powder is a must, the pet hemostatic powder priced at more than $200 per bottle. To do business operators to bath pet shop, select the store location is very important, although the store is not too big, but the location must be better, the best choice in the pet concentrated high-grade apartments, where most people have money, don’t say for their pets to spend a bath, is a high-end beauty for their pets, they are willing to spend money.


if the holder of the national certification examination Quanlei beautician association senior professional pet trainer, salary is higher, the highest was 6000 yuan. Open pet shop operators, the different size of the pet, the price of the bath should also be changed, the general small size of the pet close to 30 yuan, large plush pet close to $100 – $80.

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