Dayu County Ganzhou to create entrepreneurial dreamworks

the advent of the era of entrepreneurship, not only benefit from the developed cities, towns and villages in this era of the wave of the impetus of the development of new vitality. Farmers start their own businesses to help poverty alleviation task has a practical plan.

A, stimulate entrepreneurial innovation and vitality of the body

1, improve and perfect the business service system, actively cooperate with relevant departments to integrate all kinds of entrepreneurial resources, give full play to resource integration and amplification effect, promote the national enterprise; actively provide project development, entrepreneurship training, policy advice, microfinance and Easy Access "tracking services for entrepreneurs to extend the business service system network.

2, strengthen vocational skills training, focusing on docking Industrial Park enterprises. Improve the "order type", "orientation", "school enterprise cooperation" training mode, and vigorously promote the work mode of "three-in-one recruitment, employment, training, strengthen the focus of investment employment docking training, strengthen the Industrial Park orientation training, innovative training methods, Ti Gaopei training pertinence and effectiveness, to meet the various skills the demand.

3, the development of new professional farmers training. Encourage migrant workers to return home to carry out entrepreneurship training, enjoy the new national vocational training of farmers free training policy, cultivate a group of culture, understand technology, will operate a new professional farmers. This year, a total of 15 classes of migrant workers returning home training, training staff of more than and 400 people.

two, improve the business innovation of investment and financing environment

1, to strengthen the intensity of micro loans, the formation of entrepreneurship training + microfinance linkage mechanism. The microfinance and entrepreneurship training organically, from participating in the training, selection, project business guidance to achieve one-stop full service to provide loans to support the implementation of tax relief, Follow-Up Services and other sectors, and truly support a successful one, help a lead a group.

2, direct financing through the capital market listing, has now recommended 6 companies listed on the new board to cultivate enterprises, the company’s equity financing to Shenzhen, Qianhai, a regional trading center. Strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship through Guarantee Corporation secured loans. Dayu tungsten Guarantee Corporation has been officially opened in July, and has accepted the application of 7 guarantees, has issued loans for the 2 companies $10 million.

3, by lending money to get support. Up to now, has 26 companies to provide 45 loan lending funds 275 million yuan. Strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship through the main financial Park pass, small micro pass, benefit farmers through access to financial support. Up to now, Choi Yuen Tong loans 188 million yuan, small micro pass loan has been recommended by the government

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