Dry cleaning franchise investment guide

laundry needs to be classified, some of the fabric is relatively special, need to get dry cleaners. Now do dry cleaners or more profitable. Open a small dry cleaning franchise stores, can provide a lot of convenience for the lives of residents, but also can make their own easy profit. The following is the profit analysis of dry cleaning stores and investment guidance.

to suit for the cases we often dry cleaning, cleaning suit dry cleaners large price at around 30 yuan, while the small dry cleaners charge 15 yuan, on the passenger flow cell, the number of clothes we receive in one day at about twenty or thirty, turnover of five hundred yuan, according to this our algorithm, one month turnover in ten thousand or twenty thousand between 20 thousand, and because of the small dry cleaning shop rent is relatively low, one thousand yuan can solve, plus many couples to style mode of operation, so that small dry cleaners in wages, utilities and related expenses in addition to everyone, the dry cleaners profit surplus under can reach about ten thousand yuan a month, it is a good choice for investment.

for medium-sized dry cleaners, often opened near the train station, because traffic will be much more than the dry cleaners, so small, according to the day of the reception of guests on the fifty or so, minus the cost of investment, the profit will be in the thirty thousand to fifty thousand yuan, this is mainly due to the increase of passenger flow.

in addition, dry cleaners in investment choice, we can also to join the main, such as large dry cleaners franchisees — dry cleaners aunt Marie. It is a national laundry chain brand, has been assigned to Chinese laundry equipment development, aunt Marie is all from the top of the world’s advanced equipment, the dry cleaning chain stores business is also very good. At present, it is to recruit to the franchisee, free training to join to everyone, not only teaching experience, teaching and management program, want to join the choice of friends, may wish to choose the dry cleaners aunt Marie, aunt Marie recommended up business

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