College students need to guard against nternet fraud

in recent years, the enthusiasm of college students choose to start an unprecedented upsurge, more and more college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. But at the same time, the enthusiasm of college students, some of the phenomenon of college students online fraud also emerge in an endless stream, causing people’s attention. Below, we take a look at the need for college students to prevent the network loan fraud.

At the beginning of the

XX, the government introduced policies to encourage college graduates to start their own businesses, and provided a series of preferential policies for college students to start their own businesses. However, such a policy has been exploited by criminals. Because of the government’s policy to support local entrepreneurship loans related to the introduction of the application conditions are different, some relatively cumbersome, some higher requirements on the loan conditions, coupled with the students just out of school to enter the society, lack of social experience, which will create an opportunity for the motives of acts. They lack of social experience for college graduates, for the loan program, the matter is not familiar with the use of the Internet virtual institutions, after obtaining their trust in a variety of requirements to cheat money.

for the college network business loan fraud, the police to the majority of college students want to put forward some preventive measures and advice:

A, confirm the authenticity of the web site. When browsing the Internet is best on the regular site, as long as it is automatically out of the web page or web site, it is recommended not to mention.

two, confirm the authenticity of contact. For the contact left on the site, you can call 114 to verify the phone number of the address, to confirm the phone number attribution and the site registered company address is consistent.

three, send money, transfer to be cautious. I believe that as long as the mind is clear, not greedy, do not believe, cover their pocketbook, you can reduce the risk of being cheated.

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