Baby shop to have their own brand story

baby shop in order to survive and develop, not only rely on product and promotional activities, but also to let the baby shop has its own brand story. Since the "story" for the brand is so important, then, how should we explain their brand story?

1, brand attention is what?

is concerned, baby franchise stores, as a sales channel, how will a new brand of rapid promotion success; how will a little-known brand made regional famous brand, how the brands and brand promotion and construction joint. Perhaps, the store and the success of the brand is the story of these brands are concerned about.

2, consumers are concerned about what?

3, employees are concerned about what?

What they care about

segment of the audience and the story the story, then, as the baby franchise stores, to create their own brand through the story, we all need to accumulate and interpretation of the story of what?

describes the founder’s own story, this story can inspire the staff and their own together;

about the values of the story, this story can help employees conduct market operation with the original judgment and control;

about joining the brand recognition story, this story can help companies will own plastic cause why, forming segment and competitors;



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