Employment entrepreneurship at home

To optimize the

entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial support is getting better and better, a lot of people to start a business at home, do not leave the hometown to live a happy life, is more migrant workers wish, I believe in the future, this desire to have more people to achieve.


2016 years after the Spring Festival home, he came to his brother Zhang Qing felt factory, with their many years of sales experience, to help his brother management plant. In recent years, Hebei city of Xingtai Province in the light of its general trend, take measures to promote rural labor to solve local employment, entrepreneurial people, financial and material resources, production, supply and marketing and other practical problems continue to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship, and actively provide infrastructure, entrepreneurial guidance agency license, ten Park Services for entrepreneurs. Many migrant workers from migratory bird migration to return to the home employment and entrepreneurship, make money family two no mistake, a true portrayal of their lives.


3 29, Zhang Yaozong (left) and his wife in the finishing process of their own workshop in the felt oil seal in the workshop of the Shang Rujia. Below: March 29th, Zhang Yaozong (left) and his wife in the living room with three year old son to play in the living room of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year in the year of. The 27 year old Zhang Yaozong is Hebei city of Nangong province Chui Yang Zhen Xiao Zhang village, and his wife is Rujia married in 2013. In order to support his family, he went out to work and wander around. In recent years, with the increase of the small and medium-sized enterprises to support efforts, Zhang Yaozong’s hometown of Nangong city of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually increased, the Spring Festival in 2015 to Zhang Yaozong at a friend’s introduction, he opened a workshop, a village factory accessories blankets.


4 4, He Chengjun, aged 40, in Xingtai City Development Zone, a workshop inspection equipment production workshop. Below: in April 4th, He Chengjun (middle) in Xingtai home to take care of bedridden father. 11 years ago, He Chengjun graduated from Xi’an University of technology and then to Suzhou, in Suzhou, a company to do die pre-sales service engineer. After marrying in 2006, a variety of daily life one after another, the couple separated, elderly, unable to take care of the child is sick, but the Suzhou enterprises paying benefits or attracted He Chengjun, until September 2015 to return home to visit relatives, He Chengjun and friends chat learned that, in recent years, the state recommended

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