Dessert can also be integrated into the nternet thinking

traditional shop management although it is still feasible, and now the dessert market demand is very large, however, if you can not break through in the above business, will not be able to make a better development of shop operators. So, if you want to make the dessert shop business is more and more popular, you can also integrate into the Internet thinking, so you can make the business of the shop has a more popular good development.

Chen opened a dessert shop, the flagship product of Mesona taro, handmade, flawless impeccable. Immortality – 15 yuan taro 1 bowls, two 25 yuan. A good day to sell more than and 200 copies of the business, the business is not good, but also to sell more than and 50 copies.

later, Chen has injected into the Internet thinking.

1, as long as you buy any milk tea in the shop, taro round only need 10 yuan. Milk tea cost is low, sell 8 dollars a cup; this he can sell every day on the 500 round +500 cup of tea;

– this is called affiliate marketing

2, and then do not want to send milk tea free of charge, you only need to buy taro round + store any product

– this is called free strategy

3, come more and more people, busy. Chen thought the idea, as long as the customer to pay 12 yuan, you can own DIY modulation milk tea, cold drinks.

– this is called UGC

4, more and more people, as long as you are an old customer, Chen to provide new free tasting experience.

– this is a rich product line

5, if the customer recharge more than 100 yuan, enjoy all the goods in the shop offers 20 percent off.

– this is called membership system

6, combined with the mobile Internet site, mobile terminal / WeChat single, that is, to take.

– this is called platform strategy

7, Chen Chen wrote an article to promote the article called, there is such a sweet shop, a bowl of 78 years of continuous ice to eat also want to eat! Posted everywhere

– this is called soft Wen promotion

8, more and more guests, Chen decided to open a branch

looking for bank loans – this is called financing

looking for relatives and friends

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