Children’s clothing entrepreneurs need to familiar with the heart of the six big sales skills

with the development of the domestic second child policy, the children’s clothing industry will usher in the boiling period of development, has long been a number of entrepreneurs will invest in the direction of the industry. So for children’s entrepreneurs, the need to master what management skills, the following six practical sales skills can not be unknown.

1, do not always look at the customer, can not be entangled. Customers will be kept at ease if they want to shop easily.

2, regardless of the size of the store, should allow customers to feel rich clothing, you can choose. However, the types of clothing, or to tie in with the local customs and the class of customers, and toward specialization.

3, don’t force the promotion. It’s not the clothes that customers like, but the clothes that sell to customers. This is what Panasonic calls "customer purchasing."". It is helpful for the customer to consider which clothes to help him, but also to consider his hobby.

4, the transaction object as their loved ones. Whether or not the customer’s support determines the rise and fall of the store. This is the emphasis on interpersonal relationships. To put the customer as one family care, will get the customer’s favor and support. Therefore, we should be honest to understand the customer, and the right to grasp their actual situation.

5, the blame for the customer as the voice of god Buddha, regardless of what to blame, be happy to accept. "To listen to the views of customers" is the focus of Mr. Matsushita often stressed to the staff, after listening to the immediate action. This is a necessary condition for a good clothing store.

6, the sale of the pre sale service is not good, this is the law of the eternal customer. A clothing store success, depending on whether the first time to buy a fixed customer prosperity. It depends on whether you have the perfect after-sales service.

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