For entrepreneurs to recommend ten must see the entrepreneurial workplace movie

although entrepreneurs will work as a major part of life, but also need to rest, give yourself a chance to relax the soul. Here for entrepreneurs to recommend ten movies, known as entrepreneurs must see the 10 movies, the rest of the leisure to bring a different revelation.

the following is every entrepreneur should see the 10 film:

1.  social networking: it’s not surprising that social networking was a big hit in 2010. After all, everyone wants to know about Mark · how did Zuckerberg become the founder of one of the world’s most popular social media.

2.  "money worship": Based on David · the Pulitzer prize winning play of the film, the film tells the story of the highly competitive real estate market in Chicago. "From the angle of" Glengarry Glen Ross more deep depicts people in order to succeed in business intrigues, the mutual betrayal of the ugly.

3. , "the legend of the Silicon Valley": this TV self made film was released in 1999, which tells the story of the early days of America’s leading science and technology center, as well as the rise of Bill ·, the and the ·, and the rise of the rise of Jobs, and the rise of the. The documentary style film shows the life of Microsoft and the founder of Apple Corp from an interesting point of view.

4.  "citizen Kaine": even if you are not entrepreneurs, also recommended to watch this by Orson Wells in 1941 launched a masterpiece of ·. The film revolves around the fictional characters – newspaper tycoon Charles  Forster  Kane

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