Baby stroller ten brands list

baby to toddler age, in the current era of science and technology, a lot of new era products continue to play a role in which the baby walker is a good product, has been recognized by numerous parents. Here, small series to introduce the baby stroller ten brands list, so that parents have a more clear shopping reference.

baby walker from the west, is the baby will walk before the means of transport, generally by the chassis frame, hanging seat, toy box three parts, belonging to the toy stroller. Walker can be appropriate to assist the baby to learn to walk, with a toy Walker also has a "entertainment" sexual function, for the training of the coordination of the baby’s body movements have some help.

Under the premise of ensuring the safety and proper use of

, walker provides a convenient tool for the baby to learn to walk, but also to liberate the mother’s hands. However, if the walker is not appropriate, will also have a negative impact on the baby to learn to walk. So, baby walker what brand is good, following with the small series to see the baby stroller ten brands list.

baby stroller ten brands list NO.1: good kids

good children (China) trading company, founded in 1989, the leading brand of durable juvenile products industry, covering the baby crib / seat / clothing supplies category, the ultra small size folding stroller especially concern.

group was founded in 1989, is one of the important members of the world children’s products industry, is currently China’s largest professional children’s products business groups. Goodbaby Group adhering to " health, wisdom and love " concept, to care for children, family service " " for the purpose of research and development, specializing in children’s products manufacturing, distribution and retail, to provide a full range of articles for the world family. " good child " in China’s children’s products industry has " China well-known trademark " the title.

" good child " caring and accompanying the healthy growth of the world’s children, providing a scientific parenting program for each family from the stage of pregnancy preparation to preschool. " good " for baby stroller, crib, chairs, children’s clothing, feeding supplies thousands of children’s products for children, and provide professional Parenting Network, parent-child club, call center and other comprehensive and gapless service for young parents.

baby stroller ten brands list NO.2: baby good

baby baby products Co., Ltd. Zhongshan, the ten major brands of baby stroller, Guangdong Province, the famous brand, >

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