How to design the cafe lights

a physical store business will be how, in fact, there will be a very big relationship with the lights. So, if you want to successy run a shop, it is necessary to do a good job of lighting design. The general store’s neon light is the best representative of the effect of light. Of course, the light of the cafe is not limited to neon lights, the use of light is the first to guide customers to enter, under the appropriate light taste of coffee. Therefore, the total brightness of the light to be lower than the surrounding, in order to show the characteristics of the coffee shop, so that the formation of elegant coffee lounge environment, so that customers can follow the light into the warm coffee shop.

if the light is too dim, the coffee shop will show a dull feeling, is not conducive to customers taste coffee.

secondly, light is used to attract customers’ attention to coffee. Therefore, the dark lights of the bar, coffee may seem old and mysterious appeal.

coffee products, is brown, dark, dark coffee, will absorb more light, so if you use a soft fluorescent lamp, the cafe atmosphere will be comfortable.

general interior decoration design, color tone is best to use bright colors, lighting effect is better, but also not to say where the dark background is not good, sometimes in order to actually need to emphasize the contrast light color and background, but also cast light on coffee containers, can make coffee brand conspicuous highlight or stereo.

lighting lighting or as pure as decoration, the cafe in the device, generally speaking, light coloured walls, such as white, beige, light reflection can amount, up to 90%; while the color depth of the background, such as blue, green, brown, can only reflect light 5-10%.

in the end choose what kind of light, which in fact with the overall positioning of the cafe also has a great relationship. In short, if you want to open a business hot coffee shop, do a good job of lighting design will be very important. So, if you are ready to open a coffee shop, you will refer to the above description of the contents of the coffee shop lighting design?

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