Chain of new upgrade trick analysis

every year there are a lot of entrepreneurs looking to join the project cheated, and deception are also constantly upgrading, so many new entrants entrepreneurs are impossible to guard against. Now in the franchise in the field of tricks to keep upgrading, now bad leader won’t just join but will cheat, through some illusion to deceive the franchisees, franchisees cheated thought leader for him? Here are some of the more popular scams for you to uncover the secret trap!

"kind" promotion plan for the franchisee, but their money

why their leader said to make money? This is the secret, the franchisee all goods must enter from the leader, even opening promotion, the purchase price is not changed. Join the popular promotional period, the amount of goods go big, but the franchisee does not earn money, almost all the money, the real money is. After the end of the promotional period, the franchisee business cold or not with the chief irrelevant, because as long as the franchisee purchase, he will make money. More importantly, this is precisely the chief promotion plan to the franchisee, so join operators really need to consider how to calculate his kind behind in the end?

"good" for the franchisee to pull customers, but the "cheat" to join into the money

"good" for the franchisee to reduce investment, but in reality is the bait

There is a market leader in

, he always to join the sake, help the franchisee active control of the overall investment costs, such as investors want to invest 150 thousand yuan, he would recommend

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