Go home when the fish farmers create a new world

a lot of people in various schools after graduation, to find a good job, just to find a paste of life, but did not want to come to their own businesses, small series here will introduce the top two venture brothers deeds!

– venture into the world difficult to adhere to the teeth. At the beginning of the year, with a young man in the world now, Xu Quanyong, Xu Quanfei two brothers give preferential treatment to the home, started the first venture in life in Guangdong.

start at the beginning, as the local people in the eyes of the "boy", they face a lot of pressure and resistance: the local people look down on them, some local businessmen, crowding in business demand, they face difficulties in business as can be imagined. The beginning of the year, the two brothers live in the factory, working day and night, the difficulty can only bite to adhere to, they use the children of the farmer’s innocence, simplicity touched the hearts of the locals. After two years of toil, they finally established in the local customers, their small factories also ushered in the dense willow trees and bright flowers of the day, the business gradually on the right track.

– all have to return home again. The outside world is very exciting, but again wonderful, but also cut a nostalgia. Two years adrift, the brothers still can not give up on the home of a strong feeling of missing. After discussion, the two decided to return to business, but also for the development of his hometown to do their part.

– for the project have the confidence to start on the road. With entrepreneurial projects, two people began to carry out action. The two brothers plan to master the artificial propagation of yellow Satin spicy fish species, such as the formation of the scale of farming after the construction of a unique ecological farmhouse; the registration of the mark and the origin of the brand "

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