Jiamusi college students one stop entrepreneurial service window enabled

is now in order to further promote the college students to start their own businesses, in the community as well as the introduction of a number of initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in Heilongjiang province launched a one-stop service system for college students entrepreneurship.

the official opening of the "one-stop" window for business students (including college students, graduate of college graduates, five years abroad (border) returnees) to provide diversification, follow up, efficient and comprehensive face-to-face business services.

in college students’ one-stop business service window, Jiamusi city rural credit cooperatives Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, city committee, municipal science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of justice, suburban agency teamed up for the students to provide "zero distance" business service. Business loans, "employment card" for entrepreneurship, expert guidance, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship to declare the project promotion, social security subsidies declaration, probation subsidies declaration, personnel agency services, tax registration, business registration, technical support, incubator services, legal aid for students’ Entrepreneurship escort service, no dead".


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