Shop management can take what trick

business is not good to do now, the competition is very intense, however, if you can take to the relevant trick, in fact, want to succeed in business will be a lot easier. Below, small partners quickly look over! Shop management trick, do not understand the meaning of these you go to shop? Let you look at the minutes to make up, can not be missed!


name is "wonderful"? This is the way!

don’t ignore it like your name, name card, and this is the first step to the attention of passers-by to you. Must play an interesting name, more fresh to evoke the curiosity of passers-by, impress them.

be passionate about customers, but don’t be overly enthusiastic!

has been staring at the customer entangled, chatter constantly introduced, so excessive enthusiasm, presumably they are bored to death! Passion is necessary, but not excessive enthusiasm.

face to make things difficult to calm!

when faced with criticism from customers, you have to smile "calm" to accept, do not and they "bar up"! What do you do? Please listen to their views, to find their own shortcomings and improve.

"low profile", let them buy buy buy!

operating a small business, do not want to profit to be high, earn more money, in general, small profits and quick turnover is the business strategy to be taken. With cabbage price to buy them crazy to buy, you will naturally make money!

each person will have their own understanding of the operation of the shop, and the nature of the method will also be added to the idea of the individual, in short, the shop to do business, must have a set of business skills for their own. This is even a small business, but also turned into a millionaire oh!

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