What do you need to do to make a good tea

Every detail in the life of

are all we need to learn, for example, tea, brewed a cup of tea is the need of the doorway, let the whole network Xiaobian to introduce you, how can a good global peace monkey quebec.

1, brew tea on the choice of a straight glass, so in the brewing process can enjoy the tea in the water stretch process.

2, take three to five grams of tea from the packaging bag into the cup, we can talk about the root of the tea placed down, so that not only looks more beautiful, but also easier to appreciate.

3, into the water around 90 degrees Celsius, the first time not to add too much to fill, to almost half of the time on it, and other tea slowly stretch out,

4, tea stretch almost second times to add boiling water, and so on a few minutes, when the temperature of the tea soup can be carried out when the drink. Do not drink all the time in the drink, the remaining 1/3 or so, in order to facilitate the brewing behind.

? Through the introduction of the contents of the above tea, do you learn it? Some brewing techniques above is Taiping Houkui, compared with other tea, Taiping Houkui tea sweet aftertaste, so how much we must count in the brewing of tea is well placed, through these four steps, you will find the Taiping Houkui brewing is relatively simple, and very easy to use. If you want to brew a good cup of monkey monkey, learn


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