A phone call for Lu Wanchang to operate more easily

shop customers how to do? I am afraid that is a matter of concern to many shopkeepers. In fact, a lot of time only need a phone, you can let the store’s business to get better development, Lu Wanchang is to take such a business strategy, and achieved results. A cloud of War: the hearts and minds, it is. Only if you get the customer’s heart, she will treat you as a partner, as a sincere friend, so that your business will be long, your friends will be more and more. Many successful business experience tells us that only the customer as a friend, you will get more and more wide road. On the contrary, it can only be a flash in the pan.

Is not about having the hearts and minds of

entertainment, the icing on the cake as timely assistance. A blessing message, a telephone greeting, will make customers feel warm. Calling is the most common and effective way to keep in touch with customers. Retail customers in the daily sales operations, timely and appropriate to make a phone call to the customer, will gradually deepen the impression of customers to you, and then establish a mutual trust relationship.

if you want to establish a trust relationship with the customer, we should really care about the customer, and even care about the customer’s family. Lee is a big brother in the traffic area, every two days to my shop to buy cigarettes. However, he hasn’t been buying cigarettes for a week. My in the mind is very puzzled, then give a big brother to make a telephone call: "Li eldest brother, good long time didn’t see you, recently in busy what?" You love smoking Yellow Crane Tower (soft gold sand) goods, I leave you here, to take the time."

Lee eldest brother said: "well, I am now in the hospital, and so I have time to get." I heard that he was in the hospital, I immediately asked: "in the hospital, you are not feeling well or what?" Big brother said, "no, my daughter has a baby." I immediately said: "Oh, Congratulations, you will really busy these days, you can have your wedding!"

got off the phone, I immediately ordered a bunch of flowers in the flower shop, and sent them to the hospital. Think of the big brother in his daughter received flowers at the moment what kind of feeling! I am glad that I made a phone call, so I and Lee’s feelings and enhance the level. A week later, Brother Lee came to my shop, not only took me to leave him in the Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes, but also for the grandson to do twelve noon to buy five boxes of wine, two cigarettes!

remembers the last winter day, the sky was overcast. I saw the weather forecast, knew that a small to moderate snow. I know, in this weather, there is no urgent matter people will not go out. So, I turn on the computer, ready to take a look at the Internet news. At this time, a middle-aged man riding a tricycle to my store to buy things. Buy goods, the sky suddenly began a big snow, after a little while, on the road covered with snow.

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