Shoe ten brands list

whether it is a change in the quality of life, or people’s attention to cleanliness, in short, the shoe is now beginning to enter the household. With the improvement of living standards, people have more time to manage their lives. Such as shoes, put out the simple wood from the initial litter, although wooden shape is very rough, but as a shoe shape, means people’s way of life has changed. Now most of the families will be placed in the shoe cabinet, in addition to the storage of shoes, the functional requirements of the shoe is constantly changing and innovation. How to pick a storage and decoration of the two-way role of the shoe, the following sorting the top ten shoe brands, to feel the charm of high quality.

shoes ten brands list NO., tiger first shoe


is the "tiger first", first consider the brand: this shoe brand from the largest shoe production base, Shenzhen Zhenrong Furniture Co. ltd.. The annual production of more than 30 million pieces of shoe mainly sold to the United States, Japan, Australia and other more than and 30 countries and regions. Products include "Ya · wind" and "Jane · beauty" "classic" style series, or simple and quiet, or a simple, easy to deal with a variety of styles are collocation.

shoe ten brands list, campoloy shoe

NO. two


is a comprehensive modern furniture manufacturers, in addition to shoe customization, including advanced suite, study, living room, restaurant, R & D, production and sales, products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.

shoes ten brands list NO. three, trimetazidine shoe

as a famous domestic furniture brand, Qu Mei has been able to capture consumer confidence, in addition to the classical Chinese culture, more important is the details of the request. The material, Sibutramine shoe uses the highest quality wood industry, environmental protection and durability is good, and the use of Sibutramine material is in line with European environmental standards, eliminate consumer harm to health concerns.

shoe ten brands list, our shoe

NO. four

is our shoe Kangxin companies and products, in 2009 the company successfully developed and put into production of the "energy-saving", won a number of national patents, energy-saving to shoes bactericidal deodorant, mildew to tide, also comes with automatic cleaning function of shoes, is a kind of "fashion appliance" it is, you know a humanized furniture.

shoes ten brands list NO. five, the United States electronic shoe

is a beautiful home

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