Why can’t you keep your customers in the jewelry store

jewelry industry contains huge business opportunities and space to attract a lot of attention to the interests of investors. While looking at the current major jewelry stores, buy the same products and some business unpopular, but some are deserted, what is the reason for such a big difference? It is difficult for customers to shop consumption?

jewelry shop customer churn reasons 1, casual dress and

shopping guide’s clothing is sometimes a reason to affect the mood of customers to buy, because the store’s decoration and sales and shopping guide staff to wear, is the first impression of the customer, especially the staff dress and dress up. Poor wear, no taste of sales and shopping guide staff, it seems to make customers feel not professional enough, there will be no good service and professional.

jewelry shop customer churn reasons 2, shopping guide member of the twisted dough sticks and flicker performance

a lot of customers hate too much fried dough sticks and boasted sales staff or shopping guide, they tend to talk like endorsement, like a professional announcer. Customers will have the feeling, just don’t say it, as long as the customer facing insider, with notes of you, do not be too too and the performance of Deep-Fried Dough Sticks flicker.

jewelry shop 3, the reasons for the loss of customer purchasing guide Xianpinaifu

some shopping guide to see customers in the door, the first weigh the customer, and then decide whether to buy and sell. Remember that the door is the guest, the truth, do a good job reception. Many people are shopping or purchasing power of customers are ugly in appearance.

jewelry store customer churn reasons 4, shopping guide members do not mess with the director discount method

a lot of stores selling time, like to use the director discount method to attract customers. But now many customers know this trick, so the effect is poor. It is best to honestly answer customer questions and answers, product testing and demonstration experience.

jewelry shop customer churn reasons 5, shopping guide professional level is not enough to ask a question three do not know

shopping guide’s professional skills and sales skills is not enough, and even a question three do not know, often easy to give customers a sense of distrust.

jewelry shop customer churn reasons 6, shopping guide reception greeting, not too cold

own store clerk that some products are more expensive, it seems to do not have the purchasing power of customers indifferent, even with "you can afford to buy?" look at the customer, resulting in a very negative impact. Of course, there is a contrary, pulling customers away for many years recommended

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