Nantong venture salad held in September 2nd

is now the country are actively carry out some activities to start the theme, at the same time, attracted a lot of entrepreneurs in Jiangsu, in Nantong to carry out entrepreneurial salon activities, is a kind of activity in the early entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs can go to.

It is reported that this event:

"entrepreneurial salad" is one of the early entrepreneurial activities, as long as there is an entrepreneurial idea can participate in. The event originated in the United States entrepreneurial weekend, designed to help early entrepreneurs (college students, white-collar elite) to determine the entrepreneurial ideas, find entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial start-up capital. Currently, the event has been held in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, New York, London and other cities at home and abroad, such as the birth of the face Meng, SIXBOX, my family, such as the beautiful baby startups. Interested friends can log on.

actually held a salon business activities in such a society, for the majority of entrepreneurs is a good thing, at the same time, some can attract people ready to venture to start some entrepreneurial ideas into practice.


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