Apparel industry faces gorgeous transformation product added value will be the focus

now online business is good, many clothing stores are faced with the danger of collapse, the domestic apparel industry has been urgent transformation and upgrading. So China’s garment industry in the end how to turn?

The key Chinese garment industry transformation and upgrading of the

"is to enhance the value of the" value "is the added value of Chinese clothing products." Chinese Garment Association full-time vice president Feng Dehu told reporters, in order to realize the local clothing value creation, we must enhance the added value of clothing products, and increase the added value, going through the clothing products to achieve value creation.

to realize clothing value creation, first brand.

"Chinese is the world’s biggest producer of clothing, but also the world garment exporter, its apparel exports accounted for about 1 / 5 of the total global clothing trade." But in the ZOJE Holding Group chairman of the board of directors Cai Kaijian, this does not mean that Chinese is strong clothing, "although the earth people have already put on the ‘MADEINCHINA’ clothing, but unfortunately, in the China production of clothing brand is not a lot of China, China garment industry is still not out of the" wedding "for others to do fate to work."

and China clothing in order to change the destiny, we must cultivate and rely on independent brand construction. With the brand, the local clothing has the right to speak in the market, in order to make Chinese clothing in the international voice".

it is aware of the importance of the future development of domestic independent brand clothing, China Garment Association set up the annual China Clothing Brand Awards in 2004 (hereinafter referred to as the grand prize) ", aims to provide a display and sound stage for local brands, local brands to expand the visibility and influence.

is the China clothing brand "in the future" this "carefully", let the award in 9 years later, by the industry as China garment industry "Oscar" awards, also witnessed another batch of Chinese clothing brands to grow and develop, Paclantic is one of them.

Paclantic "is the second award winning brand, is also the first award-winning children’s clothing brand. The Grand Prix award, let Paclantic in the industry and the market set a higher visibility and recognition. Grand Prix

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