How to learn the correct starting point of entrepreneurship

Ma said that the next 30 years will usher in the real era of Internet entrepreneurs. More and more entrepreneurs choose to start their own starting point from the network, but in the beginning of your entrepreneurial dream, you need to know how to look at the Internet business.

first internetinnovation novice to position yourself no matter what you do before, no matter you are in their own work on how cattle, go to the network must first locate for oneself, the positioning of the standard is not your identity, nor your overall current income, but you the net income, how much income, determine your network business (Wang Zuan) career at what stage! First recognize their own, only you know yourself.

two, to find a new level of teacher and his friends can’t cross class, this is very important, you don’t expect to make a one-time daily income of over a thousand million friends, although they could be your friend, but their success you don’t copy, because of you and there is a gap between them, this gap is not only a sense of the gap, make friends with their level of need from the start to make friends. This is very important.


five. Finally, I hope you must remember: if you really want to make money, to develop their own, want to improve themselves, to enrich themselves, then you must do one thing, that is their own website or business platform, as their own children as a treat. We have to work hard as a career to do their own thing, otherwise it will never be a major event.

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