House for pension scheme of Guangzhou real estate monthly income of 15 thousand 5 million floor

Chinese now can be said to have been entered into an aging society period, at the same time, the country is in a variety of measures to deal with the whole society the aging phenomenon in some big city which is in the pilot house-for-pension scheme measures.


with "live" house for pension money

in March this year, China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the "happy happy life real noble elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance (A) and the rate of insurance clause", which is China’s first domestic insurance edition house-for-pension scheme". The first version of the insurance to the housing endowment products officially launched by the happy life, which is currently only one insurance company launched the housing endowment insurance products. According to the contract, the basic insurance amount based on the value assessment of the housing mortgages, considering housing mortgage discount, insured value, the expected long-term expected average survival period, interest rate, payment of the cost of life are determined. On the end of the month the first man in Guangzhou signed a contract, the product fully landed in four pilot city.

million property income

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